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Saturday, December 29th, 2012629/ 12 / December / 201212:00

For this fifth interview, I have the pleasure to receive Julien of the blog

At only 28 years old, Julien already has a sacred experience of the responsibilities as former leader of sector at Leroy Merlin and creator of a company of fast food. Lately, Julien strongly got involved in the purchase with renting vocation of parking lots and garages. He makes us his experiences of investor share on his blog and has just thrown his own product which reveals its own method of investment. ()

Julien is someone rather spontaneous and dynamic, who inspires the confidence and with whom you exchange easily some e-mails. But most importing, it is doubtless that Julien is someone who will always know how to communicate you his taste for things made well with a very good pedagogy.

Hello Alex, thank you for having proposed me this interview for your blog. We exchange e-mails for some time now and it is with pleasure that I am going to try to answer your questions.

I was interested in the personal fulfillment when I was 20 years old. I read some books on the subject during one year. I was trained especially in the management at Leroy Merlin. It is the very beautiful company which trains his employees and encourages the managers to the nearness and the motivation of the teams. To follow this type by training in 23 I try to pass on little of thing which I apply to my readers. years leaves necessarily tracks.

E am also surprised as you of the absence of training on the management of the money. To manage its money should be compulsory from the middle school and the appearance of the allowance. A schoolboy understands fast that if he spends all his allowance on Mondays, he can buy nothing more the rest of the week. He can also want to save 10 % or 50 % of his allowance during several weeks to buy to himself a racket of tennis or a jacket. J

I have the impression that this common sense gets lost with the age and that the consumer society does not undertake the citizens to be master of their money. If I have a single advice to be given, it is to make the accounts every month during six months. Who makes the accounts today? Who knows how much money he will have at the end of the month on his account?

My book puts some bases on the subject, because an investment rests on this type of concept. I needed to explain them before presenting the project of investment in a parking lot.

Rich being for me has no sense. It is a completely relative value. From what sum do we become rich? 10 000 €, 50 000 €, 10 000 000 €? There are so many answers as persons!

If I had to give a definition of the wealth, it would be this one: how many years can you live if you stop working now?

To invest in a parking lot presents before any a very low risk. For less than 5 000 €, we can become an owner of a parking space or a garage in province. It does not risk to put you bankrupt.

The rents of parking lots are proportionally more raised than those of the apartments. In addition to that, no need to be a handyman because the interview of a parking lot or a garage is close to zero! This almost absence of loads associated with good rents return very profitable parking lots financially.

My favorite aspect of this type of investment lives the legal flexibility. If a tenant does not pay any more, you can change it quickly and re-rent the garage. The law authorizes full of small advantages as that there to the owner of garages. It is not the case for apartments.

For those who want to know more about it, I detail in this article (click > "" ) why the investment in parking lots is very profitable.

I am voluntarily causing on the purchase of a main home. It is the life choice which belongs to each and I denigrate on no account the persons who prefer to buy first of all their main home. I do not for the moment wish to buy a house, even if it is very reassuring to have a roof to one. I am very well rented and I prefer to assign my debt capacity to my investments. Garages allow me to increase my income while to borrow to buy a house would decrease my income.

For the moment, I prefer to keep the renting management for me. It does not take me a lot of time and I like to know my tenants. For the part investment, I see bad delegating to a hunter of the good my searches. I need to make things by myself. When I would be tired by all this, we shall see.

I am ready to bet that the tax system will always continue to increase. I am the first one dissatisfied with having to pay 40 centimes in taxes and taxes every time I cash 1 euro of rent. It makes left the game of the investment. Nevertheless, I am also proud to pay these taxes which benefit the company and indirectly I too. To pay taxes on the rents is normal. If the investment is done well, then you earn money nevertheless.

2012 was a period of uncertainty with the presidential elections. Nobody could predict the evolutions of the tax system. As a result, nobody buys or sells. This period caused the beginning of the fall in prices. When the prizes fall, it is the buyers who take advantage of it. If you think of buying, it is the moment to make him!

I pursue a little bit different ambition: the temporal freedom. My objective is to be free of my schedules. Today, I can get up at 7 am or at 9 am, it is me who decide on him. I can so make my races in the week, when everybody works. I do not undergo any more corks, rush hours in the public transportation. I can go on holiday when I want him.

This freedom of time passes necessarily by a freedom of money. With a boss, I exchange my time and my skills for a salary: he dictates me then my working schedules. I try not to return to this system. I decided to build up to myself income thanks to garages: by investing and by advising. As everybody, I also need to occupy my days and I chose to help people to earn money with parking lots.

Parking lots are lucrative enough so that I reach my goal of temporal freedom before 2014.

