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"Transyclopedie: 1000 things to know about transidentites" (15 November 2012)


Arnaud Alessandrino - doctor in sociology. In 2012, it has a thesis on the transidentites entitled "The 'transsexual is contrary" to the fates Trans" at the University Bordeaux Segalen, university in which he has co-hosted for 3 years the "seminar Trans". He led the book " The transidentite: the individual changes to the debate of society" (The Harmattan, 2011) and is about to leave a "Geography of homophobies" (with Yves Raibaud). It is, with Karine Espineira and Maud-oak faggots Thomas to the origin of the O. D. T. (Observatory of Transidentites), interface of expertise Trans.

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Espineira Karine is [coming soon I hope] Phd in information and communication science. In 2008, she published an essay entitled "The Transidentite of the media space to the public space" (The Harmattan). She is co-founder of the association without Counterfeiting (2005). It is also a member of the international coordination of the movement Stop Trans Pathologizacion (STP 2012). She has published in" the topic in the city," international review of biographical research, the therapeutic bumper, speech and limits of a device of legitimization(2011), in the psychiatric review of the Information, Transidentite: of the policy, a cultural metamorphosis between pragmatism and transcendence (2011).

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Maud-YeuseThomas is a researcher in independent socio-anthropology. Co-founder of non-infringement. Producer of a documentary self released, the transparentalite today (52mn, 2007). Main articles: the controversy trans, review Movements (2007), Transsexual Is contrary and psychiatrisation, review H-Madness, (2010); The "disturbed trans" in the Identity ?, review Trickster, no. 9 (2010); of the trans to question knowledge trans, a route, in" the topic in the city" (2010); for a generic framework of the transsexual is contrary, in "The psychiatric Information ", Vol. 87, No. 4 (2011).


With contributions from Maxime Foerster, Bambi ( Marie-Pierre Pruvost), OUTrans, Brigitte Bellebeau, OUTrans, STS, among others.




The Transidentite, of the media space to the public space

Illustration of Maud-Yeuse Thomas

The Harmattan
September, 2008
Author(s) : K. Espineira

It is from the operation of Christine Jorgensen in 1952 in Denmark, that the fact that a man can become a woman, after surgery, between in the spirit of the great public due to its very strong media interest. The analysis of the treatment of the televisual transidentite, regarded as the most singular expression of the identity, is it likely to provide the tools of readings on the construction of standards of kind beyond the transidentite?

Link to the Harmattan

Speech and limits of a device of legitimization

The subject in the quote, "Live in abroad: place movements borders", Christine Delory-Momberger & Jean-Jacques Schaller (eds. ), International Review of biographical research, no. 2, Paris, October 15, 2011, pp. 189-201.


In 1982, Professor René Küss pleaded to the television for a protocol caller to distinguish between "real" and "false" trans': of" real trans' "not causing trouble in the kind; they are given an exceptional aid (the operation) by which - men become women or women who have become men - they are returning to the order of the kind and of the identity. This is one of the first expressions of what we propose to call the "therapeutic bumper ", a formula which would seem to be appropriate to reflect the ambiguity of the position as well defended. The three decades that follow are face the assertions transidentaires and the dominant ideology of the "contractors". Enrolling in the dynamics of Gender Studies, the trans' off protocol undertake a broad movement to claim societal, political and philosophical, while the "contractors" defend their status and expertise of doctors and of "professional,. Device of the legitimization of an old order, the "bumper therapeutic" would it more today for his supporters that the last vestige of an era marked by the erosion of a second bumper, legal it, guaranteeing that the free provision of the civil status remains an exception? On these issues who are questioning deeply the representations that our societies are of themselves, perhaps the time is ripe to release the route traced by research in the social sciences and humanities, by opening it in particular the new paradigms primers by the Studies of kind.


In 1982, Professor René Küss made a televised call for a defined procedure to ads at between "real" and "false" trans people: stating that people who are "real transgender" cause no disorder to the gender order; they can be afforded exceptional assistance (year operation) through which men can become women and women can become men, bringing them into the gender and identity order. This was the one of the first expressions of what we proposed to call the "therapeutic shield", an expression which highlights the ambiguity of the position he defended. During the three following decades we observed a confrontation between the need for self-assertion by those identifying as trans and the dominant ideology of those promoting "treatments". Positioning themselves under the umbrella of the Gender Studies movement, people who are transgender and who are not covered by the therapeutic procedure set up a broad social, political and philosophical protest movement, whereas the "treaters" defended their status and expertise as doctors and "professionals". Is this "therapeutic shield", still used today as a device to legitimize the ancient order, not the last remnant of an era marked by the erosion of a second "legal shield" guaranteeing that free disposal of the civil status remains a unique legal exception? Such issues deeply question the lenses through which our societies director-generalor felt. Peut tea time has come to free up the road show any signs ofarcing by social and human science research in order to allow new paradigms envisioned by Gender Studies to emerge.

