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Monday, June 4, 2012 1 04 /06 /June /2012 10:34 PM

I have the habit of tracking everything that attraction to B. Traven or Frida Kahlo, in France, in Mexico or Spain. Result, my library is when even filled "not found", because I am going very far in the "tracking" of my preferred subject (this is valid especially for B. Traven whose it is difficult to track down some books). For example, I once ran Express In Lisbon for an expo dedicated to Frida Kahlo (which was of no value, except that I have purchased a cup to the effigy of the Mexican painter), I know, it must be a little crazy, but good, passion when thou we want…

When I saw out in Spain this nth book on Frida Kahlo, I ran the buy (Fnac of San Sebastian, Donostia or if you prefer). He had to take in French, of course, seen the "pedigree" of its author, but I like it a lot read in Spanish, so…

As I have all (and in fact ca books) or about what has been published on Frida, I cannot say that this book has just told me large-thing that I did not know. However the angle is interesting, focusing more on the decryption of the paintings that bringing a umpteenth biography on the artist. This is not a big book indigestible, and apart from the coverage (which is no honor to Frida, there is a if beautiful photos of her in black and white, what a pity…) which is rather ugly, the book is very friendly. However, it is to be reserved for those who do not know much about the painter, and who have never read Hayden Herrera, definitively the best specialist of the subject "Frida" in the world. To think that Gerard De Cortanze joined this wanted to surf the "Fridamania" which sell any book or magazine with the name of the Mexican artist, it is not far from there. Ah, evil that I am, to see the evil where it is certainly! But good, for the uninitiated, go for it, go for it. The passionate buy that if, like me, they want to own the complete bibliography around of Frida. Otherwise, they will spend their path…

References of the book in Spain/Mexico:


Frida Kahlo, the belleza terrible

Autor: Gerard De Cortanze joined this

Editorial: Planeta

158 The páginas - 17 euros

For the i, here are the 4Th Cover':

"Esta obra our adentra in the vida de aquella joven mexicana that in septiembre 1925 sufre a rough that comprehensive trastornará por su Porvenir. Bella e independiente, casa in 1929 con Diego Rivera, el famous pintor muralista. Esa joven era Frida Kahlo y este libro es su historia, that our cuenta cómo una de las máximas su vida EUF no. close jamás los ojos has the fealdad, sino, por el contrario, abrirlos" para presenciar asi el nacimiento of una belleza terrible", para that ella invented otra realidad. Torturada por el dolor físico, Pero por sus arrebatada Ecuadorian Políticos y amores tumultuosos, con el paso de los años construyó una obra pictórica poderosa is singular. The en última sus obras, Viva la vida es a canto a la luz is the alegria of them -: "Magpies para that los quiero if tengo alas pa' volar".

Como well dice Gerard De Cortanze joined this in the Proejct Manager del libro: "In Realidad, Frida Kahlo es una de las artistas más enigmáticas that existen, una de las más intimas, como abrasada por sus include Opciones políticas, su dolor físico, su amor por Diego. Esto es lo that interesa su pintura ".

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Friday, may 18, 2012 5 18 /05 /May /2012 05:20 AM

Filez quickly on Http:// Discover a lovely critical of Dominique Arnaud in regard to "skeletons in sugar". And allow me here to thank him warmly.

HAS READ: skeletons IN SUGAR to Gracianne Hastoy

gracianne.jpg livre-gracianne0001.JPG

Previous Page (lowest), published this day: the 9th episode of the acrobats of the Crossroads ...

I have to devour a book which has plunged me magically in the heart of Mexico, and that I invite you to discover. This is the book to Gracianne Hastoy published under a title not surprising really who knows the aztec land (or maya): " Skeletons in sugar "Summary all of a country knowing laugh of the omnipresence of death; the illustrated book and one of the most strong contrasts of this mythical land.

Integrated in a village in the south in the state of Oaxaca, close to the Chiapas, but also have strong ties in the Basque Country, Gracianne picked the stories of his book to listen to these native porters still to an ancient culture and which it has earned the trust. Through these stories authentic which can also be funny that appalling and horrifying, discovers the deepest Mexico in all its variety; this is not the one of the postcards, that the author does not, it is the revealed by going to the meeting of people, experience that I have personally undertaken, without having yet reached the level of my girlfriend, Mexican to court.

This deepest Mexico, it is the one we cannot imagine without the having approach, the one who is also a unsuspected generosity at first.

