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March 5th, 2014 3 05 /003 /MMarch /2201417:16
Anne Hidalgo contre Jean-Jacques Bourdin.

We know RMC and especially we know Bourdin, egocentric person and conceited. Thus but was going to make what Anne Hidalgo in this well known and despicable galley of RMC and TV BFM, the information Gutter, consisting in releasing most blunder in the shortest time. It is not a debate of idea, but a competition of sound and very fat farts.

Did we assess years Delanoë / Hidalgo in the city hall of Paris? No. Did we review the program of the socialist candidate in the post very desired of Mayor of the capital? No. Did we try to discern what separates her from Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet's proposals? Of course not.

Opening of Bourdin: "I saw posters caricaturing you in Paris (...). You asked us to remove them?"". We see him the information is considerable, for the Parisian it is a question of life or death, which it is a question. The guy Bourdin can be proud to have raised such an affair, nothing to do with a secret account in (pitiful) Switzerland or confidential recordings of a former president of the Republic (young), or another excessive overcharging to "friends" to liven up the campaign of (self-important) Nicolas Sarkozy.

He follows itself a real hand-to-hand fight to try to solve who had been able to give such an order … Bourdin is proud, he feels that he puts in trouble the PS candidate, we speak about e-mails exchanged on this matter, the survey deepens … we approach the truth. Other guys are on the affair, about which Lab of Europe 1 … the truth must be said … or at least encircled. It frightens …

Like that was not anymore enough, Bourdin starts another hare so monstrous. All this time, those who hoped to be able to get an idea on the bottom of the campaign always get nothing for their trouble there. Madam Hidalgo, is he true, that once elected you go to accumulate your pension with mayor's compensations of the capital? Anguished silence … and very yes, the interested in conformance with its activity to the factory inspectorate where it made a large part of its career is going to affect some public service a pension to the amount of 1 768 euros a month, tax-free. How much Mrs Rocard, Juppé to quote only they touches of pension of the service public as former tax inspector, the former Prime Minister, etc. …

Salaries and Michel Rocard's pensions amount to 16 100 euros rumours a month, without counting the stamps of his conferences.

For Alain Juppé, it represents 15 337 euros crude oil a month, without counting copyright. As for Chirac we are there, quite accumulated in 30 000 euros a month.

Yes this woman, is going to dare to accumulate 1 768 euros of pension with mayor's compensation of Paris which is of 8 684 euros crude oil a month. In brief there is well scandalous material, no, without laughing?

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March 5th, 2014 3 05 /003 /MMarch /2201416:33
L’affaire des enregistrements Buisson.

Discover the natural rudeness of Nicolas Sarkozy when he believes to be able to speak freely about his Secretaries will surprise nobody … As for the capacity of nuisance of his Communications Advisers it is also a well known affair. But the scandal comes because these recordings were made and circulate today, throwing a wide depreciation on Sarkozy and the UMP generally.

It is one good bad deal a stone's throw away from the 1st tour of municipal elections. Especially as hilarious President of the UMP has just taken himself feet in the carpet with the financing of the presidential election campaign, generously granted to a "friendly" agency. The activists UMP who have of to make their pocket to to close the locks in these accounts of campaign rejected by the Constitutional Council, will appreciate.

On the affair of the recordings Bush, of the name of the main councillor of Nicolas Sarkozy, it is doubtless Christiane Taubira, Lord Chancellor who judged the most suited: "it is essential for the company, for the protection of the most vulnerable. Thus, whatever is the sensibility which is for the responsibilities, it is necessary to protect them. And there, obviously, there is a problem of report to institutions, report in the functions, but also report between the people". Adding, "When the citizens hear it, which respect they can have for institutions? And when we do not respect anymore institutions everything collapses

From his/her part the president of the socialist group to the assembly, Bruno Le Roux declared: "it is an infringement on the functioning of the State and the democracy. The president of the Republic was put under surveillance".

