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If you return from Mexico, you will not have been able to escape these beautiful pieces of art and crafts in Barro (earth, clay), colorful, hardly transportable and all the more fascinating of the coup… But in fact, is it "trees of life" or "trees of the dead"? The different opinion on the subject, and I am tempted to reply that the two co-exist in Mexico in the artistic versions all more beautiful than the other.


The tree of life to be recognized by the presence of cherubs or blank (often closest to the fairy of the Virgin in the sense "religious" of the term, according to me). It is the claims inspired of Judaism, representative in its ten branches: the providence, the wisdom, intelligence, the mercy, the force, the beauty, the victory of life over death, eternity, the foundation and the reign.


While on the shaft of death, the "catrinas" or heads of dead are more represented. In both cases, these works of art attract the eye with their colors, and the fineness of the work performed with care, often by the meticulous indigenous. Of course, this is typical at the time of the "dia de los Muertos", you will see exposed the most beautiful trees of "death" Mexicans. Sometimes, on the Zocalo of Mexico City, some towering trees are created, representative between other the iconic characters of the Mexican Revolution, a true feast for the eyes.


On the other hand, traveling friends, forget to bring one home with you, they are really too fragile and impossible to carry without note of the broken to return. It is certainly for this that I have to choose, I prefer to start in a collection of "catrinas" rather than of trees of life/death. Not mad the wasp! Or how you drag in a few lines subtle a gift idea, laughter…

DSC03653Pchiit, that is the fact that the mine, custom, but chuut should not say!

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Certainly, the Mexico makes me crazy, but this is not all: I also love the animals. Then, find the animals in Mexico, that is a "mix" that I am more than happy. This was the case, en route to Taxco, in the State of Morelos, not far from Cuernavaca (salvation Dominique ; -)) when I discovered this "Zoofari" absolutely fantastic. 1200 Animals in any (I do not think I have all crossed) for 50 different species represented.



And a true stroke of lightning for that animal in Central America, the capibara (thank me, I have taken months to find his name, oh you don't cringe on the efforts here! ).


In Mexico, it is called easily the carpincho, chigüire capincho or. It can weigh up to 85 kilos, and loved the water. In fact, it has the feet webbed, and it is quite funny to see do, to dive into the water to cool off, swim, and exit was rolling around in the earth… I had a great time with that one, not outright fierce, and it is true that I have left to regret to go see the lions, tigers and other chaminous somewhat voluminous of the Zoofari.



Of course, the pause is necessary if you have children who will be totally fascinated by the spectacle of these animals in the nature. They will be able to do a joyride, classic pony, or more funny camel-back or elephant. Unforgettable Souvenir, of course, to negotiate against a book of notes flawless!




Some areas have travel on foot, others in car (for obvious security reasons, some chaminous are locked up and held captive, but the glitzy you closely enough to be able to admire without reserve - not of game of password muddy, Hastoy, please! - ). There is also a resto for the hungry timeless (the Timbuktu), and a gift shop.



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Reminiscent of the Zapotec culture, the Alebrijes are representations unreal and magical, reproduced in wood sizes and painted by hand. The word itself would be of origin caló, a dialect… gypsy, and would mean "thing convoluted difficult, of type confused and fantastic". Everything is said!

He claims that a man named Manuel Jimenez in would be the first Mexican craftsman. Originating in San Antonio Arrazola, in the province of Oaxaca, the young man worked to sculpt masks of wood. But a night of drinking (as it seems that he has known very much), he dreamed of magical beings, half bird, half mammals, dogs with from butterfly wings and the horns of Taurus (yes, yes, it was a good, i agree! )…

To his alarm clock, the next day, he decided to represent these forms which he had appeared in his restless night, and obtained very quickly a great reputation, well beyond the borders oaxaqueñas.

The Alebrijes Are sizes in wood of the copal, freshly size, because then it is flexible and malleable while it hardens very quickly as it dries. That is why a Alebrije Must be completed in the week which follows the size of the wood. They are then painted, sometimes with natural colors, sometimes with acrylic paints, and phosphorescent for a magical effect even more supported.

The Alebrijes Can represent of animals, plants, of human beings, but also of mystical beings, come from other worlds, or imaginary beings.

The village lighthouse of these achievements of course remains San Antonio Arrazola, even if you can find on all markets oaxaqueños.


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All an affair of State after this sketch of the clown Platanito (literally "small banana"!) in his television show! The national Pitre has, in effect, chosen as the theme a painful topic in Mexico: a crèche for children who had burned in 2009 in the State of Sonora. Before the fly of green wood harvested, he had to make excuses quasi-national (video above) and his case will be discussed today at the Mexican Chamber of Deputies. A few months of the election, some are beginning to wonder if the Mexican parliamentarians do not have subjects of concern more serious. When you are told that there is no in France ...

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Monday, October 18, 2010 1 18 /10 /Oct /2010 09:19 AM

If los mineros deletions were mexicanos:

Los which read "si después de rescatado hoy por that ayer jugó Mexico City,

Más 1 tuviera 2 mujeres sino es q todos,

Ya hubiera gritado el primero in Salir: "Putoooo el ultimo",

Hoy no iriamos has worked,

Which Read "si después de sobornado has los rescatistas para salir of primero,

Desde el 12 de octubre empezaria el/saharamarathon " Mineros-Reyes",

Los rescatistas ya anduvieran echando cawama,

El IVA al 17% para solventar los Gastos de,

Cada that saliera uno por cápsula lo revisarian para that no is roben the herramienta,

Ya estaria can range a comercial of Tecate "por los that the Gusta penitentiary tomar hasta el fondo ... "

Sandoval Iniguez ya hubiera dicho that seguro its jotos estar por tanto tiempo solos,

The declaración oficial of the RMP seria that se trataba of narcos cavando a narcotunel,

Al 2 esposas LAURA lo estaria esperando pa' decirle !THAT SALGA EL DESGRACIADO!,

The Fenix cápsula tendría el logotipo of Telmex, Maseca, Televisa and TV Azteca, Banamex y Leche Lala,

Cada q saliera uno se escucharia eeeeee ... !!!! PUTO!!!!

Ya habria disco pirata llamado "las favoritas de los mineros"

Lucero estaria llorando en vivo desde la Mina,

In todo Rayarian túnel con cosas como "Pablito was here",

Este halloween todos se disfrazarian to mineros,

El crimen organizado los hubiera sacado antes y los Zetas convertia in.

Has the hora del medico el IMSS checked the hubiera dicho: Usted está well, ya váyase has su casa.

Ya which read "si después de sacado a chiste como "estaba a Chileno, a boliviano y a mexicano in una mina"

Venderian playeras d "Mi Papa estuvo in the mina y solo trajo me esta piedra pinche) - which aims,

Soundtrack of su pelicula out tocando fondo

Al salir los mineros estarian unas edecanes of the corona esperándolos con sus chelas,

Ebrard hubiera cerrado Reforma para recrear una mina conmemorando el rescate,

Los hubiera rescatado el chapulin colorado con pastille chiquitolina has los 33 of a solo jalón,

Pa ahorrar los hubiera rescatado amarrado a topo of a de Mecate which resulted.

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