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It is called therefore Enrique Peña Nieto, Was born in 1966 in Atlacomulco in the State of Mexico, and has followed the studies of lawyer. It is today the new president of the Mexican republic, arrives at the head of the elections to this 1ER July 2012 with some 37.29 % of the votes, against 32.60 % for AMLO'S AMLO (Lopez) and 25.36 % for Josefina Vazquez Mota, the lady of the PAN.


In 1993, he married Monica Pretelini, which he had three sons, and that he was widowed in 2007 after she succumbed to a fatal cardiac arrhythmia consecutive to epilepsy. The November 27, 2010 , he married in seconds wedding the actress Angelica Rivera.


His first statement of "new president" was to ensure that there would " No return to the past "After the reservations expressed by both the international press , by the anti-NPT, on the relations "special" maintained by the PRI with democracy.

Note that the South of the country has voted overwhelmingly Lopez AMLO (especially in the State of Oaxaca) while the Chiapas has stored behind the new president victorious.

Authorized Images from the official site of NPT, Http://www.enriquepenanieto.com

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The national press (El Universal, in this case) is very interested in the candidature of Josefina Vázquez Mota (see on this site, presentation of the various candidates in a previous article), the lady of the PAN. Its program? So, remember, any interest! Today to the A of the journal, ca gives something of this ilk: "since his hotel in Baja California where it is hosted to meet with business leaders, Josefina Vázquez Mota has been able to do the sport on a machine that muscle the legs and arms, and back to physical energy. "Important according to them, especially after his small malaise of the last week who had raised a lot of questions: hypoglycemia, fatigue, flu? And of course, the icing on the biscuit, the key point in this article of investigation as much as substance, and that is to tell us how she was dressed for his sports meeting: "a Black jacket, a skirt of sport, the hair ties ", We learn that she has been in practice for " 40 Minutes ".

Well yes, in Mexico, the women - women candidates to the Presidency or not - are men like the other. And benefit from the same attention. Or Not!

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Already tired of hearing about Sarko, Holland, Eva Joly, Francois Bayrou, etc? Here are some of the other candidates, not less funny, but you certainly know little (or not). Yes , in Mexico, too, in 2012, we elect a new president of the Republic. It is perhaps ca the end of the world announced by the Mayas, this change of reign? (In fact, small precision to the passage, the Maya have absolutely not announced the end of the world, but a big change, that is all!) Go, i you led to the discovery of other candidates. They also apply their weighing of peanuts mexican, I assure you. Ay caramba…

Enrique Peña Nieto:

225px-Enrique Peña Nieto - World Economic Forum on Latin A

It will be the sole candidate of the PRI. It is noted in his campaign team the presence of the hon Paloma Guillén Vicente, which is none other than… the sister of the sub-commander Marcos.

Beau Gosse, a lawyer by profession, former governor of the state of Mexico, it is vomited by a part of the population who blamed for dipped in too many dirty political affairs and politicians. His first wife died in 2007 and 2008, he joined the " pipoles" by initiating a connection with the actress Angelica Rivera that he married in 2010. A beautiful sacred torque, treeesss glamour.

Ernesto Cordero Arroyo:


Candidate of the PAN. For the moment, its program of campaign aims to type blithely on Peña Nieto. Not sure that this is sufficient to convince the Mexican journey… Otherwise perfect, perfect wife whom he married… whaou… there is a lease, with which he has done some studies in Philadelphia, close to Calderon, the current president. In short, chiant. It has its chances in a Mexico who dream of rigor to combat the image of corrupt he is dragged to the international.

Santiago Creel Miranda:


With its head of "gringo", and also his family is originally from Kentucky, or a certain Abraham Lincoln appointed one of his ancestors consul of the United States to Mexico, Miranda is also pre-candidate of the PAN. His papinou was forced to carapater at the time of Pancho Villa, but punch out a Creel by the door, it returns by the window. So here is the progeny in campaign. The candidate is (still) a lawyer, which was not that some friends of the Mexican tv (cf conflict with the Televisa in 2008), catholic. On tour in Chiapas, he has proposed the creation of a kind of DEA mexican.

Josefina Vazquez Mota:


The woman in the race for the presidential elections. Pre-candidate of the PAN, she passed her time to denounce the fact that he put the sticks in the wheels as a woman. In Mexico? Macho country par excellence? Rhooo, how it is going! Especially as the machismo, she knows a radius, after I grew up with… his father and seven brothers. She decided to break the family myth by giving birth to… 3 girls! An economist by profession, she has already been given several ministerial missions by fire (or almost) Felipe Calderon.

Andres Manuel Lopez AMLO:


Nicknamed'S AMLO (easy, his initials, it is indeed more short and practical) Pre-candidate of the et Coalicion Movimiento Progresista (CMP), it is also the most credible of all candidates, with a great political experience. It has already been president of a recognized party in Mexico, the PRD. And responsible of the government in the D. F. (Mexico City). In 2006, he had arrived just behind Calderon to presidential. No doubt he is trying to have his revenge, especially having shouted to fraud the last time. But this time, his tour in Chiapas has been aborted because he has missed a plane. When ca wants to not!