Is it necessary to ask for all that for a parliamentary inquiry? He would not be more sensible to leave the UMP and Nicolas Sarkozy manage this affair. Nobody can, at present, go to their help … The damage is terrible for the republic and the parliamentary institutions? Nobody can deny it. The National Front has just gathered in another two points, as predicts him bitterly a hierarch of the UMP? Yes, it is obvious.

The bad knocks left, the depreciation and the total and it is not Alain Juppé, by himself, who could raise the situation, in spite of its talent and its intelligence to get the civil society. Because the judgment was expressed by Julien Dray, socialist vice-president of the region island-de-FFrance is without appeal: "what is interesting in this affair, it is what that reveals of the climate which reigns, which reigned and continues to reign within the right. The right does not stop it settling accounts, making wars of the leaders and not working on the bottom".

For all that the democracy needs at least its two lungs, a right and a left which are in confrontation and discuss project of company against project of company. We are not there anymore, we are not there! As for the left in the power … she signs of an impertinent powerlessness every day which passes …

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March 4th, 2014 2 04 /003 /MMarch /2201415:50
Roger Coggio, entre théâtre et cinéma.

He was born in an Italian family in Lyon, on March 11th, 1934, his ties liked him the body till his end, on October 22nd, 2001 to Bobigny at the age of 67. Italian, inhabitant of Lyon and amateur of soccer, this is the way I knew him in the 1981s. But especially madman, madman of theater, crazy about cinema, desperately turned to a public whom he wanted to make more and more sensitive to the masterful works of the spirit, to the sense where heard him André Malraux, and especially Jean Vilar.

At the exit of the war, it is laborer on construction sites from the age of 14 years. Every moment of freedom, he crosses him at the stage, but also at the cinema. Soccer player or actor, his heart rocks, but it will be an actor, it rises to Paris and knocks in the main entrance: the course Charles Dullin. He will teach it all the tricks of the trade from 1951 till 1953. He is 19 years old, it is Roger Cayatte who reveals him in "Before the deluge". French-Italian movie, which reveals the tensions of the cold war. Five young people, in the widespread panic due to a risk of nuclear war, decide to run away and to take refuge on an island in the depths of the Pacific. Roger Coggio, for his first movie, shares the poster with Bernard Blier, Marina Vlady, among others.

He enchaine in 1955 with Raymond Bernard who adapts Philippe Hériat's novel, "Fruits of the summer", he finds Edwige Feuillère, Pauline Carton and Henri Guisol.1956 there, it is the meeting with Robert Hossein who turns "Forgive our insultswith Marina Vlady, but also Pierre Vaneck, Giani Esposito, Julien Carette, Samy Frey, Roger Dumas, Rosy Varte and Dario Moreno. It is the history of two rival, young bands delinquent against young gypsies!

Then he turns, in 1957, with Léonide Moguy Give "Me my luck, a young woman is discovered in a competition, she leaves her village "to rise" to the city. The distribution is brilliant: Michèle Mercier, Christmas Roquevert, Françoise Brion, Henri Crémieux, Maurice Biraud, Marie-José Nat …

In 23 years he already has beautiful one filmography and especially beautiful meetings. This is when he meets who is going to change the life and especially to give a sense to his love arising from the theater, Jean Vilar welcomes him in the Théâtre National Populaire (TNP) from 1957 till 1960. He encourages him to the direction. Thus he will be of the great adventure of Avignon, we shall say second part.

Vilar created the festival in Avignon in 1947 in the main courtyard of the Popes' Palace. It has been already ten years since joined Jean Vilar: Alain Cuny, Michel Bouquet, Silvia Montfort, Jeanne Moreau, Maria Casarès, Philippe Noiret, Monique Chaumette, Jean Le Poulain, Charles Denner, Georges Wilson and especially … Gérard Philipe, already famous by the cinema, the icon of the French theater, with its roles of Cid and Prince de Hombourg.

By working on the TNP and on the festival of Avignon, Roger Coggio sees increasing in him the idea of the popular theater, which accompany at this moment the youth movements and the laic networks.

