Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 2 17 / 07 / July / 2012 11:34

" This drawing took me five minutes, but I put sixty years to arrive there. "

Of Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Sacré Renoir, which impressionist, impressive!!!

I return in these stricken parts of the country (my blog yes ...), to show you some drawings realized on the stand of Comicverse, to the last one Japan exhibition / Comic idiot! Yes yes, I was there, thanks to everything those who did not come and even more thanks to all those, numerous who they came, follow my glance! Certainly I would have been able to warn here as well and not as on facebook, not to bang...

I wanted to make a small bill above, well, as I have not too much the time at the moment... What I can say, always very acceuillante team of Comicsverse! A heap of more talented buddies some than the others (saligots hold!), a good atmosphere, many draws drawing!

As we often ask me for Wip (work in progress, for you which follows not at the bottom! " It is what a work in progress Isma? ", euh... Ben it is a current work. A drawing work in progress is a drawing in progress, not yet finalized, it is good?), in here is a very fresh!

Already, thanks to Sebastien for these these photos, you go to be able to have diverse stages of a drawing! Tops hearts, it left, first command, a Beauty queen Hulk;


Charming plan on my attractive wig, we can well notice that I have a hole in the middle of the gallant!!!


Eyes, always acrobatic stage when we draw a feminine face, indeed, 1mm of error can change everything the soft face of the feminine face!


The general shape, the anatomy and the attitude is put, let us cross in accessory digging the character and his personality, here one distort!


It left for another precarious stage, the inking, the pen-brush which I use is completed to return the sweetness of the feminine outlines! But not the right has the error, the accoup and the drawing becomes rough and the sweetness is lost!


Hair... Arf... I would have had to work them more on the outlined, I miss mark, notament the light, which must be totally coherent with the rest of the body, the hash!


Yes, I beat around the bush there, fortunately, there is a gum!


Finally, I attack hair and their material! For a character so physical, this very static pose, it is absolutely necessary to find some sweetness and the movement, and there I say, thank you hair!

555532 10151311399103277 360772190 n

The finalized drawing, with some details moreover, of the transpi, the movement! Voili Voilou for today, I hope that that will have pleased you, bye for now!


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Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 3 13 / 06 / June / 2012 09:16

"The culture does not inherit, it conquers. "

Of André Malraux

Well, a small comment after an absence of two months, a small article on studies of photos of the big Helmut Newton!

One of my big "Dada", when I make a drawing, it is the composition. For those who do not know this term, it is the way we place the diverse elements of an image, to give him sense. Indeed, when I began, I tried especially to have a perfect drawing (as much as I could make him ben on, I am far from being master), then, I realized that what me interessait most was rather to tell things, that the drawing was not secondary but there almost.

Thus I began to me interesser in the photo, as well as in the works of more former illustrations possèdant often axes of compositions classic but solids!

Other one of my "Dada", it is the representation of the human body, its beauty, its ugliness, its drive of life and death. By looking for photos on the "clear", in adequacy with my searches, there is already a few years, I fell on this formidable artist that is Helmut Newton. He especially worked in the nude and the fashion, but with an appropriate imaging has himself, or the women are strong, have of the caractere and or their nudity becomes a weapon. Thus I decided to study in detail his work; his shadows and light, its symbolism, its centrings and finally his compositions. Here are some examples;



What amazes me by seeing these searches, it is that by contenting itself with lines " lights ", to see basic, just by pressing on the contrasts and the compositions, we already obtain a strong atmosphere and especially from the significant. I contented with resuming photos in the line, once again basic and with working on the values!

I am far from having still acquired the totality this talent and this knowledge in my work! Because as us said Malraux in the quotation at the beginning of article, the culture does not inherit, she conquers... And to being able identify the diverse qualities of the work of Newton, is not still enough to apply them correctly to my work... But I me there spider monkey, my friends, me me there spider monkey and I hope to be soon able to make you share all this!

Goodbye for the other adventures and especially more drawings I hope!


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Friday, April 27th, 2012 5 27 / 04 / April / 2012 07:06

" We see that a friend is safe when our situation is not it. "


Here is a 2nd Wonder Woman, a little less muscular, but maybe too soft!



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Thursday, April 26th, 2012 4 26 / 04 / April / 2012 06:59

" It is always necessary to get married to a beautiful woman: you will always find somebody for you to free of it. "

Sacha Guitry

Well, little of fanart, that does not hurt!

A girl Wonder Woman, knowing that I am going to make for it a series of five!





Voili voilou for today!


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Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 7 22 / 04 / April / 2012 13:56


Hello to all!

Yes, I allow to end my small BD, the day of the presidential électiions! Finally, better late than never!

I took advantage of it to make some modifications in pages, I let you gift read all this tranquillou!

















Do not hesitate to express your opinion! You prefer the previous version, or this one, do not hesitate to spit in the soup!


For a simpler and quality reading you can go or here Http: // elodie-dans-metro.webcomics.fr/page/cov er*page ;

Or there Http: // www.manolosanctis.com/fr/bande-dessinee / elodie-dans-le-metro-2-0-5164 ;

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