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Most of the tourists are discovering this neighborhood - always too fast - on the occasion of the visit of the Casa Azul of Frida Kahlo Or of the Trotsky Museum.


Frida Kahlo Museum - Photos custom

coyoacan3 0001

Frida Kahlo Museum

coyoacan4 0001

Frida Kahlo Museum

coyoacan5 0001Frida Kahlo Museum

They forget that prior to becoming a district of the Federal District of Mexico City, Coyoacã¡n was a small village. In fact, the delicious place has been eaten by the megalopolis. However, it has managed to preserve its picturesque charm, and it is difficult, browsing, to remember that it is here in the heart of one of the most major capitals of the world.

coyoacan9 0001

At random from an alley ...

Formerly, a part of the territory that is today 54 square kilometers was "swallowed up" under the lakes Texcoco and Xochimilco. Yet it is only after the conquest hispanic was located the first "town hall" of the capital. Highly cultural district, this is where you will find the famous UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico).

coyoacan8 0001

Colonial Memories ...

Coyoacã¡n, this are especially of charming streets, a beautiful square and alive, a colorful market (each market of Mexico is an adventure in itself, this one is simply magical), and if the Zona Rosa becomes one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city, Coyoacã¡n has been able to retain a charm almost quaint.

coyoacan10 0001

Fruits and colors in explosion

coyoacan7 0001

Producing Piñatas disorganized ...

coyoacan6 0001

Moneyboxes quirky and very ugly when they are reported in France, but very nice in this decor ...

That is where I love to buy stones and pearls to make beautiful jewelry, here also that I love eating in the picturesque market, again that it is a good loiter and get caught by multitudes of odours, by shouting, agitation and oddities such as only Mexico is capable of producing.

coyoacan11 0001

How are we doing to make a phone call, in fact?

Only "hic", for you is make sure to take an official taxi, because the ladybirds certainly have their charm, but are also unpredictable rate level that a lightning storm arising in an azure sky. It happened to me on four different routes to pay four completely different rates. It is a hoot at the beginning, but quickly boring… In any case, for security reasons - they say -, it is better to use official taxis, point.

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In the beginning, all the world thought it ugly. So, remember, the pottery black! And then of a sudden, the designers and other interior architects have begun to blacken the walls, in the shade out, to make of the decors and minimalist ultra shifted, and the Barro negro became " Super trend, my cherieeeeee ". Therefore, if you want to make a gift very "in" to a friend or a branch, offer him therefore the Barro negro.


But in San Bartolo Coyotepec only (at least that you did not like much the friend(e) in question, of course. Which case, what good offer him a gift ? ! ). The village is located just eleven miles from Oaxaca. On the markets of Oaxaca, you will therefore have the embarrassment of the choice. At the beginning, a little cautious, I eventually let convince and charmed by these dark objects and finally quite fascinating.


The manufacturing process is relatively complex and requires 20 to 30 days by object according to its degree of finishing. It is a special clay, dried in the sun for four days. The cooking is in the ovens buried under the earth. It is only with this "barro" very special, in the area, that the cooking process allows the ceramic to obtain this singular color. It useless to try at home, you will never get the same magical result. Theoretically, the " barro negro" cannot receive water, so beware if you purchase a decanter in this matter. On the other hand, it seems that the Mezcal is retained very well (would I have made have ????? )…


Since 1996, the " barro negro" has obtained such a worldwide reputation as a museum is dedicated to him in San Bartolo Coyotepec. Go there to do a tour, it's worth the trip (Gee, that it is funny!


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Theoretically, the super production will be released on the screens the mexican may 5, 2013. The film is predominantly funded by the government of Puebla who has typed in the funds of the 150ThAnniversary of the eponymous battle. The everything is filmed by the Treeesss Famous Churubusco studios. Nine weeks of filming on place, replenishment of the fighting, extras by hundreds, and almost a year of post-production, that is for the encrypted part. The actors are all very famous in Mexico, and a love story - mandatory! - Will be at the heart of the film. Tadam!


