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Monday, 6 August 2012 1 06 /08 /August /2012 09:42 AM

I announced in this blog: Chavela Vargas was very tired in recent times. She died and today his body will be led to the Garibaldi Square of DF (or sing the mariachis) prior to receiving a tribute at the Palais des Beaux-Arts . Other details to come, while crying is another star mexican (d'adoption) ...


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Saturday, July 14, 2012 6 14 /07 /Jul /2012 3:50 PM


A long plane trip, a time zone offset weighing, of the press conferences shackled and one hour of concert in the company of Martirio and Miguel Poveda, and as a tribute to the poet Federico García Lorca, that will have exhausted the singer Chavela Vargas, a true living legend, barely arrival in Madrid this week.

But most importantly, it will have paid dearly for the weight of years, since the native of Costa Rica then nationalized Mexican, girlfriend of Frida Kahlo and hundreds of other "stars" whose Joaquin Sabina, cumulative the bagatelle of 93 spring. According to the Efe Agency, she is aware and is in good shape, but the doctors have wishes to make a general control of the state of his health. Especially the two nurses who accompany him permanently in all its movements, and his close associates have expressed concern about its persistent fatigue and have preferred the hospitalization at the Clinic of the Princesa in Madrid.

The legendary performer of the song 'La Llorona" was no longer come in Spain for seven years, and it was hoped this week that she presented in the company of the author Maria Cortina (writer and journalist, author of a first book in the form of interview of Chavela Vargas) the book: " I need two lives. The truths of Chavela ". That which has been nicknamed the "The chamana" (The chamame) suffers from a great fatigue certainly but also of tachycardia, which can worry about more.

Of his true name, Isabel Vargas Lizano is born the April 17, 1919 in San Joaquin de Flores in Costa Rica. Arrival in Mexico at the age of 17 years, it has long been a singer of streets, before being marked by José Alfredo Jiménez, singer and composer (who has signed most of its major success then) and to obtain the Mexican nationality. In 2009, it has obtained the price highly distinctive of a citizen of honor of the city of Mexico City.

What is holding to it immediately? His raspy voice, grave, and the register of its interpretations, result the pawn in areas traditionally reserved for men. It was first sung "rancheras with ", dressed as a man, do not hesitate to drink and to smoke a lot, at a time and in a country where such behavior offended him yet. The great French public noticed, singing "The Llorona" in the film "Frida" by Julia Taymor. Its daring innovations have made the girlfriend inescapable in the no less expansive Frida Kahlo, of course…

She currently lives in Tepoztlán, in the State of Morelos, near the "Cerro del Tepozteco" to which she entrusted talk each morning… In the hope that the Aztec gods and Náhuatl would listen to his pleas and ours that their are imploring the keep still long in life and in good health… That te va ya well, Chavela!

Excerpt from the film "Frida" by Julia Taymor, or Chavela Vargas interprets the Llorona

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Wednesday, may 16, 2012 3 16 /05 /May /2012 8:35 PM


Everything that you need to know around the disappearance of Carlos Fuentes to shine in your worldly evenings or to deepen your personal knowledge (the excellent readers of this blog are necessarily in the second category, is it not ? ).

This morning, at 10h, local time, a mass was celebrated at the home of the writer, with family and friends. Toward 10:30, the procession has taken the direction of the Palais de Bellas Artes.

It is under the applause that the body of Carlos Fuentes has made its entry in the palais des Bellas Artes of DF, in the presence of the President Felipe Calderon (who had already made a visit of condolence yesterday evening, at the announcement of the death of the writer at his home) and the mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard. Saizar Consuelo, president of the National Council for Culture and the Arts, has spoken of a "Titanic" opens ". The Mexican flag has been removed on the coffin of the writer. This is the "Sarabande" by Jean Sebastien Bach which has accompanied the end of the ceremony.

The Mexican Senate has observed a minute of silence in honor of Carlos Fuentes, and has announced its wish that the name of Carlos Fuentes in letters of gold is affixed to one of the walls of the Senate.

The whole of the Spanish media has made a heartfelt tribute to the "thinker" mexican.

The Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa ensures that "Carlos Fuentes will still read for a long time" while displaying a deep sadness.

The discussion forums on the Internet in Mexico rave reviews" will be "as its opens the more masterful.

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Wednesday, may 16, 2012 3 16 /05 /May /2012 10:51 AM


There are two days, the rumour that Gabonese Re (Gabriel Garcia Marquez) had died had put me the chip to the ear. Rumour shortly after contradicted, but I had thought once more, some had probably confused the two major of latin literature. This morning, the new has fallen, more than official: this is Carlos Fuentes who, at age 83, has left us.

In his home in the colonia San Jerónimo Lidice, south of the DF Mexico City, will succeed visits of policies and cultural luminaries, received by his widow Silvia Lemus. As well, it has been cross Ramón Xirau, Vicente Rojo, Ignacio dirty, Hernán Lara Zavala, Federico Reyes Heroles or Fernando Solana and Pilar del Rio (which was the roommate of José Saramago).

