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Theoretically, the super production will be released on the screens the mexican may 5, 2013. The film is predominantly funded by the government of Puebla who has typed in the funds of the 150ThAnniversary of the eponymous battle. The everything is filmed by the Treeesss Famous Churubusco studios. Nine weeks of filming on place, replenishment of the fighting, extras by hundreds, and almost a year of post-production, that is for the encrypted part. The actors are all very famous in Mexico, and a love story - mandatory! - Will be at the heart of the film. Tadam!


You will say to me: " Ok, very friendly tone info, but they don't care a bit, and then first, what has happened the May 5, 1862 ? " (Yes, because you are scholars, otherwise you do not read this blog, and therefore you know necessarily that the Battle of Puebla took place in 1862! ).


If you've been to Mexico, you will note that all cities have a street called "Calle 5 de mayo". A kind of national pride! And the rest of us, French, when we ask why this date, we chuckled squarely in the face, Mexican side… And for good reason!


For the only time in Mexican history, the army commanded by Ignacio Zaragoza has scuppered a monumental daylights to the French of the Second Empire led by Charles Ferdinand Latrille, during the Second French Intervention in the country. Of course, blah blah blah, it prides itself a lot among the Mexicans, forgetting a very small detail of nothing: it is only after this plucked, the Gauls are income to the attack and have managed to achieve the Second Mexican Empire, but chuuuuttttt, ca must not say, otherwise ca offended!


All of this info, just to advise you to adopt the low-profile, French arrogant, when you talked about the "5 de mayo" in Mexico, and to remain Prostrate among you the May 5, 2013 , history of do not go flout the Mexicans who will go to mass see the film, there is no doubt… but good, for once, when the French are spending money to Mexicans for a film, we will not ignore their and our pleasure! And then I wanted to spread my science a little, once is not custom… (the first unpleasant comment, you are removed from this blog! ).


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