In the company of the book of Gracianne therefore, you are going to surprise everyone by surprise, discovery in discovery. If it takes time to claim to have "done" all sites proposed by the tourist guides summarizing the Mexico, it would take more than one life (as can take awareness in our blogs) to approach all aspects. Indeed, in his book (Atlantica Seguier) Gracianne unveils a few that I do not want to too deflowering, but you shall i water at the mouth by referring to the notorious drug trafficker "Robin Hood", the night watchman who dreamed, the most ignoble of trafficking in children, the fate of the cornering of the death, the aid to the turtle nesting, the miraculous catch of fish of prohibited products and the leprechaun son of the Devil ... and many others.

These stories are also, of course, the opportunity to learn much about the daily life in the villages unsung. Finally, what would spoiled nothing, " skeletons in sugar" is very well written in a clear and accessible style. Then ...

About literature, don't miss to read on his site article that Gracianne has devoted to the death of Carlos Fuentes, genius of the Mexican literature.

Book to buy on Amazon


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Saturday, may 5, 2012 6 05 /05 /May /2012 11:05 PM

This is certainly one of my favorite texts of B. Traven, but also to embody Macario, one of my favorite actors in Mexico, I quoted Ignacio Lopez Tarso. I found the film in full length and custom, i never tire of the see and the review. Gift for those who understand the Mexican ... For the other, sorry, you just missed something great. A tale philosopher very "mexican" in the soul.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010 3 31 /03 /March /2010 09:26 AM

The interview with Gracianne Hastoy

Book: skeletons in sugar

Sub-title: stories people native to the province of Oaxaca

Editor: Seguier (Paris)

ISBN: 978-2 -8404-9605-2

Price: 22 euros

Drafting: after five years of absence, you will return with a totally different matter on Mexico. Is it to say that you hold the promise which was made five years ago to never again write on the Basque country?

Gracianne Hastoy: Exact, with one exception, continue to intervene every time they ask why me on the witches of Zugarramurdi. That is why I accepted to preface the book by Regis Will Call F. Duvignau on the subject a few months ago ( "Country of witches", editions Atlantica). Apart from this the experience "Mikel and Soledad", co-written with Jean Chalvidant, I actually did decide to no longer write novels on the Basque Country. In any case, this fell well, Mexico was there, and I had a furious envy to transform my passion for this country into a book. It is my only way of saying that I love, after all.

Drafting: Ok, then a book on the Mexico, we have already seen, non ?

Gracianne Hastoy: Do you think so! This one is unique (laughs). First of all, because even if it is a sign of me, I am only the one that captures, but all the news that I dealt with here I have been regaled by the indigenous peoples of Mexico. In fact, I am only a defector. Since B. Traven, few books "mexicans" have spoken of the indigenous people. There are, of course, but few novels, little bit of news. There is the floor of the historians, policies, narcos (very to the mode), but the situation always catastrophic of the indigenous people in Mexico little interest. In addition, the Chiapas focused a little all the attention, NGOS and other, and I was a little miffed that in my province, Oaxaca, it is not enough "poor" to generate the interest, while 50% of kids are in undernutrition. This is my way of alert and to raise awareness of this corner of paradise which cover a lot of misery.

Drafting: It seems that you are called "la guera" down there, what does it mean?

Gracianne Hastoy: Guera, guereja account, i do more (laughs). Ca means "the white", nothing very original in ca. But if you want my opinion, I prefer to be nicknamed as well as "gringa" which is still as pejorative.

Drafting: 2010, you have chosen knowingly to leave this book in this important year for Mexico?

Gracianne Hastoy: Yes. It is indeed a big year for Mexico, since that are celebrated 200 years of independence and the centennial of the Revolution. I think that is the time to make the point. We have seen, a few days ago, that the richest man in the world is a Mexican Carlos Slim. This is crazy, because the country has suffered a great deal of the impact tourism of influenza A (remember, it was a year ago, everything has started to down there), paid dearly the price on an already fragile economy, battle in the war against the narcos with 600 deaths per month just for the city of Ciudad Juarez, and at the same time, we spell the type the more rich of the world. That is my book, all the ambivalence, these paradoxes. It is fascinating, non?

Writing: You said earlier "my" province, in speaking of Oaxaca. You have permanently installed?

Gracianne Hastoy: I am still in transit between the Basque Country and Mexico, but it is obvious that my future is down there. I found a lot of personal responses, and the Mexico i was very "constructed". Back in France is each time more difficult. I must say that what becomes France at the moment, especially when it is in a little remote, is a little crazy. View by far, it is ridiculous. We are next to the plate, this is serious! Down there, but like all people who travel, I learned the simplicity, authenticity, live in a more summary, less comfortable, but also more environmentally friendly. I have seen TV shows, there is little, in France, where it sends the kids difficult go a week abroad, for the calm. It is the whole world that it should be "crop" of the sort. Remember that ca does not fall any cooked in the base. I will tell you an anecdote which has marked me. Last year, at the time of influenza A, precisely, I found myself stuck in Mexico, without the possibility of return to Europe as planned (Bachelot had a little distraught for nothing, but good, it has done worse after! ). I was concerned because i didn't bring enough money for a stay as long. And a native told me kindly and with a big smile: "If we can survive here throughout the year, thou mayest well survive a few more weeks, non? A fish, fruit, you're not going to starve". It gave me a permanently calmed down. He was so right!

