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Most of the tourists are discovering this neighborhood - always too fast - on the occasion of the visit of the Casa Azul of Frida Kahlo Or of the Trotsky Museum.


Frida Kahlo Museum - Photos custom

coyoacan3 0001

Frida Kahlo Museum

coyoacan4 0001

Frida Kahlo Museum

coyoacan5 0001Frida Kahlo Museum

They forget that prior to becoming a district of the Federal District of Mexico City, Coyoacã¡n was a small village. In fact, the delicious place has been eaten by the megalopolis. However, it has managed to preserve its picturesque charm, and it is difficult, browsing, to remember that it is here in the heart of one of the most major capitals of the world.

coyoacan9 0001

At random from an alley ...

Formerly, a part of the territory that is today 54 square kilometers was "swallowed up" under the lakes Texcoco and Xochimilco. Yet it is only after the conquest hispanic was located the first "town hall" of the capital. Highly cultural district, this is where you will find the famous UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico).

coyoacan8 0001

Colonial Memories ...

Coyoacã¡n, this are especially of charming streets, a beautiful square and alive, a colorful market (each market of Mexico is an adventure in itself, this one is simply magical), and if the Zona Rosa becomes one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city, Coyoacã¡n has been able to retain a charm almost quaint.

coyoacan10 0001

Fruits and colors in explosion

coyoacan7 0001

Producing Piñatas disorganized ...

coyoacan6 0001

Moneyboxes quirky and very ugly when they are reported in France, but very nice in this decor ...

That is where I love to buy stones and pearls to make beautiful jewelry, here also that I love eating in the picturesque market, again that it is a good loiter and get caught by multitudes of odours, by shouting, agitation and oddities such as only Mexico is capable of producing.

coyoacan11 0001

How are we doing to make a phone call, in fact?

Only "hic", for you is make sure to take an official taxi, because the ladybirds certainly have their charm, but are also unpredictable rate level that a lightning storm arising in an azure sky. It happened to me on four different routes to pay four completely different rates. It is a hoot at the beginning, but quickly boring… In any case, for security reasons - they say -, it is better to use official taxis, point.

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In the beginning, all the world thought it ugly. So, remember, the pottery black! And then of a sudden, the designers and other interior architects have begun to blacken the walls, in the shade out, to make of the decors and minimalist ultra shifted, and the Barro negro became " Super trend, my cherieeeeee ". Therefore, if you want to make a gift very "in" to a friend or a branch, offer him therefore the Barro negro.


But in San Bartolo Coyotepec only (at least that you did not like much the friend(e) in question, of course. Which case, what good offer him a gift ? ! ). The village is located just eleven miles from Oaxaca. On the markets of Oaxaca, you will therefore have the embarrassment of the choice. At the beginning, a little cautious, I eventually let convince and charmed by these dark objects and finally quite fascinating.


The manufacturing process is relatively complex and requires 20 to 30 days by object according to its degree of finishing. It is a special clay, dried in the sun for four days. The cooking is in the ovens buried under the earth. It is only with this "barro" very special, in the area, that the cooking process allows the ceramic to obtain this singular color. It useless to try at home, you will never get the same magical result. Theoretically, the " barro negro" cannot receive water, so beware if you purchase a decanter in this matter. On the other hand, it seems that the Mezcal is retained very well (would I have made have ????? )…


Since 1996, the " barro negro" has obtained such a worldwide reputation as a museum is dedicated to him in San Bartolo Coyotepec. Go there to do a tour, it's worth the trip (Gee, that it is funny!


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I am often asked what is the best time to come to Mexico. All, am I tempted to respond. But, of course, a program that will delight the smaller and more major, see the whales and the dolphins, imposed to come in the winter.

Point of frosty and cache-nose, since December in the south of the country is the guarantee of a blue sky without cloud, a nearby river the 27 degrees, and a permanent summer. Soleil, Soleil…

Everywhere, on Puerto Angel and the whole of the Costa Chica" oaxaqueña, you will be prompted to embark on "lanchas" of boats, to go and see the majestic. Of course, for those of you who have already been plagued the budget "holiday" with the plane ticket, you can choose to leave in groups (count in the 300 pesos, about 20 euros approximately per person).


But if you want a ride in the sea, nothing that for you, with personal guide, do not hesitate to stripping the door-currency. It will cost you roughly 1,000 pesos (70 euros) for two. However, it's worth it! Don't forget the "propina" for your chaperones, either the "gratuity", which will oscillate between 100 and 150 pesos (7 and 10 euros) depending on your degree of satisfaction.

We do hand never at sea on an empty stomach, so first of obligations (I know, it is hard! ), take a solid breakfast on the beach.


And then, accept and don the lifejacket (I know who dare refuse because it traces on their tans! Stupidity is unfortunately a quality - hum - widespread), and smudge the exposed parts of sunscreen, ca tape fort!

These obligations are completed, let you simply have to go to the pleasure enormeeeeeee that confers, of a sudden, the emergence of dolphins, graciles and beautiful and a harbinger of the whales. Your guide will lay probably to the water to show off a tortoise, and you get to touch (door-happiness! ), and will scream " Ballenas, ballenas "As soon as the cetaceans will show their round back emerging from the water in a deep blue. A great, great moment of emotion in perspective.