Results of the first round in June.

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The author of this article I had asked for the broadcast, I am running with pleasure. Reserved to persons conernees who read this blog.

¿Eliminar the Secretaría de Turismo in Oaxaca?

The lista de personas that creyeron firmemente that al desaparecer the Secretaría de Turismo federal (SECTUR) y añadirla como apendice has the Secretaría de Economía impulsaria el Turismo, es a secreto tan well guardado como the fórmula del cálculo of the Inversión Extranjera in hoteles o in dónde quedó the riqueza of Mexicana de Aviación. A fuerza of tantos desengaños, los mexicanos our such as our &changed unos incredulos sin remedio, y between ellos, los oaxaqueños.

Minimizing del on central del turismo está información asociada has multiple condiciones, Pero is ify como una de las más relevant, the expandability and gestión independiente of los for. El carácter de las Administraciones turismo depends on the very fabric of the productiva y espaã§o e Ideologia; por an overview: in Argentina, por la gran "importancia that tiene el futbol, es el Ministerio de Turismo y offset; in los países asiáticos, Tienen factores overriding cultivation, es Turismo y Cultura, y in los países socialistas, tiende a ser Libre Asociado con la Salud, por las implicaciones that tiene el Turismo interno.

In países más desarrollados, the necesidad of a Ministerio de turismo dedicado ex original plan was not specifically has the actividad no. es socorrida because, como el Turismo es una actividad económica geográficamente localizada, las Administraciones regional se encargan su de promoción formando agrupaciones sociales regional, como los "clusters" in España.

In Mexico, in general, some for Dónde Están maduros como para poder plantear their own de Gestión, Pero muy seria aventurado, afirmar that the gran mayoria-cambio está in esta posición. Oaxaca es uno de los Estados mayores deficiencias con in educación, por lo that the expandability and Visión Estratégica en VIH/SIDA'por an overview in los proyectos de turismo Ecologico, es limitada no sólo por los Recursos humanos, sino por the accesibilidad has diferent Elefteros Tipos of Soluciones.

Plantear minimizing of the Secretaria de Turismo en Mexico EUF una idea that fracasó because los actores that Dónde Están inmersos in the actividad realizaron presiones políticas afirmando the necesidad de Apoyo oficial has esta actividad, sin embargo, también hay that recognizing and appreciating great work desde a punto de vista meramente económico, that the justificación directa of the de utilidad de las in all spheres of las secretarias de Turismo es una labor that no es una ciencia exacta.

El main can happen as para minimizing of the Sectur Oaxaca actual es that only been very helpful the Guelaguetza demasiada carga y es tax. Este es can happen as quite rightly expect, been very helpful if the Sectur tradicionalmente the Guelaguetza y esta es su main acción económica, entonces the Secretaría de es innecesaria, left off existen una multitud in all spheres that deben ser llevadas has cabo por esta union for the esta, ante disyuntiva, existen muchas alternativas that merecen a análisis comments that van, desde educate your a equipo de Administración y una empresa privada however that world conference the Guelaguetza hasta ciudadanizar the actividad y asi eludir that esta fiesta de todos los oaxaqueños se politice, como lo such as our &sufrido hasta ahora.

El intento of sobre desaparición forzada de of the Sectur generó federal a gran cooling circuit pump politico y una crisis of credibilidad in el leadership of las autoridades; opportunity is lo and in Oaxaca tendría como resultado directo a cooling circuit pump in the fuerza of convocatoria politica that tiene el gobernador actual voter. Las razones económicas para fusión of damagingly parecen ser convincentes in papel, Pero el on a las Pymes turisticas, se puede dar desde the very fabric actual y no hay elementos suficientes para made to ensure that these medidas it ... realmente resultarán in de ahorro y Eficiencia y.

Gabino Cue para poder apply torsion, tendrá that choose con sabiduria y tomar varias summary difficult people, in el Turismo, plantea is una ardua reingenieria has the Sectur Oaxaca o su anexión has the Secretaría de Economía, se espera una officially recognized in el sector, if no abiertamente, por lo pronto, hay señales y evidencias of that los turisteros of Oaxaca --como el quesillo-- ya se Dónde Están bolita without any problem.


Maestro in Ciencias de la Administración ITESM 1994. Novembre Senior, Rice Consulting S.A. 2008-has the date.

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Sorry for those who do not practice the language of Cervantes ... For the other, disfruten of the fama del ex-gobernador real oaxaqueño spirit…Ulises Ruiz ... Bueno, eviten of pelearse in esta pagina sobre el lawsuits between Ruiz y the APPO, por favor ...

Videos tu.tv
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