The first quality is to like the product which you want to buy or to sell. It is valid in the real estate and in the business also. I adore garages, I do not grow tired of visiting them, of looking at announcements, of discussing with the owners. By loving the real estate, it allows you to pursue your searches on the long term. The phase of search is often long: between 3 months and nine months for an (only good) purchase. The patience is the ally of the investor.

The second quality of a good buyer is the experience. The experience is a criticism! It is necessary to know how to estimate in a safe way what we buy. This experience acquires itself by the reading (of my book;-)), the meetings, the past visiting, looking for, to rent, to sell. Most hard often is to begin to learn. Once this first crossed step, the experience comes over time and from opportunities which appear. I learn it even every day and it is going to continue all my life.

I am really satisfied that the book pleased you in to interview me. The returns of the readers are also very positive for the moment. It is really what imports me. The satisfaction of the readers of the book and the blog is what motivates me to raise me every morning to write an article or answer their questions. For any question, you can contact me via my blog.

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Thursday, November 24th, 2011424/ 11 / Nov / 201115:26

What is your conception of the money, it is something "unhealthy"? What are your strategies of investment in the future and which are your "most crazy" projects closely linked to the progress of your income? (Travels in the world tour, purchase of a building, a charitable work etc. ...)

The money is neither good nor bad, it is just an immaterial thing which allows to buy of the time, a service or an object to the other people. After all depends on the use that each makes money.

All that I know, it is that in our current system, it is better to have money, because it allows to indulge itself of course, but also to assure the rear (with the progressive but inevitable disintegration of our Welfare State), to affect income of the heritage and thus to win more by working less. According to the principle "charity begins at home", grow rich seems to me a noble purpose since we have a healthy relation with the money (neither skinflint, nor lavishs) by using him advisedly.

From my part, I sponsor a kid in Thailand, I go can be to leave for China with my friend and to see what takes place low, I have a (vagueness) project in the solar energy and not bad corporate development plan, why not to buy a parking lot. Nobody knows what I shall make in the future, what account it is not to put it all the eggs in the same basket and to see long term, to burst me and to take advantage of the life (one shot). Meeting in 10 years?

You not bad go on a journey, it is a point in common with me (still that, I am limited ...). How many times a year do you consider necessary "to get fresh ideas", for which lapse of time, and especially, in which corner of the planet?

There are no main rules. Everything depends on opportunities, on the state over the moment of my bank account and on my desires. Let us say that I like to leave and to discover new places. On average, a journey all 2 in 3 months I would say.

It intrigues me, could you add some examples of exotic destinations?

Since 2010, here are my journeys (except small weekend): in January, 2010: 1 week of ski in Jura - May, 2010: The Alps - August, 2010: Chicago - August, 2010: Memphis (and manufacture Daniel's jack) - October, 2010: big is American (New York, The Niagara ...) - December, 2010: 2 days in the ski in the Massif Central - December, 2010 and January, 2011: Poland to see my friend - Mars 2011: Spring Break in Florida between buddies - June, 2011: Roadtrip in Italy with my friend - July, 2011: weekend in Berlin
In July, 2011: Thailande enters buddies - August, 2011: Denmark to see my friend - September, 2011: Poland to see my friend - November, 2011: Denmark to see my friend.

Www.decouverte-Thaï In the past (on 2008 and 2009), I also made Mexico, Morocco, Croatia, the Czech Republic It makes a budget holidays of the order of 3500€ a year, but seen that my web sites on the theme travel bring back to me 7000-8000€ a year, roughly I travel free. For example, my journey in Thailand cost me 1800€ and I hope to win 70€ / month with the site has long term, of which to make profitable my journey in two years.

His sites of journey, for those who want to dream about other horizons:

And very here we are, it is the hour "of the question that kills", the gong has just rung. The sex and the money make sell. I admit it, we suggested me writing pornographic texts, but I refused. (I would be can be rich at the moment, hem, woe is me). Would you accept that a star of X makes her special offer on your site for a strong sum of money? (Laughter)

Everything depends if it is my favorite star or not (laughter) ... you really received a proposal this way?
Not still. (But it could not delay?)

Truce of joke, return in a question a little more down-to-earth. For you, what are the promotional tools (by "promotional tools", I hear Facebook, to tweet or other social networks) are indispensable so that a "novice" blogger can leak out on the clear and hope one day to generate regular income?

A little more spiritual question. If you had to choose a currency or a maxim of life, it would be which?
"When you want you can"," Help you and the sky will help you "or still "Just doh It". These 3 maxims please me enormously.

It is the end of this interview. It was really very nice to you to accept, I wish you good continuation, and I hope that many of those who will read this interview will go on You have anything to add?