Online, HAL - open Archives

A cultural metamorphosis between pragmatism and transcendence

The psychiatric Information Theft. 87, No. 4, Paris, 2011, pp. 245 to 352.


The decree of the franc'ais February 10, 2010 the work of rewriting launched by the DSM and the CIM, transidentitaires questions need to be discussed, apprehended on the theoretical level as well as political. The schism between associations of users, the trans' in request and/or obligation to follow, and the hospital teams specialized in the support for this public, for the case of France especially, has a history intimately linked to a presumed of the social order and its actors in terms of gender in a binary vision of the company. The demand for recognition of knowledge and expertise of the field transidentitaire has encountered, in the early 1980s, the bumper therapeutic , which can be defined as the ultimate argument of the instance forensic in charge of the subject transsexe, separating the other subjects/journeys trans', to put to distance any intervention of the policy, the humanities and the social sciences in what has become a theoretical paradigm: the change of sex is first a cultural change of kind. Finally, the forensic forum strives to ignore its own politicization and militancy. Shared between the will to resist and to participate in face/with a protocol unsuitable, ineffective and culturally obsolete, the field has experienced its own movements are querying, is excitedly on the spirit of the method. The question trans' account now as much of that of political groups. The theorization of the fact trans', finds its legitimacy not to return only on the inequality man/woman, but to fight the same momentum against any form of inequality and stigma. The ground transidentitaire has deeply transformed, the tools to understand as the theoretical paradigm itself, must one thing: evolve.


Trans-identity: fromtheory tb policy.Acultural metamporphosis between pragmatism and transcendence. The French Decree of 10 February 2010 which concerned the work that was started by rewriting the DSM and ICD, from trans-identity must be discussed, dealing with the theoretical as well as the "politics" involved. The schism between associations of users,tea trans in demand and/or monitoring requirement, and hospital teams specialized in the management of the public, in the case of France in particular has a history terms linked to an alleged social order and its players in terms of gender in a binary vision of society. The application for recognition of knowledge, expertise ground trans-identity were confronted, in the early eighties, with Shield therapy, which can be defined as the ultimate argument of the medico-legal proceedings which concerned the subject of the trans-sexual, excluding other topics/trans paths, to render remote any intervention of the political, social sciences and humanities in what has become a theoretical paradigm: sex change is primarily a cultural change of gender. Finally, it is a situation where the medico-legal community attempts to ignore its own politicization and militancy. Split between the will to resist and to participate face/protocol with an inadequate, ineffective and culturally obsolete, the field has produced its own movements calling into question the actual spirit of the method. The trans issue has now as many political groups. Theorizing trans type its legitimacy not only to a return to inequality between men and women, aim also to fight within the same movement with all its forms of inequality and stigma. The field of trans-identity has dramatically changed, the tools for understanding as the theoretical paradigm pesticidal, owes something to this change.


Transidentidad: of the teoría has the politica. Una metamorfosis cultural between pragmatismo y transcendencia. Desde el decreto frances del 10 de febrero 2010 hasta la labor reescritura La Lanzada por el DSM is the CIM, las cuestiones transidentitarias deben discutirse, aprehendidas level teórico tanto como politico. The - fracturing between las asociaciones de Usuarios, los Trans' con asked y/u obligación of resolution, y los equipos hospitalarios expertise in the de atención a este público, el caso de Francia muy particularmente, Tiene una historia intimamente or references a presunto orden de lo social y sus protagonistas in Lake Términos of Género dentro of una visión binaria case study of the sociedad. The asked for reconocimiento of a saber is the of peritajes del Campo transidentitario han chocado ya desde Los primeros gemelos ochenta con el Escudo terapeútico, al that is the puede define como el can happen as final of the instancia medico-legal encargada del tema transexo, apartando reserves the right los temas/itinerarios trans, con el end of rapidly has raya any intervención of lo politico, de las ciencias humanas y sociales in lo that ha bought in from outside a ser a paradigma teórico: el cambio of gender es ante todo a cambio cultural de Género. Por end, the instancia medico-legal is empe˜na in desconocer the y militancia politización. Dividido between the voluntad of resistir y way, frente a/con a protocol inadaptado, ineficaz y culturalmente obsoleto, el colectivo del Área conocido ha sus and movimientos con sus interrogaciones, sus interpelaciones sobre el Espiritu del metodo. The cuestión trans' cuenta desde ya con tantas políticas como Grupos de. The teorización of the realidad trans' encuentra su legitimacy of application transactions no para volver a solo discussing our return on investment the desigualdad hombre/mujer sino para luchar in el and empe˜no con any forma y desigualdad estigmatización. El campo transidentitario se ha transformado hondamente, las herramientas para aprehenderlo tanto como el and paradigma teórico, algo se deben has if their very best, evolucionar.

Online, HAL - Open Archives

"2 Lesbotrans arise of Q", Maud--oak faggots Thomas and Karine Espineira, in Q as Queer, Bourcier Marie-hélène (eds. ), GKC, Lille, 1998, pp. 100-104.

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