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DSC00174.JPGI am Alexandre, and I am 38 past years old. Stemming from a family which counted at least two entrepreneurs and of whom I am one of the last thieves, my dream is to become an important investor and to retire towards about fifty, in other words, to reach the financial independence. (But not at any price, I prefer to specify it ...).

If I had to summarize my career, it would be necessary me more than some lines!. Let us say that the bankruptcy of my father, there are about twenty years, brought me to outstrip the call and to throw me in the active life much more early than planned. This is the way in 18 years, I made a commitment in the BSPP (Fire brigade of Paris). Towards about twenty, I began my professional career without diplomas as apprentice in food-processing industry. I remember having even borrowed a bike to work... In this factory agrolimentaire, I inherited my first responsibilities as driver of automated line.

Today, I have a level of university study, I make very correctly my living (approximately twice the clear Smic), I am no more in the same branch (administrative) and I arrange several streams of regular income, mainly pulled by the writing. In eighteen years, I was so able to multiply my monthly income by 44! The same thing in eighteen years? Why not ... I sign at once.

These last years, I was also able to collaborate also in the launch of several Web sites and to discover me certain talent for the writing on Web. The first purposes of my blog? Tell the continuation of my adventures, but also, somewhere, help the others to realize their own projects.

I am not a financial adviser, an administrator of heritage or business manager. My financial experiences are told as a rough guide and these activities do not have the enjoyment of the AMF (Authority of Financial markets). Thus they would know how to establish on no account an essential personalized recommendation of the investment advice (in the sense of the AMF) although the supplied figures stick on the closer of the reality in a concern of honesty.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish:

== > appeal to my services as writer freelance for the writing of advertising, detached campaigns with regard to this blog.

== > to be present on my blog in the category "advertorial". The writing of these articles will be paying, and the promoted sites will have to answer certain ethical criteria which we shall discuss together.

Thank you for your support for more than two years now!



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