#CabernetDay in Panzoult!

Next 30 of August is #CabernetDay! For its third edition, the cellar of Panzoult joined the celebration!

Each year since 3 years, the grape cabernet is celebrated throughout the world, for a whole day. The goal is simple: give the floor to the lovers of the cabernet by allowing them to share on the Internet their passion for this delicious grape variety.

What better way to celebrate this day than to come enjoy 100% Cabernet wines?

Page of the event *CabernetDay to Panzoult

More information here and here.

A reflection about #CabernetDay in Panzoult! »

  1. My favorite was the on 2002 Mondavi. cmeplox and smooth with round tannins and layered Cabernet in the nose .. 2nd was the on 2002 husch Mendocino, also balanced and very smooth, very well made and ripe tasting. 3rd in my opinion was the year inexpensive Bordeaux at Costco, chateau of pit ray, from castillon quotations of Bordeaux .. not heavy drink so easy to drink, and has real claret quality. overall has very good start to Cabernet day. did you know today is also temperanillo day also!!!!!!!!!!!!

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