You can also snorkel from the top of a rock, and you obtain a few thrills. Reserve to intrepid, and the good swimmers!


The view from the sea gives his whole perspective to the tropical landscape.

A good compromise both to help the local people (those who you will serve as guides are fishermen and enhance their daily) and you get an unforgettable experience!



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The full name of Taxco is in fact "Taxco Alarcón", a name come from the Nahuatl and which means " Place or is being played on the ball ". Located in the State of Guerrero, Taxco is the capital of the world money. La Plata! Even if for a few years, the operation of the silver ore is no longer also proliferated as it once was.

For these ladies (and gentlemen), you will not know or give of the head: the shops selling jewelry and objects in money are everywhere.


But Taxco, it is also the bagatelle of 17 churches, including the most famous and the oldest, the Marqués Santa Prisca (250 Spring!) was built by Don José in the Borda, originating in Oloron-Sainte -Marie (my city of birth). I had a sacred shock in discovering this, to Taxco! For as much as the man has given his face almost present to the entire city.


The legend tells that in 1751, is in full construction of the "temple", the workers and bricklayers underwent a storm, and that as soon after, when they had knelt to pray, Santa Prisca appeared to them in the heights of the building and its hands, prevented the lightning to destroy the building under construction. A framework, in the church, recalls this legend…

Taxco is a city absolutely charming, predict however the calves in concrete for pounding its sloping streets. But the architectural details, its white color, its support nonchalant to the Hill make it a magical place and very, very romantic. Perso, i had the chance to spend a night of Christmas, on a small terrace in front of Santa Prisca, and I retained the fond memories of one of the most magical nights of my life… and I have also spent a night of first of the year, or it should be fun ballet incessant and, to tell quite noisy of "Ladybug", local taxis.



The backpacker's guide says that "The posada de La Misión de" is not the best of places to stay. I refute their allegations, because if you have a chance to get a room with a view of the city, at nightfall, it is a real enchantment that these fireflies trembling in the darkness.


This striker who do nothing, their piña colada is a true delight.


And always at the time of Christmas, in the evening, the hotel organises the ceremony of the "pinata", with donkey, songs, sweets and liquor fishing for everybody… The kids love it! The major also…

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The Mazateques argue that it never comes to Huaútla without a valid reason. And they are not wrong! Mazatec was overseen by the city of the province of Oaxaca, lost in the mountains, does not appear a priori as the first of the tourist destinations. On the other hand, it is a place known for decades by the amateurs of mystical adventures, or even esoteric. I have not waived the rule, because by going there, I was looking for to feed into a book on the great chamame" Maria Sabina".

huautla6At the beginning, a few cactus, play the intrepid .... but that is before the mountains!



And then, surreptitiously, the landscape changes, and the "hairstyles of witch" font their emergence


Up to outright give her atmosphere disturbing the landscape ...


The country of hallucinogenic mushrooms, the scenery is guaranteed. Perso, i felt too: too big, too blond, too white… In spite of this, the experience was worth it. The people are charming past the initial fear that their deals your appearance of Europeans. Poverty is certainly impressive, and don't forget to bring with you a few fruits to offer the children (offer them to their mothers, that they don't think that you want to difficulty in their offspring) or a few sweets. But you are here in the heart of the real Mexico, far from the hotels sanitized in Cancún or Acapulco.

On the market, you can buy spark plugs (velas), of the copal (incense), and meet the "curanderos", animal handlers, to all the corners of streets. Of course, you will be prompted to buy a "guajolote", a turkey, but I doubt that the Mexican customs appreciates the initiative, so kindly refuse.

On the other hand, treat yourself to the " huipils", blouses embroidered by hand by the lovable zombified granny hurling undead (which are all barefoot), for the modest sum of 100 pesos (7 euros). The reverse of your huipil will show the intertwinements of colored wires which are in themselves an aesthetic adventure… Avoid however of the bear in front of the premises, you could be shocking, and the whole world isn't called Maria Sabina…



Huautla of Jimenez, city of the end of the world ...
huautla1.jpgBut always the colors so vivid, and cheerful, the church orange and blue, it is something!

It is the pleasure? Who was Maria Sabina? An old woman, well known to the world, also known in the province of Oaxaca that can the be Frida Kahlo. In fact, everywhere you find t-shirts in his likeness, and if you slap a, you'll often accosted by indigenous curious, who will ask if you know the…

Photo of Adalberto Arroya De La


Photo of Maria Sabina, extracted from the book "La otra vida of Maria Sabina" of Juan Garcia Carrera

This woman, to the turbulent life (to when a movie?) was treating thanks to the magic mushrooms (well before this becomes a mode and a drug!) and obtained incredible results which did his reputation. He claims that some rock singers treeees famous came up to Huaútla to be cared for by it. But chuuut, i said no, you will wait until I've finished my book on the subject to learn more, not but! He claims that the chamame donna to Huaútla his international renown and permit that is emerging the modern city. Finally, by modern, I leave you to give you an account, but this is not quite ca…

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