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Monday, September 10th, 2012110/ 09 / Frog / 201212:00

Small view of the city of Pizzo:


Photo of the city of Scilla (in excursion) which was made famous by Homère's narratives:DSC09960.JPG

Below, always the city of Scilla. Scilla is a city which possesses a sea resort as well as a port renowned for the traditional peach in the swordfish. This particular peach is practised by means of ships specially conceived (spadares), surmounted by a watchtower several meters long high. It is a rather dangerous peach because waters are tempestuous, and swordfishes are considered as being particularly belligerent.

Over the years, the grips make more and more rare and smaller and smaller in particular in cause of the sports peach, while previously, swordfishes could measure up to 5 meters long and weigh 500 kg.DSC09970.JPG

This below, a small Greek village of the name of Galliciano, lost in mountains, in Calabria. We speak former Greek there, because the Roman never reached to there. Today, this village counts about sixty souls which lives only on the tourism, on the agriculture and on the breeding. Their living conditions are extremely rough, there n is no school on the spot and the youngest emigrate towards cities.


Below, photo taken during a boat trip along the coast... It is the hour of the bathing!


To end this cultural bracket, I could not speak about our stay without evoking our excursion in Stromboli, one of the most active volcanoes in world. Photos below were also boarding of a boat. Between 3/4 eruptions only occur every hour. This exit is planned only in the dark night, but the show is really worth it!

The only big problem, it is that the boat moved a lot, even in the complete stop. And then, everybody rushed with his camera or its mobile phone to have the best angle of view... Thus I was able to gauge some difficulty of the work to take a photo "on the deep". Here is undoubtedly the best photo:DSC00042.JPG

For a week, it is a return in the ordinary for me. From my return, I noticed that my e-mail box was pirated (proof that it does not arrive that in the others ...), and that a type sent 8 e-mails to my recent contacts during my absence. But everything is back to normal again and I do not see the hand of the devil there. Always think of having two boxes e-mails interconnected, it is what saved me!

Link A journey towards Italy tempts you? Click my partner >

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Friday, September 7th, 2012507/ 09 / Frog / 201213:13

This year, I decided to go much more far still in The appreciations on the hotels which I am going to visit, whether it is abroad or in France. There will be many more photos also, so that people who wish to cross a moment in the places where I went can be made an idea of the problems which they can meet on the spot. I return all the same satisfied enough by these holidays, even if everything was not completed. On 15 days, we alternated idleness and excursions once on two.

To return instead of destination there, Calabria is one of the poorest regions of Italy. This region lives largely on the tourism, because it exports only approximately ... 260 000 euros a year of local products. On the card, the arrow indicates the place where we were.


: It is a question Of a vast compound hotel complex Mainly of bungalowSituated in the locality of Ricadi, more exactly in the said place "Capo Vaticano". 15 days in American plan cost 1200 euros a person in the end of August, 2012, via the company Luxair (the formula "all including" is apparently unknown in Italy). The drinks of the meals are paying. (For only example, 2 euros the bottle of water).

Appreciations on the room: few negative things to be raised. The room is rather spacious, it is every day cleaned and offers numerous arrangements as well as an air conditioning, which is essential. Set apart a debit of shower is very low and made which the cable television proposes only of Italian or German chains, I do not much have to add.

For fair skins (as mine ...), do not especially forget the solar cream! The swimming pool is directed full sun, and we did not find solar cream above an indication of ... 15. And the sun knocks very hardly (between 28 and 32 degrees).

The beach deprived of the hotel, situated behind the swimming pool:


General appreciations on the hotel

Altogether, the hotel adorned me to be of a very good value for money, but efforts are to be made in particular near the proposed activities, near the restoration (especially concerning the breakfast in the morning which is "very" "limit" from the gustative point of view). On 10, we came to an agreement to attribute a note included between 6 and 7 "in the solemare".

The excursions, on the spot, can cost you between 30 and 60 euros for the dearest, according to my memories. After "a big failure" of the representative of the tour operator on the spot, who had given produce us you at 9:00 am while the excursion had been cancelled without any explanation, we decided to reserve our excursions only by means of the hotel: two by boat, and the other one in an old Greek village, which survives in the middle of mountains for centuries. The excursions proposed by "the solemare" were much less dear.

