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Friday, February 1st, 2013501/ 02 / Fév / 201312:57

In life, it is necessary to know how to navigate... And sometimes, also, row against the current to distance itself.

Before Borgen, there were no series dedicated to the politics *. Can be that an original scriptwriter would have it thought, but he would not have can be not added this characteristic touch to the central figure: it is about a woman, a centrist of surcroit, who is going to be propelled at the post of Prime Minister in Denmark.

Can we be centrist and show hand? Birgitte Nyborg (the charming actress Sidse Babett Knudsen) demonstrates him splendidly. Very comfortable in his role and particularly attractive in its hoisted tailors hiding pulpy forms as one pleases (...) She manages as well her family boat (mother divorced raising two girls, at least in the second season) that his employees.

In the high spheres of the Danish power, Nyborg is as well courteous as firm. In any type of debate, she knows perfectly how to turn the situations to her favor when her opponents try to make him lose pedals.

Pedals? They loses them a little, from time to time, well shielded from cameras, behind the scenes. We see for example her going off the rails "by knocking down all which is on its passage further to smutty media revelations, be allowed go to the arms of his driver one day of depression (and why not ...), to handle the bluff with African leaders mysogines who look at her with curiosity.

In brief, Borgen is an unusual series which I appreciate enormously. The third season is at present in the course of shooting. I can't wait that Arte decides to spread the next season, as it was the case last year. In the meantime, I taste the season 1 in DVD in French, not subtitled as the video above. I really advise this series to all those who do not know how to negotiate or who are always afraid of making important decisions ... or even those who say themselves inside: "I am a woman, thus, I shall always obtain less than a man.".

* Addition: all in all, there was already a series dedicated to the politics, The West Wing (in the White House), but it was far from being comparable.

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Thursday, January 31st, 2013431/ 01 / Jan / 201312:07

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2013229/ 01 / Jan / 201312:27


A blogger who agrees to draft sponsored articles always has to have in mind certain number of compulsory criteria as will have to respect the announcers (as a certain ethics which marks its seriousness, or still the nearness of themes between the blog and the announcer). It is indispensable. Otherwise, the blogger will lose of its credibility with the eyes of his readers, will distort its thorough work and will sell "its soul" of blogger to the highest bidder. You know it, I did not give in succession to a big majority of the advertising projects until now... If I had quite accepted, my blog not would not be any more today than a simple commercial shop window!

In this case, "the deal" pleased me well because it stuck perfectly on my theme of the personal finances. It was indeed a question of speaking about a comparator of insurance, and it fell just at the right moment for me to verify if the price list of my car insurance was adapted.

When I arrived on Lesfurets.com , my first impression on the site was the one of a very big sobriety. The dressed ferret way English lord who looks at you of a suspicious air is rather original, but it is exactly slightly too wise, at least to my taste. I would have liked seeing him making the clown or breaking itself the head with paper sheets (of diverse insurances ... for example!) the whole in different decorations situated in the margins right and left of the homepage. In the same lineage, I would have insisted on the "independent" word by a bold or relief registration to focus the attention of the pioneers on the key point of the site.

As for the comfort (or ergonomics) of the latter, you will reach very easily the column which interests you. Crossed the stage of this selection, you will go rather quickly into the heart of the matter and it is really necessary to think of having armed itself beforehand with necessary documents before informing whatever it is. In this case, what I needed exactly? The car registration document of my vehicle, the current insurance contract, my driving licence and some other documents relative to the disasters of the last three years.

Take your time to fill the wanted information, but do not put to sleep you either in front of the screen: to avoid the hacking your confidential data, a timer was set up and you will be obliged to go back to square one in case of prolonged inactivity... Where from the importance to have all the indispensable documents nearby immediate!.

I wished to test this comparator a weekend, just to estimate its reactivity. I was disappointed not at all on that side. On the other hand, me who thought of having the best price list regarding car insurance, I made a mistake well and the answer came, scathing, at the end of a few minutes of wait at the end of questionnaire: The best car insurance, at least the one who proposes the best couples guarantees / price... I do not obviously have

All this to say that your personal finances can be always optimized, whatever are your personal characteristics (ages, returned, etc. ...). In the case of the insurances, for example, I recommend to make a regular balance sheet (every 2/3 the years) by means of a comparator of insurances to verify that you really have formulae of cover financially competitive and adapted to your respective situations.

Then naturally, we shall always hear the same remarks about the comparators of insurances: "I prefer to go directly to the insurers, it is more sure", "comparators propose low-cost insurances", etc.... For me, it is made ideas that penalize heavily your budget. I saw, of my own eyes, all the ranges of possible and conceivable services as for the car insurances and certain companies which are propose extremely known them for their reliability.

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Monday, January 28th, 2013128/ 01 / Jan / 201317:50

pilotedemavie.jpg"Definitely, is not which Guy Fréquelin who wants".... Such is the reflection that I was made by closing this work in the suggestive title: "pilot of my life". The title is really suited, nothing to say.

