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It can be considered the production on an individual basis and/or title of associative short films as a response to the word impossible or at the floor fly; expressions heard on the ground trans. The media are disparaged; television in particular. The terms of the narration of the situation of trans' would be reduced to a single story excluding any idea of a community, or to group at least. Some activists and activists are considering in the years 2000 the idea of the autoproduction to the equal of other groups in struggle for equal rights. The mode of expression Do It Yourself (do the thee same) has been a solution and if is formalized in the creation, and the dissemination of audio-visual materials in the form of short films politicized in varying degrees, sometimes with humor, sometimes with derision, sometimes with anger, the ideas and demands and sometimes even of concepts have taken shape.

The association STS67,Without Counterfeit And The Activist group Trans Have thus produced and disseminated through the Internet, the LGBT festivals and cultural festivals in France and abroad.

In 2002, the GAT * plays the finger of God (or the bite to Lacan), document of 13 minutes putting in scene the inconsistency of the speech psychiatric and psychoanalytical. The GAT is defined as informal group and libertarian, alternative, and independent of trans in anger. In collaboration with the sociologist Marie-hélène Bourcier, they place the bar very high according to the expression enshrined and the interpretation of the film is not easy to not freed of these questions.

On his side STS67 film and broadcast its public debates, those to the FNAC of Strasbourg especially. The year 2003 is rich in interventions with filmed in June at the FNAC in Strasbourg, a presentation of the transidentite in general, and with the intervention of Dominica Place of the CARITIG on the transphobie lesbian in the middle; in the month of September, a permanence of STS filmed by Christophe Coupas around the transidentite; on 28 November, conference-debate of Pat Califia in Strasbourg, on the occasion of the publication of the French translation of his book "Sex changes - Transgender politics" (The transgender movement). The second series of autogeneration is placed between 2005 and 2006, with the public debate to the FNAC of Strasbourg, in two parts: presentation of the transidentite in general, and "I am young and transgender - what is to be done", and the debate on the theme: The regular hatred - the transphobie in France, that make ?. At the same time, STS67 interested local media including through France 3 Alsace.

[The three short films of Without Counterfeiting below are a few of the illustrations in these productions. These short films are bound only temporarily to this article in construction.]


* Vincent Hesay, Carine Beef, Maxime Zitouni, Tom Reucher

* On June 13, 2005

* The June 12, 2006

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