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If you return from Mexico, you will not have been able to escape these beautiful pieces of art and crafts in Barro (earth, clay), colorful, hardly transportable and all the more fascinating of the coup… But in fact, is it "trees of life" or "trees of the dead"? The different opinion on the subject, and I am tempted to reply that the two co-exist in Mexico in the artistic versions all more beautiful than the other.


The tree of life to be recognized by the presence of cherubs or blank (often closest to the fairy of the Virgin in the sense "religious" of the term, according to me). It is the claims inspired of Judaism, representative in its ten branches: the providence, the wisdom, intelligence, the mercy, the force, the beauty, the victory of life over death, eternity, the foundation and the reign.


While on the shaft of death, the "catrinas" or heads of dead are more represented. In both cases, these works of art attract the eye with their colors, and the fineness of the work performed with care, often by the meticulous indigenous. Of course, this is typical at the time of the "dia de los Muertos", you will see exposed the most beautiful trees of "death" Mexicans. Sometimes, on the Zocalo of Mexico City, some towering trees are created, representative between other the iconic characters of the Mexican Revolution, a true feast for the eyes.


On the other hand, traveling friends, forget to bring one home with you, they are really too fragile and impossible to carry without note of the broken to return. It is certainly for this that I have to choose, I prefer to start in a collection of "catrinas" rather than of trees of life/death. Not mad the wasp! Or how you drag in a few lines subtle a gift idea, laughter…

DSC03653Pchiit, that is the fact that the mine, custom, but chuut should not say!

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The fragility that is the problem
But the most beautiful memories, it is the one we kept at the bottom of the heart, intangible, indestructible
Comment #1 posted by Domi Arnaud 12/09/2012 at 11h30

Very well thought out and very well said. As usual! Thank You Domi!

Response to Gracianne 12/09/2012 at 11h31




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