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The Piñata is a ball made of clay or cardboard, covered with papier mâché and that must be broken, because it contains sweets, fruits, and various sweets. It is suspended by a rope to a beam, then to be broken with a stick. It is the object of all Mexican holidays, birthdays or other celebrations, Christmas, a day nuevo (new year), etc…


The legend says that the Piñata was in fact introduced by the Spanish conquistadors who, as well, evangelised these hostile lands in entertaining fashion. The "spikes" of the Piñata are supposed to represent the seven capital sins and must be broken by the innocent souls (of children), to release the evil, and obtain the gift of the sky (the gifts inside). In fact, the traditional Piñata is round in shape, star, with seven "spikes". But today, there are many other forms, in animals, sheep, horses, dogs, etc…


The Piñata has become famous in the world today, and the United States, in Spain, or even in France, it is an essential part of successful anniversaries. Without that no one in control the history or the past, and retain just the festive aspect.


First Piñata for Alan


Credit for this photo: Ernesto Slim - Diana broke the pinata

In Mexico, while the a breaking the pinata, the singing the next song:

" Dale, dale, dale,

No pierdas el tino

MIDE the distancia

That hay in El camino

Dale, dale, dale,

No pierdas el tino

Because if lo pierdes

El camino Pierdes "

You can listen to it in this video:

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