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Narcos, cartels, drugs are the words now in relationship with the evocation of Ciudad Juarez. Small tour of the latest news of the country, so that you are well informed.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Canada does not recommend travel to Ciudad Juarez

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out in his bulletin of advice to travellers that "despite the fact that foreigners have not been the main objective, the March 14, 2010, dos American citizens have been killed by gunfire."

The Canadian authorities recommend today to their nationals to cancel all non-essential travel to destination of Ciudad Juarez, given the growing violence attributed to the drug traffic in this region of Mexico.

This decision of the Canadian authorities to discourage travel to Ciudad Juarez comes two days after that the United States Department have enacted a similar recommendation to its nationals.

Canada is, after the United States, the second largest source of tourists to Mexico. According to the latest elements provided by the Mexican authorities, from January to septiembre 2009, 882,768 Canadian tourists have travelled to Mexico, exceeding 70,000 people the peak reached in the same period in 2008.

Ciudad Juarez - Chihuahua

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The federal government will invest approximately 600 million pesos for the benefit of 424,442 inhabitants of Ciudad Juarez, such as plan of the strategy to combat crime.

José Angel Cordova Villalobos, Secretary of Health, mantionne has also the possibility to invest between 800 and 1,100 million pesos to build a new hospital, yet he has reminded us that this was not provided for in the "Quote" initial.

According to him, 220 million pesos would go to people's relief and 315 other million for physical infrastructure, in more than 34 million pesos devolved to other actions.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The corruption of federal and local officials of the United States assigned to the border with Mexico is "a real threat" to national security, has admitted the government of the United States after door to knowledge the elements according to which several American agencies have been suspected and accused of crimes of trafficking in drugs, smuggling of people, money laundering, conspiracy and collusion with the Mexican cartels of organized crime.

In addition, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) ensures that the Mexican cartels of narco maintain a concerted effort to infiltrate their members in the law enforcement agencies of the United States.

For the single year 2009, there are more than 100 arrests of officials and more than 130 police officers of state and federal involved in illicit activities to the border, according to the report prepared by Kevin L. Perkins, sub-director of the Division of criminal investigations of the FBI, released yesterday by the sub-committee on National Security and Government Affairs of the Senate of the United States.

The report notes that in the last few years, it was noted more than 400 cases of public servants involved in criminal acts on the border between the United States and Mexico, against which the FBI has therefore created the National Team of frontier work against Corruption, which collaborate several people of the various agencies of American security to deal with the phenomenon. It also revealed that "due to the interests at stake so important and to the magnitude of the problem if large, we have deployed some 700 agents in the fight against corruption in all the country", and this group 120 are more particularly assigned to work on the agents of the Mexican border.

Thomas Frost, deputy inspector general of the DHS stated that, for the only fiscal year 2009 have been carried out 839 charges against officers of the dependency, including 576 of the CBOP and 164 of the Office of Migration Services and Duanes (ICE) between other.

Kevin L. Perkins - who released the report of the FBI in the Senate - reported that some cases of public corruption detected have "implications in the national security".

Perkins has thus cited the example of an individual who has managed to make use as border inspector dedicated to drug trafficking. This last has allowed the passage of a ton of marijuana, for which he received a million dollars.

For the single year 2009, the CPB has saved 360 million pedestrian crossings of the border, arrested 556,000 undocumented immigrants , in addition to intercept 5.2 million pounds of illegal drugs.

The elements returned by the officials to legislators show the magnitude of the problem. Barely a person on ten recruited by the Office of Customs Border Protection there are submitting to the lie detector and 60% of them are not able to fill their jobs, said the support assistant to the office of internal affairs of this agency, James Tomsheck during the hearing.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The European Parliament has asked the Mexican Government to redouble its efforts to combat violence and impunity registered in the country, included increase the actions of the side of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and devote themselves with emphasis on human rights.

In a resolution adopted yesterday under the title "escalation of the violence in Mexico", the European chamber has asked that the security of women, particularly, in reference to the feminicides.

Narco-roman, in vogue!

There was the narcocorrido, songs to the glory of the narcos and some finance even their own authors and groups. There is also, and with a marked resurgence the narcoroman or literature of the narco.

Of course, for a population who wakes up each morning with the announcement of more bloody crimes each that the other, of kidnappings, growing insecurity, of growing corruption, the "narco" is between in the Mexican literature in many years ago. But if discreet once (nor a Octavio Paz, nor a Carlos Fuentes would have made their favorite topic of), the "narco" is today the subject which occupies the storefront of booksellers. Juan Villoro, in his essay "The alfombra roja", on the empire of narco-terrorism has thus obtained this year the price of the Journalism King in Spain. And to ensure that "The drug trafficking has won the battles of the culture and of the information in a society which has protected the subject in the denying".

The question that emerges from any ca in fact, it is: "the literature must it be reflection of the reality and if yes, does is converts it not in advocacy of violence and drug trafficking" ? The answers are crucial.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009 2 18 /08 /August /2009 05:42 AM

Chut, but super chut, ok? This remains between us, I am counting on you. So, that is, you remember that, when the press review of my arrival, on 23 July, I have told you that to the Ventanilla, 2 boats containing 7 tons of cocaine had been found. And that on these 7 tonnes, 3 had been recovered, and that the other 4 were in the nature. Ben think therefore that the case has not stopped there.

