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It is called Julien Pardinilla, but all the world the apostrophe in saying "Julian". Adopted, as they say, of this small corner of Mexico that is San Agustinillo, on the Costa Chica oaxaqueña. It all began a long time ago, while Jake was in the corner, on holiday, with three buddies. One day, the project crazy has germ in their spirit of adventurers: buy land and build a home for the holidays. And then, Julien who were working in France as consultant engineer has suffered one of the first crises that have affected the France Telecom group (it is known since he was quite correct to steer! ). He had the desire to get into the adventure of "bungalows on the beach", and what better place than where it was in the process of constructing his house?


Since then, " Reparto Sueño and has been running a " Was born, raised, and is one of the prettiest places in this small corner of paradise. You can enjoy all the classic cocktails of Mexico: margarita, pina colada, caipirinha, daikiri, Cuba libre, but especially the specialty of the house: a margarita of mezcal to Tamarindo (a fruit of the region, delicious, and very fine). Side table, local dishes but with the "french touch" given by Julien. As for the "bungalows" and thus he nicknamed cavalierly, that are in fact beautiful "huts" (a term still much too pejorative), flatly asked on the beach, furnished with care in the spirit of the "south Pacific", and highly comfortable. You dream of coconut trees, sandy, of exoticism, expatriation and naps in the hammock lulled by the gentle breeze? You have found your "dream", "a Reparto Sueño and has been running "…



Above all, there is one point that I wish to note here (you know that the side "activist" is never far away from me and that it takes very little for the wake up! ): Jake is part of the French intelligence and good mentality. He did not use his "business" to exploit the Mexicans and mistreat them, or their impose its "superiority". On the contrary, it is perfectly integrated into the Community, is never very far when it comes to give a helping hand to fishermen, invested in the local life, and actively participating in all the manifestations of the place, they are happy or more disturbing. It deserved to be noted, because this is not the same everywhere, I assure you…

Additional evidence of this "integration" perfectly successful: Julien, with his wife Cathy (Mexican), has given the community of San Agustinillo two additional small habitantes, the adorable Mila and Julia.


And, let's be serious two minutes, a guy who has called his dog "Mole" (mexican culinary specialty, recipe under the heading "kitchen" of this blog), may not be inherently bad.

Signed: a nana who called his cat "Zapata" !

Photo Credit: A Reparto Sueño and has been running

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Juan Bom and Laura Cardenas will welcome you in their center EventosLuz In earth Maya, in the Yucatán (Riviera Maya), for a spiritual retreat, a marriage-like temazcal, a Maya, but also to go to the meeting of the benefits offered by the hispanic civilizations. That is what they say to us about them, but also of the prediction of end of the world, or interpreted as such by many. It is in fact" of a end of cycle", nothing more, nothing less not more. For the readers of this blog mexican, i left their text in Spanish. The videos they offer us will show you the ambience of a ceremony of union Maya (to watch with their kind permission at the end of this article).


Be on the path of traditions is a path of learning, of don to the other and of court. And each may enroll in this teaching, that is generational, from father to son, or to follow a tradition.

Estar in El camino de las tradiciones, es a camino de Aprendizaje, Servicio de y corazon.

Y uno siente estar in esta enseñanza, ya sea por generacion of padre has hijo o por una tradicion seguir.

We are careful we supply in a healthy manner for a good balance of the body, of the soul and the spirit. By avoiding the red meat.

Nosotros ponemos de Atencion has los Alimentos of manera sana y balanceada para a buen equilibrio del Cuerpo, nism y espiritu. Evitando the carne roja.

The traditions are important thanks to the teachings of our ancestors, who have always recognized and lived in balance with nature and the gifts of life, as the Mother Earth, water, air and fire . With their wisdom and experience, they have sent us what makes our roots. To get us away from our roots, we lose the harmony and forget our origin first.

Addressing the current problems of our world, these are precisely the traditions that give us of the force. Our ancestors we have offered the purification ceremonies or we reconnectons with our "me" for this extract our own strength.

Las tradiciones its important por las enseñanzas of our antepasados ya that y siempre reconocieron vivieron in equilibrio con la Naturaleza y los dadores de la vida, como the madre tierra, el agua, el aire y el fuego. Ya that ellos con su sabiduria y experiencia our transmitiron across raices, al no estar in contacto con across raices quedamos in desarmonia y olvido of nuestro de origen.

Ante los problemas networks precisamente las tradiciones its las that our dan fuerza ya that our antepasados our brindaron purificacion y ceremonias of reconectarnos con nuestro ser para of ahi tomar nuestra own fuerza.

Finally, we are currently in a process of intense changes, internal as well as external, which in a certain way can represent an evolution either positive or negative. The time came to open her heart and we meet in a large family. We are seeing a lot of change at this time and the Mayan prophecies reveal a deep evolution of consciences, that is all. The prediction of the December 21, 2012 announced a change of cycle. It is time to awaken and to open our courses to walk to another life. On this earth, each can walk to the encounter of his own court.

We definitivamente en Procesos de because intensos tanto como externos internal lasers, that of alguna una manera in this regard evolucion tanto como positiva negativa, es el tiempo of abrir el corazon y unifacarnos in una gran familia, we viendo because many in este tiempo y las profecias revelan a evolucion profunda in the Conciencia volunteers. Es a cambio of ciclo. ES el tiempo of despertar y abrir el corazon caminar para Una nueva vida. In esta tierra uno puede found el reencuantro su own corazon.

Video 1:

Video 2:

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In the South, this is a bit of an insult, when the inhabitants of the DF came ashore on our beaches, as soon as they are treated to "chilangos", as in France, it seems "parigots". And yet, when Caesar has made me discover this song of the group Sorting, i immediately adopted. Then small Mexican breviary:

- In homage to Frida Kahlo, we no longer talk "Estados Unidos" but "Gringolandia' as a Nickname",

- And to talk about the city of Mexico City, it is said "Chilangolandia"

But this song is also very nice, and a beautiful cry love ... A taste as the Corona, without any moderation!

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Saturday, June 9, 2012 6 09 /06 /June /2012 9:10 PM

Of course, this post is going to scream with laughter all my Mexican friends, because this is our song to Mexico, each evening of celebration. The kids love it and the yelp to bottom, and the amused ca wildly of hear me sing with them. Not sure that a lot of "whites" are familiar with it. In any case, it is associated with full of happy memories ... Summer gift that will warm you, that is for sure! Dance now ...

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Thursday, April 19, 2012 4 19 /04 /Avr /2012 1:59 PM

I had planned to make you an article on the "upheavals" current of the Popocatepetl Volcano, the Mexican, which seems to be at to get excited copiously. But that was prior to receive a very friendly message of Dominica, reader of this blog, old and still very current journalist, which in itself has a very very nice blog i recommend you read (if you lose this address, please be aware that it is contained in my links friends, to the right in this blog). In addition, you will learn everything about the whirlpool volcano, with very nice pictures to the key. And the first who dared treat me of productivity will be eradicated in this blog, and toc! It is called just in 'solidarity between journalists exiles", non-but!


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