Guy Fréquelin is born in farmers' family, exactly to Hûmes (Haute-Marne), not far from Diderot. It is necessary he around thirty pages to speak about its youth in the farm until its military service, the whole in a simple vocabulary, deprived of the usual whims or the stylistic devices appropriate to the purely literary erring ways. In the expression of its lines, you inhale constantly this desire to get straight to the point, without subtleties nor excessive sentimentalism.

Guy begins his career as seller of cars, then competes for his first one rally as co-pilot, a passion which will push him to become one of the best of all times racing drivers.

On March 1st, 1972, Guy Fréquelin makes a heavy decision of sense: he slams the door of his post of seller and decides to live on the motor racing. His bosses shout to the madman, but let he all the same (very sympathetically) the possibility return home in case of failure. From the page 48, everything enchaine and the first feats of arm in competitions surface in an infernal rate. He will get finally his first contract pilot's pro in Autumn, 1976 ... is only four years having stuck its job of commercial!

With this work, we enter the glorious past of a type who obviously never forgets a thing... His memories? Victories, of course, but also despairs, injustices, without forgetting tributes to any friends died in the fire of the running. This book travels little as a novel, with this difference that some photos come to cheer up a rather exciting narrative, illustrating a bygone days where everything seemed clearly easier.

As reader, we laugh generally little and we have especially puts itself especially in the skin "of the hero" for most competitors of us. Sometimes, we also try a big tiredness in front of so many omnipresent technical elements in the sentences. (Kind of tires, characteristics of vehicles in running, etc. ... a lexicon was inserted at the end of book)... But would it have been possible to skip over technical elements to tell this history? I do not believe it.

Within this work, some monologues mark the spirit so certainly as the iron burning on the skin. "What I like above all, at your home, it is that you always tried to take out there. Your will your determination to win and your desire to succeed urge me to confide you this post". (P 142 when Guy sees proposing a post in his size in the direction of PSA ...). The tribute is magnificent, the promotion far from being undeserved.

For his passion, Guy Fréquelin will risk his life several times, and not that on the asphalt... The difficult conditions of air transports during of "the Rallies-raids", everybody has it already more or less heard, if only by Daniel Balavoine's tragédique experience.

I particularly liked his first impressions when he meets Sébastien Loeb, in March, 2000. At that time, Loeb seems like to him an introvert type but its stopwatches were so hair-raising as it could only make him sign in his stable.

Dominique Heinz, one of the first team members of Sébastien Loeb, will have this reflection about this young foal: "or this boy is crazy, or it is a genius!" (P194). People do not often realize it: the genius is often associated with the madness. It is trivial, but the brilliant idea can completely be born having banged the head somewhere!

I cannot say you that I quite appreciated in this work. I especially loved the character, its very honest, requirin and precise side. But in any sincerity, those who do not like motor sports will find no interest, as well as those there who do not understand that we can want to live his life intensely... (If, if, there are people who like a riotous life, I assure you )

Guy Fréquelin always piloted his life... And he continues to make him, retired today... Can we Moreover speak about a pension? Not really, because our man is still engaged in the paragliding is found to climb Acotango (6052m, in 2007 during a stay in Bolivia.

The big lesson of this book, it is certainly that nobody else than has to you decide on what is good or not for your future.

Useful link:

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Sunday, January 20th, 2013720/ 01 / Jan / 201314:14

Some are of us are shocked and\or annoyed slightly too easily. One of the keys to be happy, it is exactly to avoid falling in extremes, not to reject his failure on the others and to be capable of introspection. Who has never dreamed about last great journeys, about money with profusion, about big moments to live?. Who has never blamed the others for it than he should before any blaming himself?

The world is imperfect by definition, it is such as it is, and in an adulthood, we lose his illusions and his desires for revolt to quieten down and concentrate on what is essential in our lives.

Let us let the others take advantage of all that the existence can bring to them: a day, our tour will come if we have some patience, some perseverance and the humility. The whole world will never be as we want whether it is, but we shall always possess the power to return happy people around us.

If we feel ill at ease with certain aspects of the life, it is the whole demonic mechanics which can be set up. That is we can waste unconsciously the existence by too narrow conceptions of the life, the conceptions which we entraineront inevitably in the depraved slope of the perpetual dissatisfaction.

I am going to quote only an example. Let us imagine that you are too much a perfectionist. To be a perfectionist, theoretically, it is rather a quality than a defect. I even, I admit it, I am him a little, it is what moreover allowed me to obtain an honorable status in the company and to multiply my income by 44 in 18 years. (Well, it was not too difficult, because when you are at the lowest, you can make only go back up ...).

The imperfection is (very fortunately) present everywhere: at all the human beings, but also in the shape of objects, etc.... In certain degree, the perfectionist harms clearly: look at all costs for "the shelf space" and for "the beautiful", it is to waste his time, to leave it the health, while ruining that of its circle of acquaintances to whom we shall not stop righting the wrongs. (Well, yes, because everything has to be without harshness, in compliance with what is made of better, especially at our close relations ...).

I too, dream about a world populated with responsible individuals and with open-minded people … But "this ideal world" does not exist, and it is necessary to live with it. Know how to accept the imperfections of the world without trying to correct them constantly, it is can be the step most mattering towards the happiness...

Music: Tal - "nothing is completed"

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