So over this period it will play:

  • 1957: Henri IV of Luigi Pirandello, staged Jean Vilar, TNP festival of Avignon
  • 1957: Murder in the cathedral of Thomas Stearns Eliot, staged Jean Vilar, TNP festival of Avignon
  • 1958: Lorenzaccio of Alfred de Musset, staged Gérard Philipe, TNP festival of Avignon
  • 1958: Œdipe of André Gide, staged Jean Vilar, TNP, Festival of Bordeaux, Festival of Avignon
  • 1959: Murder in the cathedral of Thomas Stearns Eliot, staged Jean Vilar, TNP festival of Avignon

Fed of this epic of the theater Roger Coggio puts on stage and plays "the newspaper of a madman" Nicolas Gogol in 1963. The adventure is considerable, it will carry him all its life, he will go round the world with this room. Even today if the fates of my professional life brings me to evoke the name of Coggio, I fall inevitably on the same remark "ah! Yes I saw him in the newspaper of a Madman, it was unforgettable". He will eventually make for it a movie in 1987, the memory of the shooting, the shooting in Coggio, with the respect for the of which I still have labor-union rules, the price lists and

1968, the revolution of May is going full swing and Roger Coggio turns with Orson Wells "An Immortal history" with Jeanne Moreau.

On 1973 it is also the adventure of "Beautiful" of André Delvaux with Danièle Delorme and Jean-Luc Bideau.

He meets Elisabeth Huppert and realizes some big successes popular as "Silence ... we turn (1976) "We can say it without getting angry (1978) "IIt is still far America" (1979).

We are known shortly after in 1981. He had just turned a masterpiece by adapting Molière's work "the deceits of Scapin". In prey, as he has him was all his life, in horrifying debts, he had come look for André Henry's help, for Secretary of the spare time, the councillor of which I was. It is the beginning of a big friendship, having opened him doors, up to there closed, of the television, he obtained some repurchases of rights which gave him the air which he needed.

That is when we created the Friends of the Popular Cinema (ACP) with for objective to screen the big works of the French theatrical directory. Runner of the report that the Anglo-Saxon had known how to make him for their directory. But the ACP, it is also the history of an original method of prefinancing of movies by the public and a moose or of a return towards the spirit of the popular education. But the 80s were not in mind of the 50s. If he was able to turn or make shoot some movies, he took up with financial difficulties. Its inflexible character and its incapacity to work its relations, isolated him little by little from the world of the cinema. He realized or still produced:

  • 1982: The Bourgeois gentleman
  • 1984: Daniel Moosmann's false Confidences
  • 1985: Monsieur de Pourceaugnac de Michel Mitrani
  • 1985: Street of Tony Gatlif's departure
  • 1987: The Newspaper of a madman
  • 1989: The Crazy Day or the marriage of Figaro
  • 1998: I am alive and I love you of Roger Kahane

He settled down in the 1970s to Plessis Luzarches (Val-d'Oise), a house which he acquired to the singer Hugues Auffray situated in the corner, of the street of the City hall and that of the mill. He known her last sentimental great adventure with Fanny Cottençon with which he settles down at the end of the 80s, she shares her passion until coproduce with him her movies about the model of the ATP. She will give him a boy Maxime been born in 1990. The latter since began actor's career, he has 24 the year today, turned in "Section of searches (2013)) for the television, "Host family" (2010) And a television film "As at home" (2010). To the theater, he took up with the loves of his father by playing in "" We do not banter with love " of Alfred de Musset with Annabelle Bril and Ada Grudzinski.

Roger Coggio is caught up by the disease, Fanny Cottençon and their son Maxime accompany him in his last moments.

I shall be lucky enough to see again them last time in November, 2000 to Cabourg, on the occasion of the first European Meeting of the Artists, where I invited him to discuss and to speak about his unique experience in an entitled workshop: "news forms of exercises of artist's job interpreter.

He rests in the small cemetery of the plessis-Luzarches, under a vault of black marble just with in gilded letter his name: Roger Coggio.