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011222/ 11 / Nov / 201115:00

Martin, hello, enchanted to receive you "at my home", a blog which I created one year ago hardly. You could appear, then describe me your debuts on Web ?

Hello Alex. My name is Martin, I am 24 years old, I studied a Master's degree in ESC Dijon and MBA to University of Kentucky, in the USA. I adore travelling and was able to visit 20 countries on 4 continents during my student life, journeys financed by the advertising income of my blogs and Web sites.

My debuts on Web? I discovered Web in 1998, year when Google had been created, and where everybody swore only by Alta Vista, Caramail or Netscape … Blogs and social networks did not exist … At that time, I was only a teenager (not spotty) and I had created a first site … on the video games of course. My parents that must go in Egypt, I created a site on Egypt … I quickly gained some tens of euros a month in pub. One summer I refused a student, too badly paid job, and I created for this month there my site on Greece … Then I created new sites on my passions, and last year, I discovered the bloguing and created my first blog My sites and blogs receive 2500 visitors a day.

Three blogs … Difficult to say. Technically, I have existing 2 of it, among which 1 abandoned ( but 3 in necks of development. Thus let us say 1 blog for the moment, but I have 20 web sites from behind …

For the time, I shall say that I need in the daytime for the maintenance (e-mail, announcers, updating …), but I often work 10h / j to develop quite a lot of projects: training, on-line book, new sites and blogs, announcers' prospecting …

By traveling "", I saw an impressing camembert cheese representing your various revenue streams Http: // aux-font-les-grandes-rivieres/ .
In these statistics, do you know how much money exactly results you from internet?

I gain on average 1500 euros a month on the Internet. It is twice more than in 2010 and 5 steps more than in 2009. There are months "without", but mostly months "with", what explains why my average incomes increase. My Web income increased by 30 % during the last 3 months.

You are going to make for it dream more about one!

It is sure that 1500 euros a month on Web, it is nice and doubtless more than 99 % of the bloggers. What is especially nice, it is to have income which increase from 50 to 100 euros a month … every month, and all has them pleasant sides: work on what we want, when we want.

On the other hand, on 1500 euros, I have approximately 1350-1400 euros once the loads of the site paid (accommodation, computer, internet, spawns Paypal …) there. I benefit from a partial exemption from taxes (ACCRE) but when I would have no it any more, I shall have to pay 350 euros a month of load. If nothing changes, I shall have only 1000 euros a month for my pocket next year - less than the SMIC. I do not complain and seen to it quite so that my figure of double or triple affair before the next year, but all this to say that Internet is not the El Dorado so frequently praised: it is a very time-consuming activity and requiring numerous skills for one returned often low and random …

Internet, it is as the sport or the cinema. Some make a fortune with, but it remains only a tiny minority, of numerous will never leak out. And there is not a secret: work, work, work.

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Thursday, August 4th, 2011404/ 08 / August / 201108:00


My name is Nelly STAUB, I am sports coach for 4 years. I practice on Metz and all the urban area Metzine. Level study, I have a license STAPS (sporting faculty in METZ). Besides, I am former professional player in first and second division of handball. (Metz and Yutz)

I glance through, the page of my player's career is turned after some wounds... I entraine all the same a team of senior to MARLY (57), to the regional level.

I lean mainly on my experience of high-level sportswoman. In a general way, I adapt myself according to the objectives and the physical abilities of my customers, by proposing adapted plans.

We are listed as liberal professions.

At least a diploma in the physical and sports activity: numerous specialized patents of state exist in the jobs by the shape, etc....

Joker. I am lucky enough to make well my living, because I work a lot. Everything depends on the demand, as many liberal professions....

=== > quoted price lists, I invite the readers to refer to this page: ( Http: // Page_id=7 tax relief at the level of 50 % through the CESU).

I make only of the coaching at home and in company. Question clientele, a little of everything ... from 25 to 77 years!

Of course! 77 years, it is the oldest person that I have in my clientele ... (smiles)

Completely, we developed partnerships with bodies among which the seriousness and the reputation are not to be any more made. The sports part represents all the same the biggest of our work.

It is perfectly true. A man has a muscular mass much more important than a woman... Thus He burns many more calories!

The respect, the overtaking of one, the self-knowledge, the self-control ... and generally speaking the better confidence in its capacities.

I have already reached the figure of affair which I wanted to realize. Our sign is franchised, I take care of the recruitment on Alsace, Lorraine and Luxembourg, in supplement of my coach's activity. On Metz, we are two... We also have another coach to THIONVILLE, and a new recruit is going to start her activity in NANCY from September... Later, I always try to develop, mainly on Alsace, where still in the Luxembourg.

That my customers reach their goals, simply...

