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Necessarily, this boutique located at Mazunte has become "my" reference beauty on the Costa Chica. Already because it is there, and only there, that I found a "repelente", repel mosquitoes, natural and effective. I tested all the inventions french, sold very expensive in the pharmacies, the bracelets, the products "special tropics", but nothing is done. There is that the "repelente" of Mazunte, to the delicious smell of lemongrass, which seems to be effective to keep away the tough mexican mosquito.


This is not all: here the shampoos and the after-shampoo, concocted by the indigenous (that you will see work in the back of the store), natural, without dangerous chemicals for health, and which are the only ones to restore some semblance of lustre to my poor hair loops after a few weeks spent on the Pacific.


The natural products used are, among others: of the avocado oil, soya oil, the oil of sesame seeds, in the refined oil from maize, coconut oil, beeswax , aloe vera and vitamin E.


Soaps, Creams of day, lip balms, oils for the body, shower gels, you'll find it all, and even of the care of a collagen! Of course, these quality products have a price, but you do not get something for nothing. Consider, moreover, that by buying here, you will support a action eco-tourist, and the conversion of native people in the area for a job that respects their region.


I explain: once, to Mazunte, the survival was provided mainly by the killing of turtles. It was not then question of tourism, nor respect for the environment. One day, the government has prevented this massacre, and a fact of Mazunte the place of "preservation" of turtles (including a museum of the tortoise, absolutely fantastic, and that offers of employment to many local). But the natives found themselves faced with enormous problems of economic survival. The initiative of the "natural cosmetic" (through the investment of Body Shop) has allowed to give a job to a lot of inhabitants of Mazunte - some 15 families, 11 women and 4 men -, without more ashamed of their activity, and on the contrary, by removing a lot of pride (to reason! ).


The site:


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Let's see, how do I translate the name of this brand in the best way? " The cat at the foot of cloth " ? We are going to say ca. Remember that name, because he is going to do date in the annals of the history of the Mexican footwear.


Resuming the history at the beginning: take a young woman, mid-mexican, who wanted to have nice kicks originals. She went to the women Chamula (not far from San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas) and asked them to embroider his shoes. The result was spectacular: of mundane, its 'tennis' became real works of art, and engendered an request of "girlfriends" near-immediate: "We want the same "!


Then this young woman decided to launch its artisanal undertaking, donna of labor to Chamula (they are 7 stitcher), and soon they croulerent under the requests. At the point of addition of not having a lot of time to respond to an interview. Ursula promised me full info from that she would have five minutes, but you have to believe that she has not found. Then I am doing this article under its control, very distant, in the hope not say of nonsense.



In any case, the important is in the result. Shoes and boots, absolutely brilliant! Each model is unique. And done by hand, in order to combat the standardization imposed by the machines, including in this earth textile by excellence. I look forward to return to Chiapas to me go in to embroider a pair, at all costs! The women, here, are not exploited, nor ill. They do their work with pleasure, and the guarantee that their "art" will be recognized in its own right, without intermediaries who the fly. A great initiative, and which is already emulated since on their site, they can also now discover the creations of the "Gallo", "moccasins flexible" (alpargatas) made by young people from Xalapa-Veracruz .

Note that, if you do not have the opportunity to go up in Chiapas, you will find the "tennis embroidered "the Textile Museum of Oaxaca:

Website address: Http://

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Readers' Mail :

Letter from Anne T. - Montpellier: Dear Gracianne, I just returned from a trip (wonderful) in Mexico. Down there, I was offered a-like temazcal. I thought it was a dish or a drink. Not knowing absolutely not what it was, I refused. Say, I was wrong, you think you are?

spahuatulco1.jpg The The-like temazcal Xquenda of Huatulco

Dear Anne, on this, you have seen nothing come! (Ok, I stopped!) and it is a pity, because you just lack a time delicious, and I weigh my words, both spiritually and physically.

The "-like temazcal" that many associate to wrong to a vague sauna or steam room is in fact a true regenerative time. Ancestral Tradition inherited from the Mexicas hispanic cultures, the -like temazcal has two fundamental virtues: the a Spiritual, SINCE with its form of igloo, done in the rustic, it represents the womb of Mother Earth (Madre Tierra), or the work is among the four elements (earth, fire, water, air) to purify and harmonize our spirit, our body, and our soul. Inside the-like temazcal, we thank Mother Earth for its offerings and is asked to remove everything that prevents us from being happy. Often it is simply in a few words, and the-like temazcal allows us to free us from our internal barriers.

The other virtue is Physiological Since the-like temazcal allows a deep detoxification of the body. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said " Give me a fever, and i can cure any disease ". In fact, it is proved that heat increases the functions of the organs and the immunological system including. The help-like temazcal more particularly to eliminate the uric acid, lactic acid, and balance our Ph, as well as the acid alkaline with our blood. It allows the elimination of heavy metals present in our blood (zinc, mercury, lead, etc), a disease of modern times, and thus avoid to suffer from ailments, such as leukaemia. Acting on the activity of the glands of the body, it regulates the thyroid disorder, the sex hormones, the kidneys, etc… In addition, according to the Oriental, these "glands" are the seat of the soul…

The ceremony itself is in a "purification" prior with the copal (incense) and herbs, as well as prayers, and then it between in the-like temazcal or sweating is fast both the heat is important, as a result of the steam obtained by throwing an infusion of herbs on volcanic stones. It is recommended during the-like temazcal to seek the Mother Earth for it gives us the strength as well as to those we love.