The rest of the time, we borrowed the train... The routes cost only 7 centimes of the kilometer, and still, the controllers do not seem very regardants on the ownership of a ticket. (...)

From the first days, we visited the city of Tropéa under an oppressive heat. This city is really sublime. She offers a citadel which overhangs the beach and some monuments as this Byzantine, background church:DSC09943.JPG

On this place, I was able to taste a tartuffo (a speciality of ice). By buying your memories or by consuming on the terrace of a coffee, you necessarily have to keep the ticket which proves that you paid well. "The Guardia di finanza" (the guarding of the finances) may of you to demand it. If you are not in his ownership, a 30-euro fine can be put back to you...DSC09934.JPG

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Thursday, April 19th, 2012419/ 04 / April / 201212:30

I spoke holidays with a friend before yesterday. Thirty-year old, as me, Him become really tear in the stays abroad after a recent trip in Mexico.

Even it is true as certain destinations in France are always very affordable financially, nevertheless to leave for France often raises from the luxury for certain regions as the South.

By studying well the question, it happened to me never really to pay out completely unreasonable sums face to face of my budget to offer me one dream week. In this domain as so many others, it is always necessary to keep the head on shoulders, to spot bargains and systematically not to singe, at the risk of having to go without the main part having offered itself a zest of paradise.

With a certain experience of the journeys (at least one week a year since more than decade), I can assert with certainty that you can find paradisiac destinations abroad for all the tastes and all the prizes, and it is true whatever are the destinations. It requires however not to be too much requiring over the periods of departure, to rely on serious agencies and to have a spouse who is available during the same lapse of time, which is not still obvious!

The big advantage of a stay abroad, it is that he already opens us eyes on the culture of the other countries. As French, we indeed have an annoying trend to the navel-gazing and to the irritability, and we often forget that our social model (exceptional in its kind) allows many persons to live rather with dignity. (And yes, in spite of what can say itself here and there!)

Then, the effect of a stay of this type is rather reinvigorating for the mental: you make a total "break" because you are far from everything. That you are on holidays in Saint-Petersburg or in Peru, the chances are high that your boss will forget you completely during this period!

All this to say that after holidays (it does not matter to me where, moreover), I always left "the good foot" in my activities. For me, the holidays represent a big breath of fresh air, which allow me to put back meters to zero and to crack never physically or nervously.

Since I work, exactly, it is certainly for that reason that I have never known a depressive episode or a long-term sick leave, while nevertheless, I often accepted consequent workloads and was able to see quite a lot of colleagues "breaking" along the way to accept a good cure of antidepressants.

The cause of their depressions? Very often, they live only to pay the credit of their house, and agree no exits, even a simple restaurant.

Roughly, the majority of these persons do not know the word "decompression" nor its meaning, and do not know how to tidy up their priorities. The sport and the holidays are two robust psychological supports for me, I can take place never either of the one, or the other one, at the risk of becoming, too, severely pushed!

Only here is: I was not never lucky enough to leave more than a week for holidays on the other side of our borders, and I have to say that it weighed me a little. This year, I finally succeeded in obtaining 15 holidays abroad (the South of Italy, I would not say it more) in summer. Thus the affair will be to follow with interest, and I consider good to furnish my category "journeys" of numerous unique photos. The life is beautiful, let us not wait that she ends to take advantage of it

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Monday, November 28th, 2011128/ 11 / Nov / 201117:00

I crossed an excellent weekend in Vosges to Him Thillot, together with a merry troop of 5 persons (2 couples and 2 alone persons, among whom I, "in single woman" for the opportunity) .Tout it got ready in a few weeks with a reduced budget, but as you know, they are often the best trips!

Of course, Vosges do not so much make dream that the United States or Australia, but we can indulge ourselves at a lower cost and the disorientation also passes by our beautiful country. In this subject, I have a reflection of an Ivory Coast friend. Seeing that all his interlocutors had left abroad this year, he retorted this: "you French, I do not understand you, you leave abroad while you do not know even completely France... And nevertheless, there are magnificent corners.". The remark was effectively very relevant and made it think more of one!

As for the stay, I am going to cross insignificant details to attach me to the practical aspect, leaving of the principle that you may also make low there.

Rent of a chalet of 8 persons for 2 overnight stays: 280 euros.