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March 3rd, 2014 1 03 /003 /MMarch /2201417:28

There is of the Samuel Beckett in corridors of power … it is not to displease. But if the hour lends itself to the theater, great voices are a little bit absent, one more time the stratosphere of the power entered levitation … we would hear a feather to fall, so much all of them hold your breath. Who will be the elected representative, who will be the elected representatives?

It is not the first time when the rumor of reorganization spreads with so much certainty, already in last November some swore on the soul of their mother that Manuel Valls, Home Secretary, was going to make his entrance to Matignon. We saw what happened there. And as the public opinion is by nature changeable, the 1st of the class has just made way for the chart of the popularity, for Laurent Fabius, which had believed him there is still only a few months?

But municipal elections approaching dangerously corridors of power, it seems good that, from 1st day of April, the President of the Republic will reshape his government, little upstream to the European elections, all the observers of which agree this time to predict a disaster for the PS but also for the UMP, the hour of glory of Marine le Pen could well sound it ominously.

Without wanting to join the monotonous chants of the multiple ones Cassandres which give it themselves wholeheartedly, we can expect a rough surprise … which is going to divert the small microcosm of the politics. Jean-Marc Ayrault did not say his last word … the pretenders being very too numerous, to restore him the hand, is a possibility, to make up a government restricted of fight integrating personalities of the civil society and more particularly the company.

The street of Solférino, already in cabbages for quite a while, will be even more maintained aside. The currents and the sub-current well have only to be held … they will not have their place in this government. He will be ended vice-ministers and diverse Secretaries of State, about whom we cannot say that they shone since June, 2012. The list of these persons of obscure repute is long … they are already forgotten.

This reorganization will not prevent in no way the collapse of the European elections, it will be the first preventive measure. François Hollande prepares this reorganization to face it exactly, without convincing economic results, in six months which will follow, the part of the President risks well to be lost, while the return announced of Nicolas Sarkozy for 2017 is its best asset.

In the meantime, Godot exactly, who will not come to the meeting, the Socialist hierarches of the party can well be bored, they already know that they will not be for the most part of between them for this meeting there. It is necessary to say that they carry collectively a heavy responsibility in the tumble of the executive. Due to playing the bully boys in the court of the government and the waltz of égos, they have in several opportunity to contribute to blur the presidential messages or to confuse Prime Minister.

Because they are beat up in the learned exercises of corridors of the street of Solférino, they believe to represent something and by the same to weigh. They are nevertheless only the mediocre shadows of their games of puppets. They forget that under the Vth Republic, the President of the republic holds its power of the people and he alone.

Thus it is he, in all honesty, at a crossroads of his five-year term that is going to make decisive chois.

En attendant Godot.
En attendant Godot.
En attendant Godot.

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March 3rd, 2014 1 03 /003 /MMarch /2201413:34

Today I wish to present you a site quite recently created and susceptible to be useful for Seniors in their everyday life: "place Of the Seniors".

Indeed, Place of the Seniors has for vocation to put in relation the Seniors which look for and those who offer …

It is a community platform in the form of classified ads exclusively dedicated to seniors; so listing all their clean needs (work, meeting and support, bargains, fit of bad temper, associative need, etc.).

You can so make your search or put down your offer relative to all these categories:

Seniors have finally their own community platform of exchanges.

Within 5 months, the site counts already more than 15 000 subscribers, is so many opportunities to find an answer to your needs.

If you wish to join this growing community of Seniors, do not wait anymore, connect fast on

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March 2nd, 2014 7 02 /003 /MMarch /2201413:43

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March 2nd, 2014 7 02 /003 /MMarch /2201413:18

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March 2nd, 2014 7 02 /003 /MMarch /2201410:25

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March 2nd, 2014 7 02 /003 /MMarch /2201410:01
Le régime des intermittents : tour d’horizon ou comment faire dire n’importe quoi aux chiffres

While the negotiations on the future of the insurance scheme unemployment start again between labor and management, one more time the diet of the occasional ones is indicted, the billion euro figure, as the cost, is put forward by his detractors. It is advisable to re-place correctly the data and the stakes.