Writing: You do never say the word "Indian" but "indigenous" ?

Gracianne Hastoy: Ben this is when even a serious that for more than 500 years, it totes a dialectic such error. This is when even because this craziness if Columbus is gourre in 1492 that they were called the "Indians". Therefore I always try to say American Indian or indigenous, but sometimes, I am like everybody - the Mexicans as the font, alas! - And I used the word "Indian". I want to after the fact, but it is a reflex action. I am neat, doctor, I am treated… yet the subject is close to my heart, and i battle, there is still so much to be done. I am not what is called a revolutionary, but when i found the situation of indigenous peoples in Mexico, I really want to act. This book is a modest stone of the building, and I hope that it will be received as well. It tries to show that they are holders of the history of this country, its traditions, its culture. Instead to be ashamed (the Conquista has done its job of undermining, normal! ), they have to relearning to be proud of it.

Drafting: other ongoing projects on the Mexico?

Gracianne Hastoy: Yes, a biographical novel on a chamame famous of Huautla of Jimenez. I remain surprised that the Mexico know if ill talk about him, with this indecent assault in their bones. The Mexicans were still having trouble with their idols. Frida Kahlo is somewhat the exception. But other characters as Sor Juana de la Cruz (fortunately scope to the notoriety by the large Octavio Paz) or Maria Sabina who are equally emblematic have not yet had right to international recognition thanks to biographies. I will try, in my small way, to change things. With the words… as always.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010 7 21 /03 /March /2010 12:43 PM

SquelettesenSucre.jpgThe "skeletons in sugar" are books in pasture, ca there is. Books critical to the intransigent, the worst of all, the readers. But I have a chance in this mad adversity, that of having the best drives of the earth. The press officer said that the book is very well received by the booksellers, well received, and I am glad of that. On the other hand, side journalists, of course… two interviews on Friday evening, one for Radio Oloron (my city of birth) and the other to destination of Morocco. The Basques continue to sulk. It is their problem, and it is quite symptomatic of their relationship to the intellectual, artistic, and to their blinkers. They are not aware. Ca nâvre me. But on the substance, I am in a little plug. Me, my concern is that the books exist. And this one has become real, concrete. It is not literary, it will not blame me that it is "academic" as it was often said of my writing. Steep Stories, delivered such what. With this cursed fault, page 77, which I am poisoned the cerebellum, but good, turn… Now, I expect the reactions, opinions, and I tremble a little. If he did not like, it is as if we broke a part of this that i am…

Apart from this, I will try to prepare here a small account of the months of March, side narcos, because it has heated sacrament to Ciudad Juarez these days. And perhaps that i am fendrai also of a balance sheet of the cultural activities, because it has happened not bad also. But if I have the time… Because i am trapped in the center of France for the week, to duty working on a book ultra serious and sharp, and ca will mobilize all my (poor, very poor) intellectual resources, I am afraid…

In any case, I took advantage of this page of my blog to thank all those who have responded to my invitation this Friday night! From the bottom of my heart…


Skeletons in sugar

Envoyer à un ami

Gracianne Hastoy

Seguier (224 pages)

Mexico is a land blessed for the amateurs of stories catchy tunes. The fantastic B. Traven, for example, has brought together and imagine many in several books. French journalist and writer, Gracianne Hastoy supports a kind of relay his illustrious elder in this collection of stories gleaned from the people she has met in the province of Oaxaca, where it is installed.
The title of his book makes reference to the candy that is sold during the feast of the Dead. It is well chosen to the extent or, if the death rode through the ten-seven new of the compendium, the latter have all a touch of fantasy which makes them delicious to read. One shudders therefore as far as the smiles in "listening" of adventures having as main characters of the indios and the narcos.
Here, a humble fisherman is a mattress is bags of cocaine: it is the happiest of men because, until now, a nagging back pain prevented from sleeping. But a day… Here, a French priest intends to demonstrate to his parishioners peasant, little convinced by his sermons, that his religion is the most powerful. It pushes and his priesthood up to inflict a absurd martyrdom…
Mixing reality and imagination, without that the limit should be clearly defined, all these stories are captivating. It is often said that the most mad have all chances to be the most authentic…

Squelettes en sucre - Gracianne Hastoy
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