You will say to me: " Ok, very friendly tone info, but they don't care a bit, and then first, what has happened the May 5, 1862 ? " (Yes, because you are scholars, otherwise you do not read this blog, and therefore you know necessarily that the Battle of Puebla took place in 1862! ).


If you've been to Mexico, you will note that all cities have a street called "Calle 5 de mayo". A kind of national pride! And the rest of us, French, when we ask why this date, we chuckled squarely in the face, Mexican side… And for good reason!


For the only time in Mexican history, the army commanded by Ignacio Zaragoza has scuppered a monumental daylights to the French of the Second Empire led by Charles Ferdinand Latrille, during the Second French Intervention in the country. Of course, blah blah blah, it prides itself a lot among the Mexicans, forgetting a very small detail of nothing: it is only after this plucked, the Gauls are income to the attack and have managed to achieve the Second Mexican Empire, but chuuuuttttt, ca must not say, otherwise ca offended!


All of this info, just to advise you to adopt the low-profile, French arrogant, when you talked about the "5 de mayo" in Mexico, and to remain Prostrate among you the May 5, 2013 , history of do not go flout the Mexicans who will go to mass see the film, there is no doubt… but good, for once, when the French are spending money to Mexicans for a film, we will not ignore their and our pleasure! And then I wanted to spread my science a little, once is not custom… (the first unpleasant comment, you are removed from this blog! ).


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The Piñata is a ball made of clay or cardboard, covered with papier mâché and that must be broken, because it contains sweets, fruits, and various sweets. It is suspended by a rope to a beam, then to be broken with a stick. It is the object of all Mexican holidays, birthdays or other celebrations, Christmas, a day nuevo (new year), etc…


The legend says that the Piñata was in fact introduced by the Spanish conquistadors who, as well, evangelised these hostile lands in entertaining fashion. The "spikes" of the Piñata are supposed to represent the seven capital sins and must be broken by the innocent souls (of children), to release the evil, and obtain the gift of the sky (the gifts inside). In fact, the traditional Piñata is round in shape, star, with seven "spikes". But today, there are many other forms, in animals, sheep, horses, dogs, etc…


The Piñata has become famous in the world today, and the United States, in Spain, or even in France, it is an essential part of successful anniversaries. Without that no one in control the history or the past, and retain just the festive aspect.


First Piñata for Alan


Credit for this photo: Ernesto Slim - Diana broke the pinata

In Mexico, while the a breaking the pinata, the singing the next song:

" Dale, dale, dale,

No pierdas el tino

MIDE the distancia

That hay in El camino

Dale, dale, dale,

No pierdas el tino

Because if lo pierdes

El camino Pierdes "

You can listen to it in this video:

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If you return from Mexico, you will not have been able to escape these beautiful pieces of art and crafts in Barro (earth, clay), colorful, hardly transportable and all the more fascinating of the coup… But in fact, is it "trees of life" or "trees of the dead"? The different opinion on the subject, and I am tempted to reply that the two co-exist in Mexico in the artistic versions all more beautiful than the other.


The tree of life to be recognized by the presence of cherubs or blank (often closest to the fairy of the Virgin in the sense "religious" of the term, according to me). It is the claims inspired of Judaism, representative in its ten branches: the providence, the wisdom, intelligence, the mercy, the force, the beauty, the victory of life over death, eternity, the foundation and the reign.


While on the shaft of death, the "catrinas" or heads of dead are more represented. In both cases, these works of art attract the eye with their colors, and the fineness of the work performed with care, often by the meticulous indigenous. Of course, this is typical at the time of the "dia de los Muertos", you will see exposed the most beautiful trees of "death" Mexicans. Sometimes, on the Zocalo of Mexico City, some towering trees are created, representative between other the iconic characters of the Mexican Revolution, a true feast for the eyes.


On the other hand, traveling friends, forget to bring one home with you, they are really too fragile and impossible to carry without note of the broken to return. It is certainly for this that I have to choose, I prefer to start in a collection of "catrinas" rather than of trees of life/death. Not mad the wasp! Or how you drag in a few lines subtle a gift idea, laughter…

DSC03653Pchiit, that is the fact that the mine, custom, but chuut should not say!

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