Spawns / taxes (electricity, etc.): near 90 euros.

Budget food: 40 euros a person.

Television. Tennis. Swimming pool inside warmed and Jacuzzi. Not warmed outside swimming pool. Very beautiful Playground for the children. And soon according to the boss, a Finnish bath will be born. Karting track in 5 mn chalets. Ski in winter. For more detailed services, I invite you to consult the official Http: // site of the chalets of ayès:

Kart, swimming pool, ballads and ... good watered foods.

I shall return certainly, quite as five others!

To note: the high season is situated in holiday period of the end of year, the dates for which it costs it is better to reserve in advance.

Photo of the chalet DSC09425.JPG

Photo of the inside of the chalet. (1st floor)


Outside swimming pool:


Factory of manufacturing of candies in the direction of Bresse (attracted by the smell, we were not able to resist the visit)


This below, the shop window of "V.P kart" with a few minutes only chalets. The reservation of the karting track is always made at least a few hours before the departure. The sessions owed 10 minutes and cost 11 euros. The karting is a sport enough requiring physically, because you feel the slightest shock and the steering wheel is not supple of the whole. 5 of us entered into the spirit of the game in the first session on Saturday, three only in second Sunday.

In kart, the accidents are extremely rare, and everything was planned to avoid them thanks to strict standards.

It is a fascinating activity for those who like the sensations of speed, I had already had the opportunity to practise her in Germany on bigger circuits. For the beginners, it is better to plan at least some tours of stoking before of maitriser the machine and to begin to work trajectories, but everything is explained by a briefing a few minutes before the departure.

"V.P. KART" sponsored some pilots for local rallies, what allowed me to discuss car-racing with the manager. Thus the circuit of VP kart is rather sinuous, very technical.

A member of the staff, very nice, lavished us some advice of piloting to improve our stopwatches in the future.


Small view on Vosges, of the chalet where we were:


Chalet of ayès nicely decorated:


For those who like old stones or shopping, Thillot does not offer much of interesting. In this case there, it is better to move in Bresse, city distant from about twenty kilometers, which offers many more stores and possesses certain charm, lined by a course of lively water where join the rivers of Chajoux and Moselotte.

For the greedy memories, you will find: cheeses, famous candies from Vosge, honey, but also delicatessen, and many other flavors for gourmets of the sweet and salty. Hem... Between fondues, grills and alcohol, I certainly took some kilos. The happiness, it is simple as a group of buddies who find themselves.

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Monday, August 22nd, 2011122/ 08 / August / 201117:00

Cuckoo, me revoiloù!

What a pleasure that to being able to play extra time for summer holidays!. I had said you him, I went to Fuerteventura (Canarian Islands) the beginning of July. But from the beginning of August, I saw that it was mathematically possible to me to go out me one week more in this beautiful summer.

The Ardèche, thus it was of very pleasant "holidays bonus". In agreement with my wife, we determined first of all a budget, relatively squeezed given that we were already in the non-essentials. It was also delighted as me to leave there walk (euh ... it has never said no me for that, lol) but also wanted something very affordable financially.

Thus we found a charming small hotel two stars situated in Deprived (chataigniers >) Http: // , he cost us 300 euros TTC all in all for 4 nights for a double room, inclusive breakfasts.

(Except for being very difficult ...). The room had all that it was necessary for a short-term stay. The hotel is moreover recommended by the guide of the backpacker, which is not hardly surprising... Armistice of palavers, places in photos!.

Photos of the hotel room (well, excuse we for the disorder lol):


In our program, only the disorientation counted. During these few days, I did not wish to make other activities more testing than the hike or the excursions, so the heat was oppressive. I was even more hot in Ardèche as to Fuerteventura, the thermometerGot into a panic downright with temperatures included between 30 and ... 43 °!

Deprived center, attractive place:

Ardèche gorges... Magnifico!




Montoulou (Deprived):


Notice that another typifies, inspired well, saw fit to make apparaitre his face, hid that he was behind the right cross...

Go, another small piece of heaven in Deprived even:


By these infernal heats, we succumbed to the freshness of the cave Holy Marcel, of whom here is the most enticing photo:


On the way back, we made a small stopping place for Beaune (Burgundy), still some photos...

Here is the inner courtyard of the home of Beaune:


And to end the house of the dukes of Burgundy:


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