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It is no exception to the rule: as all the cocktails or culinary specialties of a country, the Margarita can be prepared in a thousand ways and coped by the whim of each. I chose to propose to you today my recipe, traditional. But be aware that you can replace the tequila by the mezcal, and change the lemon green by all other fruit, more or less sugars, that you love. A small special mention for the Mexico City Airport, and the "Baron Rojo", coffee or i . .. sinfully good for their "Margarita of Mango" (mango).


Ernesto Jr preparing a Margarita to fall!

The first step, and not the least important, is to prepare the glass. Here, the presentation contributes to the pleasure of tasting. In the saucer, pour the lime juice, and dip-y your glass (choose-into a nice, not the glass to mustard collects or the retrieves in a petrol station! ), "mouth" toward the bottom, in a manner that dampen the edge. In another saucer, divide of the salt, and dip the glass moistened inside, making sure to spread the salt on the whole circumference of the glass. Then place your drink in the "freezer", the time to prepare the divine drink, for to crystallize the salt.


In Mexico, the appliance inescapable, that you will find even among the poorest, it is the "Blender", called here the "Licuadora "… In your licuadora, highlight a third of lime juice, a third of tequila, a third of Cointreau (or curacao) and a good dose of cane sugar liquid, as well as a good dozen of ice cubes. There are two Margaritas: the one where the ice is not mixed, liquid version, simply cool and thirst quenching. The one I propose to you looks like a granite, it will consume more slowly.

Blend for 10 seconds. Open the lid, stir the preparation, taste by placing a little Margarita on the back of your hand, correct (more sugar? More of lemon? More of tequila ?) and re-mix a few more seconds. Pour the drink into the glasses removed from the freezer. Decorate with a slice of lemon green lazily posed on the edge of the glass. In the province of Oaxaca, use this aperitif with "chapulines (grasshoppers broiled), or mundane peanuts (are there mundane in Mexico ? )…


The abuse of alcohol, blah blah blah, all that…

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The "Grillo Marinero" has opened its doors the November 4, 1991, calle Carrizal, Esquina Macuhitle, #908, to Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mex, tel. 958-5870783). Their web site: and on Facebook, you can find it by typing in search Grillo Marinero. One of my favorite really addresses to Huatulco, discovery thanks to my friend Ernesto. The crustaceans "al mojo of Lao", specialty of the corner, all accompanied by fresh fruit juice or, of course, of the traditional "Corona" (or Indio, or 2X) for these gentlemen.

In a family atmosphere and very user-friendly, it tasted of fish and seafood by Francisco Rios, fisherman and diver retirement. The guarantee of absolutely fresh products. The base is not lying. The taste not more. The specialities the most notable here are the Octopus to the ink and fish soup. But to tell the truth, all the dishes are delicious.


To those who want to discover the Huachinango (local fish), the Grillo Marinero is the ideal place to do this. With a little luck, you will bump into "Doña Pola", the owner of the premises is a scenario in which the kitchen for dishes exclusively facts on place, home, and whose prices fluctuate between 75 pesos (5 euro) and 150 pesos (10 euros). That is where I discovered a "altar" really incredible at the time of the "Dia de los Muertos", with plenty of beer, cigarettes, and recreations of products for an altar mortuary (laughs).

In the course of these past 21 years, the Grillo Marinero has built a solid reputation for quality, and has even been the subject of several tv news stories, the kind Bizarre Foods of the string Travel&Living, about dishes to basis of octopus. In the same way, the magazine Mexico Desconocido preparing for the sale an article on the restaurant.

The photos here are relatively official but if you are going to do a turn on their Facebook page, you will see their dishes of the day (at random of fisheries), and all the good atmosphere prevailing in the restaurant. Ca transpired with all their posts ...


Elements in spanish, elementos in castellano

Fundación: el 4 de Noviembre 1991

Dirección: calle Carrizal esquina Macuhitle #908, Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mex, tel: (958)5870783


Facebook: Grillo Marinero

Restaurante con a ambiente familiar y 100% to pescados y mariscos, contamos con dos especialidades: Pulpos in su tinta y sopa of Mariscos.