Artists or technicians, the entertainment workers are clocked as the "profiteers" of the system, the holders of a particular status of compensation (Annexe VIII for the technicians, the frames and the workers of the live performance and the broadcasting and X for the artists). It is true that for them, the duration of contribution is less long for a period of more important compensation, contrary to the general diet. This granting of "privilege" was thought and granted in conformance with their specific "precariousness" which is characterized by particularly short contracts.

The revenue court (annual public relation on 2012) moved forward a chronic deficit of a billion euros, started again by Medef to justify its requirement to delete the diet of the occasional ones, the proposal at least radical and mindless. This figure is obtained on the report of 254 000 employees benefiting from the system and pay the contribution for 232 million euros, while they are 106 000 to be indemnified for a 1,263 billion euro amount. The subtraction made by the revenue court ends in 1,031 billion euros in 2010.

Well, let us call back that it is a scheme of insurance and solidarity. The employees in unlimited-time Contract (CDI), who are by definition positive, pay for Fixed-term contracts (CDD), temporary employees and occasional, overdrawn.

First question: why do we isolate only the part of the occasional ones? So, if I resume the report of the revenue court, I read it that the heaviest deficit results from fixed-term employees, that is 5,592 billion euros and that of the temporary employees in 1,464 billion euros.

If I travel the picture of the evolution of the deficit of the insurance scheme unemployment since 2009, I notice a stability of the balance of appendices 8 and 10 of the entertainment workers:

-Less 1,022 billion euros in 2008

-Less 1,054 billion euros in 2009

-Less 1,031 billion euros in 2010

-And less 1,011 billion euros in 2011

By comparison that of the CDD passed of - 4, 259 billion euros in 2008 in - 5,592 billion euros in 2011.

He is rather justifiable, in these conditions to wonder about the reasons of this stigmatization of the entertainment workers. It is all the culture which is so taken hostage, by the labor union of the bosses, relieved by certain extreme right-wing and right circles. We could consider disappeared this syndrome since the 80s. He had raged in the 60s and 70, in particular, on the occasion of municipal elections, where the seizure of power by the right was translated by witch-hunts in the cultural associations.

Behind a debate of figure hides an ideological debate, the culture would be of left, a certain right to fight it wants to strike her in its heart, worth knowing the diet of the occasional ones.

But let us pursue this arithmetic … if the abrogation became effective, for all that the employees of the show not disparaitraient not immediately, and thus would come to impact on the general diet.

The managing director of the UNEDIC did his calculations, which we find in the parliamentary report of 2013 on the employment in the artistic sector.

At present the occasional have to pay the contribution 507 hours hard ten months to obtain a compensation over eight months. Other employees have to prove 610 every 28 hours months to reach less long allowances: one day by day worked.

Thus an alignment on the general diet would be opportunity for savings, seemingly. Because, let us pursue the reasoning, the contracts of the show are particularly short (what had justified their particular status). In the general diet, the short contracts are favored with regard to lengths. The amounts of the daily allowance of contracts stemming from the show would pass of 58 euros today in 81 euros. Then the rate of contribution of the occasional ones is upper to that of the other employees today. So, if abrogation there is, the rate would pass then from 10,8 % to 6,4 %.

The amount of the received contributions would pass mechanically from 242 million euros to 143 million euros. (Figure 2011).

It is the UNEDIC to her even who indicates that the abolition of the diet of occasional in 2011 would have entrainé a reduction in 420 million paid services, but at the same time a backward movement of 100 million taken contributions. Thus, in the end, the additional cost is only 320 billion euros! Thus, there is well a specific deficit, but he is three times lesser in reality than that announced by his detractors, including the sacro saint Cour des comptes, which does not know so that it matter

Let us add to it Jean - Patrick Gilles's remark, PS deputy and reporter to the Assembly on the subject, it would be necessary to consider just, count the occasional which would be, as a result, excluded from the general diet, and which would then come to impact on the Active solidarity revenue (RSA).

Here is of the simple report of figures what we can say as for the truth of figures and wonder about the motivations of those who should rather disguise them.

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March 1st, 2014 6 01 /003 /MMarch /2201414:50

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