There are a few days ago, I wanted to send my brother there, live the experience of night of the turtle nesting grounds, and you will remember also that i was clearly not recommended, in me explaining that the narcos dress up as tourists and sought their cargo, the everything in the middle of the ballet of the helicopters of the police who were flying over the corner… You are in has always follow?

Then, new twist tonight! Yesterday, at 2 o'clock in the morning, 18 black vans are entries in the village of Ventanilla and the narcos have penetrated all houses, rather irritated, to find their powder. Of course that they were seen by the police go, let's see! But nobody moved. Are not fools, the cops in here! Know well that the narcos, ca fate usually covered, finally armed to the teeth, what! And the wicked have receivership three persons, and also another one, but who has "resold" all packets found in nature and which has more of fleas, it seems. It smells bad!

Only that is. The hic, the major hic, it is to come! It is that this evening, we were also told that two guys from the village of among us (I have the names, but in fact, I know absolutely not who it is! I swear to you, Mr. the narco wicked, I am not these types, in fact I am not aware of anything…) - these fools without brains - have recovered at sea of packets. For a lot a lot a lot of money. And the major hic, is that it seems that the narcos have their names. And they are searching for in the village! And is going to sleep, thee, when thou know it! Bou /, if they land in the middle of the night, I am a infarct' of spooks, ca that is guaranteed. The first truck black tip which is here, i unsheathed my machete, warn you!

Otherwise, the next door neighbor who does not address me never speak of habit (the wife of an Indian on my chronicle of the other day) arrived today, all smiles, to ask me if I could the troubleshoot of 10,000 pesos (about 600 euros). And that it would make me the next month. To Him, with a smile, explains the truth, to know that I have not 10,000 pesos. There also, the hic, is that there is 6 months, people he had loaned the money, and beat units or misery, it has been burglarized, say so! And he was stolen right smack the 50,000 pesos that it should. Nothing else! And without breaking and entering, theft or lateral, say so! It is crazy hein, the insecurity of this small village of fishermen…

Last new, a house of editions of Oaxaca is interested in my "Tales and new mexicans" but "preferred" that I previously translated in Mexico! Ah the good joke! How am I supposed? So far, i read commonly the mexican, you the translate as laughing, but to be of the Mexican literature in directly, is there a world… Am again trouble , I sense!

In preparation, i simmered the recipe you filmed siouplait of the "Pico de Gallo" (yum), a video bidonnante with an idiot of the Basque Country (I know, I am ashamed!) has tried to make the kayak in front of us yesterday - poor idiot -, and a presentation of the villages of the coast oaxaqueña. Is it not that i you spoiled? Good, I will finish certainly quickly, finally if the small narcos come to me not eat before…

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On Monday 10 August 2009 1 10 /08 /August /2009 06:36 AM

She was known as "the lawyer of narco-traffickers". Raquel Villanueva, Mexican lawyer, had already survived to 4 attacks.

The first was held in May 1998 when a home-made bomb had been launched against his office. And then on 23 March 2000, she was caught in the revolving doors of the Imperial Hotel in Mexico City, after a meeting with a presumed protector of the Cartel of Juarez and he was shot. Always the same year 2000, in the month of August, three men aged 25 to 28 years were entered in his office and he was shot five times. In November 2001, while she was surrounded by bodyguards, "sicarios" had tried to shoot him in Monterrey, as it came out of a meeting with federal judges.

In a recent interview, she stated "It is very clear that I would have had to die, there is 9 years already. Then I believe that God wants to give me a mission, and I will try to the best that i can". An autobiographical book should come out soon at Random House.

She was shot this August 9 to 11h30 (local time) when she was on market purchases of Monterrey, in the company of his daughter, as a teenager. A group of "sicarios" him has inflicted several bursts of large caliber, before that one of them pulled a last time, to ensure his death.

I bow here before the memory of this great lady. Nothing else to say.


Era conocida como "the abogada los narcotraficantes". Raquel Villanueva, abogada mexicana, ya había tried sobrevivido has 4 atentados.

Ella sufrio el primer atentado in mayo 1998 cuando se Lanzoni a aparato explosivo of casera contra fabricacion de despacho', su. Después, el 23 de marzo 2000, las balas de los sicarios the alcanzaron, tras una concluir meeting con el presunto protector del Cartel of Juarez, cuando quedo atrapada in the puerta giratoria del Imperial Hotel in Mexico City. Siempre el and a day, in de Agosto, very hombres de 25 a 28 años, entraron in su de despacho', y the dispararon cinco system sometimes. In de noviembre 2001, has of Hative Besar in los so-called "escoltas, sicarios intentaron matarla in Monterrey cuando ella salia of una meeting con juzgados federal.

In su ultima short interview with him later this week and, adeclaro: "A mi me freezes muy claro that yo debería estar muerta nueve signed hace años. Por eso creo that de Dios tiene a proposito para mi y espero hacer lo is correct". Se preparaba para need sus memorias in libro that seria publicado por the editorial Random House.

EUF asesinada este 9 de Agosto, sobre las 11.30 horas (hora local), cuando se encontraba comprando in el mercado de Monterrey, along con su la fille teenager. A grupo of sicarios the mato has balazos of for coarse focus and calibrated, antes that uno of ellos is agurara su muerte con a tiro de gracia, para asegurarse su muerte.

Aqui, queria darle ultimo titled Homenaje a esta gran mujer. Nada mas that decir.

By Gracianne - Published in: Narcos - Community: The Mexico
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