The propietaria del restaurante es "Doña Pola" y sus recetas caseras his básicamente

A lo largo these casi 21 años, se ha venido transformando in a restaurante of la tradiciã³n in Bahias de Huatulco, eso ha generado that varios programas of tv como Bizarre foods del canal Travel&Living hicieran a programa sobre platillos has Pulpos database.

A departmental level nacional the Revista Mexico Desconocido that aun no dirty has the venta dicha edición hacen a artículo sobre el restaurante.

Our de Precios oscilan between: $75.00 to $150.00 p.m.

Una across benefits para ofrecer los adaptive productos del Mar es that amigos del esposo to doña Pola, Francisco Rios (that es buzo is pescador retirado) our traen productos del dia.


Photo Credits: El Grillo Marinero

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This paradise that is the "Costa Chica" oaxaqueña cruelly lacking a detail for the carnivores borne: a good meat worthy of the name! Because "the cecina" or "the tasajo" (respectively, of pork and beef, beaten, and very flattened), empanizadas (breaded) or to the Mexican (tomato sauce and onions, piquant), ca you tired quickly end a rampaging. At the exit of Pochutla PJE, direction Puerto Angel, a place just quickly restore the morale to amateurs of entrecote! The Finca of Vaqueros is a true "ranch" western version, or the Stetson and the cowboy boots are of rigor.

They are equipped with a huge blaze (kind pizza oven, in more than four times larger, with noise way coughing up dragon! ), and you are a "rush" to die for. The menu, meat, meat, yet of the meat, and secondarily of "frijoles charros" (black beans with meat) porcupine quills, and fragrant to the coriander, a true killing, even for a vegetarian assumed! You will be able to test the "chorizo argentino", and for the Basque people of passage, a sacred surprise with… of the Txistorra (Chistorra), yes, yes, as I say to you! For dessert, believe the specialist gourmande that i am, opt for the "natilla of mango".


Photo Credit: Ernesto Slim

The decor is planted with the stool of horse, which serve as a stool of bar, the parties of maps, of the or other which are played in the background of room. A dance floor is installed for the feast days. Outside, the children can have fun on the trampolines, and the puppies from the home will perhaps be beg a small rest in your base…

Attention to the sauces on the tables, they are used to "tacos" that you can prepare with warm tortillas and the cut meat. One of them particularly, to the harmless appearance of guacamole is in fact a puree of peppers porcupine quills. Effective to stop "the vengeance of Moctezuma", or Knocked Out if you prefer! (Yes, in Mexico, eating spicy, it is also a health measure, as they say! Stop making your chochottes, and hurry to eat "spice" to avoid go your stay to the toilet)

Above all, to the Finca of Vaqueros, has just been to meet Pedro, the patron saint of places, always quick to serve you with a "mezcalito" at the end of a meal, and who will love you remind that: " Para todo poorly, a mezcal, para todo well, también… y if no hay remedio… a lytron y Medio "… At your own risk however.

On Sunday afternoon, to the Finca of Vaqueros, it pushes the sing, and Pedro is not the last, with his beautiful voice serious. Karaoke in Mexican version, expatriation and happiness guaranteed. So to recap, in the program: guile and rancheras with!


Nadia to the edge. Besos, amiga doctora ; -)

fincavaqueiros2.jpgPedro, the dueño, in train of a sing

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It is called Ernesto Conchello Slim, and the young Mexican chef is in the process of building a solid reputation in his country, invited the plates of television to publicize, and share his passion. As I have the great privilege to know (and I hope to count him in my friends), i could not resist the opportunity to ask him my "10 questions to a leader". You can find him on Facebook (the address is given more down in the article). I even bet that in a few time it will no longer be necessary to present it to you, and that it will become a 'reference' for the Mexican gastronomy. Just for the small info, remind you that before France, Mexico has seen its gastronomy in the intangible world heritage of humanity. Accuracy: the pictures are the opportunity to discover some of its achievements ...