My two favorite-like temazcal:

The One painted by my friend Rafael Ortega to Huatulco, within the Spa Xquenda: Http://


The hotel Mercedes of Palenque, or the Mayan ceremony is very well made (in full tropical jungle). Accuracy: to the output of the-like temazcal, in all cases, you will be made to drink an infusion of herbs, and take a fresh shower to eliminate toxins. IN Palenque, the shower is taken in the open air, it must be said that it is welcome since previously, you were coated with "barro", clay… But if you are stressed out from there, I want to well you offer of "tacos" ! Http://


Then, Anne, always ready to refuse a-like temazcal? You are safe? I am afraid that you are compelled to return very quickly in Mexico of the coup, non?

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The random fact sometimes things properly, especially in this country, I noticed. Real oaxaqueño spirit…during my journey, i've wanted to do the full of Calaveras, katrinas and other skeletons that i liked particularly. In the famous calle 5 de Mayo, i spoke to you I found my happiness… But in a showcase of beautiful tronaient inspired jewelry pre-Hispanic and very axs "Aztec mythology". As each time that I am in this country, I offer myself a gem of value, this time, I am left to try by a very beautiful necklace in silver, with a head of an eagle. It is a little expensive (1,800 pesos) but I have a true stroke of lightning, then so be it. The story could stop there…

The next morning, I go down to breakfast at the Casa Ollin (a Bed and Breakfast, very well, located on the Calle Quintana Roo, 213 - Tel: (951) 514.91.26 - - mail: with the intention of browsing a book of Rufino Tamayo which has drawn me the day before.

In the lounge, i installed, without a next to - according to me - two gringas in train to show jewelry. As i hate the los gringos, i do not even take a look at the jewelry in question. I am absorbed in my reading and the leaves cause after a cold "good morning" of circumstance. Then Jean arrived and said to me: "hey, did you see on the table before thee, is thy clamp ? "… I lifted an eye the "incredible sulk, and here, one of the women said to me: "oh, but your collar, it is of me, you are French? Ca then, me also! ". And we get to cause. She explained to me that it is called Brigitte Huet, lives for 15 years in Oaxaca and is the creator of all these wonderful jewelry. It comes up from time to time in France to see his family, and his dad sick. The coup, it is a true pleasure to talk with her, of his life here, of his creations, and I cannot resist the purchase of 2 additional bushings.

So, really, I have no shares in his workshop, but if you love the jewelry beautiful and originals at a time, do not hesitate to him go command, and go visit his site:


Jewelry Workshop

(951) 521 3100 (Oaxaca)


Web Site: Http://

For your deliveries in France, it is still alright.

Brigitte Huet


The system sometimes, well signed hace la suerte en las cosas. Sobre todo este pais, no es primera vez that se me occurre… Cambia fled in Oaxaca, queria comprarme Calaveras, katrinas, y otros esquelettas that me gustan tan… Pero in una tienda, había tried kbes joyas preciosas, prehispanicas o casi, y muy inspiradas of the mitologia azteca. Como cada vez that vengo in esta tierra, me regalo una Joya, esta vez, decido comprar a collar of La Plata, con una Cabeza de Aguila. A poco caro (1,800 pesos) pero me enamoro cosa, entonces… The historia podría to get itself to pararse aqui…

The mañana, temprano, voy has desayunar in the Casa Ollin (a Bed and Breakfast, muy well ubicado, Calle Quintana Roo, 213 - Tel: (951) 514.91.26 - Http:// - Correo: Con deseo of ver a libro de Rufino Tamayo that había tried visto el dia of antes.

In el salon, me siento, sin una mirada para dos gringas enseñandose joyas. Como Odio has los los gringos, nor pongo una mirada in kbes joyas. Leo y nada mas, después de a frio "good morning". Pero Juan when we arrived it was starting up y me dice: "oye, has visto in the mesa, hay tu collar!" Levanto a ojo, y una de las gringas me dice: "oye, as su collar, lo diseñe yo, eras francesa? Please be assured they were not that, yo tambien!" Y vamos platiquando in frances. Ella se llama Brigitte Huet is deep in the Ciudad de Oaxaca desde 15 años. Sometimes, regresa a Francia para cuidar has su papa enfermo. Es a place talk con Ella, su vida aqui, joyas y sus diseños Creativos, y me compromise dos anillos mas!

Bueno no tengo ninguna commission, Pero if the unas gustan joyas preciosas, aconsejo found esta mujer in su tienda, o por Internet:


Jewelry Workshop

(951) 521 3100 (Oaxaca)


Pagina web: Http://

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