The American army in 1812

In the release of the conflict in June, 1812 the American army consists of following units:

17 regiments of line

1 regiment of "rifle" (1st rifle)

4 regiments of artillery of which the light artillery regiment

2 light regiments of dragon

6 independent companies to tidy up or mounted to tidy up

Either all in all 27000 theoretical men and in the facts only 12000 are under weapons

One week later 8 regiments of line furthermore were raised to reach a total of 25 regiments

On January 29th, 1813 a prescription allows the levying of 20 additional regiments to obtain the theoretical total of 62674 men but only 31000 will be effectively present.

February 25th, 1813, 10 companies of bovver boots are added.

In February, 1814, 3 regiments of rifle are raised in front of the successes taken away by these men in the fights.

In March 30th, 1814 both regiments of light dragons are mixed in the only one as well as 3 regiments of artillery on foot to train the body of artillery

The regiments of line are increased up to 48 regiments (among which some pulled by the volunteers)

Finally in 1815 the number comes down again in 46 regiments of line

In these units it is advisable to add:

The body of the engineers

The company of the sappers, the minors, the bombers

The body of the pyrotechnicians

The military academy of West Point

Other branches of the American army are:

US marine body (which add up less than 700 men) 3000 men will fight under his uniform during all the war

The sea fencibles which serve aboard ships or in the coastal forts

US NAVY which adds up 6 heavy frigates and 10 ships of diverse sizes (2 corvettes, 2 sloops, 4 schooners, 4 brig is 447 artillery and 5000 men (to compare royal navy align 1078 ships and 151 000 men)

The civil volunteers:

Militias and other volunteers add up 450 000 men (theoretical) three weapons: cavalry, artillery and infantry are represented

Privateers: 517 ships and 2893 artillery



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