Gracianne: How has begun thy love story with the kitchen? Since always? Tells us the story, please ...

Leader Ernesto Slim Conchello: There is a little more than 25 years, I lived in Switzerland with an aunt who taught me a love of the kitchen. The see prepare and taste, in glamourous several ingredients and flavors, has given me the desire to do the same thing later. My first flat "professional" has been a Paella for a restaurant. I was barely 17 years old. A few years later, I opened my own restaurant, which was located in the beautiful city of Mazatlán. For personal reasons, I am income to the capital, Mexico City, and I started in this as a chef of a major company. Until I started and mounted my own business: the Maquila in Gastronomica ,.

Gracianne: Where can we taste thy kitchen ?

Leader Ernesto Slim Conchello : We have a catering service (delivery of food - planes, trains, communities, etc) ranging from 2 to 50 people, and you can achieve the revenue that we give on our Facebook page addition to the revenue, there is also advice, and we are responding to the questions of internet surfers cooks.


Gracianne: I do not know anything about it in Mexican cuisine, that I recommended you first?

Leader Ernesto Slim Conchello: The mexican cuisine, like many others in the world, is very diverse, and it all depends on the place where thou art in the country. For example, if you're in Mexico DF, it must be absolutely taste the "tacos al pastor". On the side of the Sinaloa, "el aguachile" and the seafood . In the Yucatán, "the cochinita pibil"; to Veracruz the "chilpachole" (NDR: close to the Spanish Zarzuela or bouillabaisse, but of very far! ), in Puebla, the "mole" ; in Oaxaca, the "mole negro", for example. Each place, each province has its own characteristics but gourmet we have constants in our culinary culture: the but. We are a culture of but, and it is found in various types of dishes, desserts, dirty, drinks, coaching, etc. The most classic example is the "tortilla" (NDR: the "tortilla" is the galette of but, nothing to see with the spanish tortilla which is in fact an omelet). Among us, it is a small disk to flour-based but, and that accompanies a lot of dishes. This would be a little our equivalent of your bread ...


Gracianne: What is your favorite mexican dish ?

Leader Ernesto Slim Conchello: everything depends on the location of the Republic or i found. But if really i must make a choice, then I opted for a "aguachile of callo of hacha" (NDR: kind of ceviche of seafood, the "callo of hacha" is a result of sea unknown in France).

Gracianne: What is your favorite international flat?

Leader Ernesto Slim Conchello: Definitively the fondue bourguignonne!

Gracianne: Ta specialty - with the recipe please , for our readers:

Tacos al pastor of pescador

For 4 people

- Sauce "al pastor" (recipe: 4 chilies "guajillos", 2 teeth of garlic, 100 ml of white vinegar, 2 sheets of Laurier, ½ tablespoon of achiote or annatto, 1 pinch of cinnamon, ½ teaspoon of pepper, salt. The chilies dry must be rehydrated in water, they remove the veins and seeds. Once hydrated, the mixer in a blender along with the other ingredients).

- 600 GRS of net of bar with the skin

- Sliced Pineapple

- White Onion chopped

- Fresh Coriander minced

- Sauce "taquera" (spicy)

- Lemons (NDR: in Mexico there is that of limes, you can find them at the exotic radius to your supermarket)

- Tortilla of but.

Cut it into four fish fillets, dip them in the sauce "al pastor" and allow to marinate a half hour. Put them at the barbecue, skin side, at a low temperature and continue to baste with the marinade during the cooking process. They can also put on a banana leaf. Serve with tortillas, of the coriander minced, of the chopped onion, make tacos, put on the lemon, and of the sauce taquera following the tastes of each.

Gracianne: The dish that you favorite cook. Why?

