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In the beginning, all the world thought it ugly. So, remember, the pottery black! And then of a sudden, the designers and other interior architects have begun to blacken the walls, in the shade out, to make of the decors and minimalist ultra shifted, and the Barro negro became " Super trend, my cherieeeeee ". Therefore, if you want to make a gift very "in" to a friend or a branch, offer him therefore the Barro negro.


But in San Bartolo Coyotepec only (at least that you did not like much the friend(e) in question, of course. Which case, what good offer him a gift ? ! ). The village is located just eleven miles from Oaxaca. On the markets of Oaxaca, you will therefore have the embarrassment of the choice. At the beginning, a little cautious, I eventually let convince and charmed by these dark objects and finally quite fascinating.


The manufacturing process is relatively complex and requires 20 to 30 days by object according to its degree of finishing. It is a special clay, dried in the sun for four days. The cooking is in the ovens buried under the earth. It is only with this "barro" very special, in the area, that the cooking process allows the ceramic to obtain this singular color. It useless to try at home, you will never get the same magical result. Theoretically, the " barro negro" cannot receive water, so beware if you purchase a decanter in this matter. On the other hand, it seems that the Mezcal is retained very well (would I have made have ????? )…


Since 1996, the " barro negro" has obtained such a worldwide reputation as a museum is dedicated to him in San Bartolo Coyotepec. Go there to do a tour, it's worth the trip (Gee, that it is funny!


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