Ignacio Solares, the writer, has described the death of Carlos Fuentes of 'loss of the best novelist in the history of the Mexican literature ".

At the very least, the most verbose… Vargas Lllosa, another legend of the latin literature, spoke of a "be universal. ". And tributes the more famous are constantly raining.

After the vigil throughout the night, the body of the writer should be received at the Palacio de Bellas Artes or he will receive a tribute of the Mexican nation. Before the funeral more respondents.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012 7 25 /03 /March /2012 5:20 PM


This is a book of Anna Lanyon published by Payot and entitled "The Indian Malinche", sub-title "The other conquest of Mexico" which has made me discover this character, yet o how important of Mexican history. The Malinche was the translator and mistress of Hernan Cortes, which it seems that she gave even a son. Regarded as a traitor in the country, it is yet to way you look at it, the mother of the first Mexican current. As always in this country, the ambiguity prevails on the reason. It is a little the same report that which binds the Mexicans to religion: between Catholicism and pagan rites, or Amerindians, it comes to "go". Mexico, Kingdom of the doing and the compromise. To the Malinche, however, the thing is more complex. Today to the "malinchista" has nothing of a eulogy, it is rather the worst of insults, or how to be treaty of traitor to the nation, non-Mexican under influence of foreigners, the air of nothing. However, some people call the Malinche of shadow to the table, or "El personaje ausente siempre presented", WHICH says it all really: the absent always present.


Rapid Return on the life of the Malinche and what we know. Welcome to the passage the excellent work of Anna Lanyon who did not hesitate to wet the shirt, as they say, and surveyed the major country on the traces of the "traitor". Literary Point of view, Carlos Fuentes has also made a character in a novel, is fun to invent the imaginary dialog between the son "recognized" of Cortés and the do of its union with the Malinche. Of the half-brothers in the leagues of thought. Laura Esquivel (that I love in addition, the author of "Como agua para chocolate") has also made a book. It is say if the subject inspired the writers.

It is believed that the Malinche is born around the year 1500. Born on the side of the isthmus of Tehuantepec, may be well to Painala to eight leagues from Coatzacoalcos or Jaltipàn, it seems to have been sold to Maya. She apparently spoke the Maya, but also the Nahuatl, the famous idiom of the Aztecs.

Of the Malinche, there is little "portraits". Those who have painted are named Diego Rivera or Orozco, of famous artists from the country that have drawn such that they imagined it, and certainly far from being what it was, really. The actual information we have concerning the come of a recurring character in the story cutscenes of the conquest of Mexico, Bernal Diaz del Castillo.

Bernal Diaz is present when, in 1519, the Maya give the Malinche to Hernan Cortes. They are then to Potonchàn (and not Putunchan as the write Cortes by mistake), in the Yucatán peninsula . It seems that the Malinche has told him that she had been abducted very young of Jaltipàn by men of Xicalango, a huge desk to the side of Mexico at the time.


To Bernal Diaz, it is nicknamed Doña Marina, because it is the name of baptism that was given to him the March 15, 1519 when it is "offered" to Cortes, in the company of a score of other women and a loot fact of indian masks and jewelry of value. To this day, Bernal Diaz remembers that "Doña Marina tapeworm mucho ser", to know a lot of presence. Cortes the donna, always according to Bernal Diaz, a close friend, Hernando Alonso Puertocarrero, "A very large gentleman and a cousin of the county of Medellín". On Palm Sunday of this year 1519, everybody takes the sea to move to the land of "Colua-Mexico" or "Culua-Mexica ", the Aztec.

In April 1519, Malinche thus happens in the present Veracruz. The concern is that the interpreter of then of Hernan Cortes, Geronimo de Aguilar, does not include a word of Nahuatl, which poses a problem therefore at the conquistador. We are told that it is at this time that we heard the Malinche speak in Nahuatl with indigenous women in the process of crushing of the but. When the emissaries of Moctezuma arrived to discuss, Aguilar understood nothing of what they were saying, but on the other hand, the Malinche hearkened and pointa finger pointing in the direction of Cortes. Bernal Diaz insisted on the crucial role of the young woman: "I have held to dwell on this point, because without the aid of Doña Marina we would not have been able to understand the language of the Anglo-america and of Mexico."Weapons of a translator, the conquistadors can start the real conquest of the country.


Imagine for a moment the translation services available to the great men of the time. Moctezuma spoke in nahuatl to Malinche which the reflected in maya to Aguilar, who, himself, was transformed into the maya in Spanish for Cortes.

Consider also that the women, at the time, did not have the right to speak in the "large public demonstrations", and that the emissaries of Moctezuma had to be particularly shocked to see the role given to a woman, one of the their who is more.

Here appears the whole intelligence likely of the Malinche. Knowing his fate now inevitably linked to that of his leader, Cortes, he had to find a means other than sexual to ensure its survival. With the language, it was done.

As Cortes will move forward to Tenochtitlán, the capital city Aztec developed as from current (Mexico City), the Malinche will be his voice, the one that will translate its many speeches. For better or worse. Sacred destiny of woman however.


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