Leader Ernesto Slim Conchello: I am a person who loves challenges, and i love trying new things, innovate, but what I really love cooking, this is the bread in all its forms, ciabatta, pizza, braid switzerland, etc. The bread returns to me many personal memories due to its smell and flavor of its ...

Gracianne: what thou lovest the less cooking. Why?

Leader Ernesto Slim Conchello: The dishes with flavorings too brands. For example, the "often" which is a broth of bellies with beef, its smell me is very unbearable.

Gracianne: The flat that you could never eat:

Leader Ernesto Slim Conchello: There is no such side dishes. But, for example, much as I can tell you that I liked the cheese, and it really is my favorite ingredient, but that I could never eat that is the cheese that is called "casu marzu" (NDR: in Italy, called the "formaggio marcio", its sale is prohibited and permitted only in Sardinia), completely repellent!

Gracianne: your favorite restaurant in the capital, or elsewhere in the country. Why?

Leader Ernesto Slim Conchello: I really do not have to absolute essential, but if I have to retain a, this would be "El Pujol" of the Leader Enrique Olvera. Its cuisine is based on the traditional mexican, the kitchen of the grand-mothers or any of the street, but the chef adds notes modern and innovates, which gives a surprising result. I tasted some of its dishes, and to tell the truth, I admired his kitchen.
NDR: our Leader has good taste since this restaurant is ranked among the 50 best in the world. Here's his web site if you want to put the water in the mouth:


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sanangel5.jpgThe casa de estudio de Diego Rivera

To choose, as long as from for the umpteenth discovery of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, I prefer the area San Angel to the blue house of Coyoacã¡n. For those who have seen the film (of Julia Taymor), the casa-de estudio de Diego, it is this home "cut" in two, the home of the "maestro". Here that Diego had his workshop as a painter, also here that he has deceived Frida with her sister, Cristina. However, to go more specifically to the meeting of the "true" Diego Rivera, don't miss its pyramid completed by his daughter (ues with Lupe), architect, the famous museum Anahuacalli, OR is exposed to all its huge collection of Hispanic parts.

But here, in the neighborhood of San Angel, i love the workshop to the magnificent proportions, and the house of the artist, or decanted yet his dungarees mythical and his hat. Pity that the recent work have somewhat "dehumanized" the scene, or at least the have transformed into tourist places perfectly… I had the chance to visit " before ", fortunately.


The kitchen of Frida, such that you will not see more ...

But the useful joining always to the nice, especially in Mexico, I conceded that my great pleasure during these visits, it is to eat right next to the house-double, at the hacienda famous, the San Angel Inn, or hacienda de Goicoechea (oh my god, but these Basques are everywhere! Laughter). Means, i love the "interestest-interestest", this is not for you, dear readers of this blog, that I will learn, and I am the first to advocate the "jacales" the edges of roads in Mexico lost or i elected home. But from time to time, European reflex or delusions of grandeur, it's nice to be a "true" place, with ribbon and covered. Each time the impression of jumping in the time, and I find the time splurge of Porfirio Diaz (for which I have however no special affection, only the real oaxaqueño spirit…Benito Juarez next thanks to my eyes).



The San Angel Inn is my "address" bling-bling to the Mexican (i laugh). A magical place, with its gardens, patios, and its divine cuisine. That is where, for the first time, I dared, me the vegetarian, taste the eggs of ant to the coriander, typically flat Aztec (before that you do ask me: ca has not great taste, just forgotten what it is in the process of taste, and to disregard the aspect).

However, my true happiness at the San Angel Inn, this is the coffee to the devil! All a ceremonial for the prepare: coffee of course, spices, the orange, a bit of alcohol soared, the all orchestrated by a style server. A wonderful taste in result.


To digest (it must be ca), don't miss the garden outside, perfectly maintained, which makes forget the disastrous reputation of pollution in the city of the "chilangos".

sanangel4With a little luck, you will attend the ballet facetious of squirrels (ardillas) in freedom


And for those who would be forced to travel a stationary, treat yourself to the visit of the website with virtual walk:


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