(Photo of a woman in overweight of the broadcast of France 2 (a whole history), that Nelly had the opportunity to coach === > Http: // P=37 )

No, not to my knowledge. The convenient age to begin the sports coaching turns around 24/25 the years, before, it is can be little early. As for "the age ceiling" to exercise, there is not really. I have colleagues who are also 45 years old...

There, immediately, no... But from time to time, I have customer who call me for sessions of jogging of 10 minutes and who have never gone in for sport of their life! (Smiles)

To be attuned, constantly, needs and objectives of the persons which appeal to our services ... it is essential to being able to be a coach. It is necessary to hang on all the same, it is the job which is not easy and asks a great deal of sacrifices.

Here we are, Nelly, thank you very much to have answered my questions, you are someone naturally very nice. How you take well deserved holidays, I wish that they are profitable you till the end!

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Wednesday, June 15th, 2011315/ 06 / June / 201115:18


I do not really put my career in brackets, because I continue the education full-time! But I dash effectively into an additional activity. The causes of this adventure find their foundation during my studies. Enthusiast of mathematics, you would have asked for me 2 years before entering the Education what I planned to make, I would not have answered "Prof.".

Only, arrived in control of mathematics, the unique outlet not requiring reorientation was the education. I always had the impression of a trap (comfortable or) which had closed on me. Now, with 10 years of education behind me, I have a little the impression to have made the tour of the profession and if my job pleases me, he does not fascinate me.

Having seen in the brokerage of credit a fascinating activity which allows me to exploit concretely my knowledge in mathematics, and were especially lucky enough being able to discover another job by keeping the comfort to be a professor, I decided to leave the benches of the school for the first time in my life and to go to see of the other one quoted by the blackboard.

During the last 6 years, my main strategy in summer to dedicate all my effort of savings on the refund of the credit of my main home. Effectively, an investment safe 100 % which makes of the tax-free 5 % seemed to me a good choice! Now, I renegotiated the rate of my credit in 2,25 % + delegation of insurance, I realize that there is certainly better to make.

I study thus various investments and begin my financial education. I think that I shall eventually make an investment in rental property, when I shall be lucky enough to find a nugget which is self-financed, I have the hope to arrive there because I plan to join to a third person to invest in a small building of yield.

I think sincerely that one of the keys to success is to join to have a much better financial plate and 2 brains. Some people will be afraid of not having the whole hand put on the project, but I am of a confident nature, it is advisable to choose well his partner. I also plan to form to the stock exchange, me takes date with a life insurance 100 % in units of account, and I shall certainly take the plunge of the swing trading (but not of the day trading) one of these days.

Many of the beautiful projects which take time to set up. It is necessary to admit that at the moment I have everything on my notebook A, but I plan to be ready for the next stock-exchange and\or real estate crack, that many "Cassandre" predicts for soon. I missed the boat in 2008, I shall not miss the following one and would stay on very protective positions while waiting for.

My wife is of a nature very sensitive to cold, but it is the good thing that to have somebody to moderate me! She did not close the eye during 1 week when I signed my Girardin industrial in 2009 (exempting from taxation investment one shot). She supports my approach to create a company, I know that she will be behind me in the hard knocks and it reassures me to move forward.

The salary of the state employees is known (railing trouvable on the Internet), thus I have no complex to be spoken about my income, but I well realize the general taboo which reigns in France about the money. To summarize my point of view on the money, I feel very close to Warren Buffet. This one in disinherited largely his children by giving as explanation: I could say that I succeeded on the financial plan when I would have enough money to make what I want professionally speaking and either what I owe.

I had many things to be said in the starting up of my blog. I well realize that I could not hold the rhythm of publication of 11 bills a month as I made him in May. I see many quality blogs which publish articles more and more bad and empty of contents, to continue to be read and to maintain under drip their attendance.

The aspect monetization sometimes biass things, that is why I do not plan to monetize my blog. I want no pressure to force me to write, I do not want to propose a free ebook in exchange for an email which appears in pop-up to the starting up of my blog, and I leave untold of the other practices of soliciting which bristle me. I consider my blog as a pleasure, a vector of meeting and exchanges, and very very possibly eventually a means to become known me as broker.

Thus I shall continue to publish articles with a contents which I consider deserving of interest (investments, advice, experiences and necessarily little of "mylife" also). It in the possible detriment of a regular publication. My objective in term of attendance would already be 10 000 pages posted a month, I shall have less the impression to write for my buddies and my parents!

Megan Fox because I liked a lot his "service" in transformers 2 (only thing that I held of the movie besides).

Live and let live.

You are too modest, over the last week, your blog is classified already 4th just man behind Google on the sources of my traffic!

Here we are, in the pleasure to read you.


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