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Cynthia and Melissa Arra

The Order of the words


(75 Minutes, french version)

Chronic of
ESPINEIRA Karine for the subject in the city.

A black screen. A voice. The expression "whore of trans !" to conclude these few seconds of total absence of images. Seconds that seem so long, if short. First, let's look at the words of the trans' before we look at their image. The will is displayed, claimed. We will listen before watching.

The Order of words[ 1] of Cynthia Arra and Melissa Arra is a reproduction of 75 minutes, and date of 2007. The film gives voice to six persons trans' [ 2] and intersexe which are expressed not only on their suffering but before any on their positioning in relation to the normation[ 3]. Sometimes in agreement, sometimes in disagreement, because such is the condition of the trans', not to say the human condition simply face to the arbitrary of the symbolic, of our societies binaries, bipolar, making the difference an inequality.

It is form a story combining the known stories trans' such as popularized by forty years of media coverage, and the unknown of their thoughts, those that we do not hear, including the public knows so little, if anything. A floor that is requested, without making a irony free, if it is to express themselves in the followed by therapeutic, because it is surprising that it has taken so long to reach us, whereas the trans' have refined their words and their thoughts of dramatically over the past fifteen years.

From Maud Thomas to Vincent He-Say , there is a generation according to the tic-tac of the biological clock, and a few years of militances, theorizing, of thoughts condensed, worked, appropriate, rendered, developed and translated. A theorising which are not excluded from the other players. Tom Reucher or Carine Beef mix just as subtly personal anecdotes and critical eyes on a situation of exception permitting the exercise of the singularity to the trans'. With Vincent Avrons and Vincent Guillot, a cry quiet, almost calm, on the difficulty and the happiness to be itself in the feeling of love, in the intimate relationship to the body pleasure, to the emotional body, the body pain, that are also the body and the soul intersexe to regard one of them.

The Order of words is made of rare stories, a valuable floor trying to help fill the empty and too-full of words for the A(e)s and other. His party took aesthetics is an opportunity for the words in relation to these images shaping our interpretations, sometimes misused, because sometimes we forget to hear to default to listen to. We have had to wait until two decades for the documentary to make a place to this floor, an objective that the television has not yet been able to achieve.

On the site the subject in the Quote:http://www.lesujetdanslacite.com/ordredesmotschronique.pdf

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1 Bindings words in its English version. The documentary, which is an international career. Movie Blog: http://lordredesmots-le-film.blogspot.com/
2 Trans' to say transidentitaire ; transidentitaire for say transsexe, transgender, or still intergenre agenre.
3 In reference to Michel Foucault, the standard prescribes the difference, and therefore the normal and the abnormal.

Transidentites: subtract the differences in the diagnostic

Online, March 2011: http://www.revue-ganymede.fr/transidentites-2/
Espineira By Karine, Maud-oak faggots Thomas, Alessandrino Arnaud

The documentary "Diagnosing difference", based on an analysis of the issue of diversity that covers the transidentites, of the problem of diagnosis, and of the societal and individual realities resulting.


Saturday, February 11 was broadcast for the first time in France the feature "diagnosing difference" [ 1]. On one hour of testimony, thirteen successive: Susan Stryker, Adela Vazquez… they come back, all in their own way, on the iatrogenic effects of psychiatric categories, on their direct effects on the story tellingdes transidentites and on the modes of recognition they impose. "It does bring me nothing this label" said one of the interviewed; "I cannot call my boss the morning to tell him: "forgiveness boss, I simply will not work today, I have a disorder of the identity of kind… ". Like the story of Valerie Mitteaux ( "my gender is not my type" [ 2] ), the profiles and stories trans' of "diagnosing difference" we seem to both respond to a promise of inclusion around the use of the term 'transidentite" ( "transsexual, trangenre, genderqueer: there is as much of designations that you want to ") and to an upgrade to poorly of the diagnosis "transsexual" as a central element and necessary to subjectivations trans' " Is it that there is a need to improve the diagnosis? The question is: Is that what we need a diagnosis?"; "I will say that I have a identification of kind less frequent, it won't make a me a pathology." As element of classification and recognition, the appellation "transsexual" is then denounced as a taxation maltraitante [ 3] and desubjectivante: "It is too violent for wanting to make people fit into categories pathologisantes"; "I have never had the impression of having a problem. That the company does not have a place for me, that is the source of the problem. "; "The categories of sex and gender are not flexible enough to contain that i am"; "The diagnosis i was stolen my identity".

In a sense Delphyiste we could say that "tell the difference" means to "tell the hierarchy" [ 4]. Thus, by creating a framework out "transsexual", it is established primarily a prioritization between the "trans" and the "cis" [ 5], the non-trans, so that the diagnosis, that is to say, the a posteriori validation of the difference, is carried out to the detriment of the identities of minority genres, immediately flipped on the side of the deviance. The diagnosis requires then "assassins of normality", a procedure of cisexualisation identities of America's "transgender". However, the experiences of genres experienced spill out of the genres assigned and reassigned gender [ 6]. They say today the plurality without promising a standardization. ( …)

The suite onGanymede

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[ 1] I borrowed the formulation of the "diagnosis of the difference" in the story "diagnosing difference" of Annalise Ophelian (2009) of which the sub-title is: "the nature loves diversity, this are the humans who have a problem with ca"

[ 2] Read for example: "My gender is not my kind", Observatory of Transidentites, November 2011, available on:http://observatoire-des-transidentites.over-blog.com

[ 3] SIRONI F. , Psychology(s) of the transgender Summer of transsexuals, Odile Jacob, 2011.

[ 4] DELPHY C. , Classify, dominate, which are the "other" ?, the manufactured, 2008

[ 5] "Cis" means "the same side of ". The "Cisidentite" thus refers to the congruence between the experiences of kind experienced and the assignment of type made at birth. Read to this proposal: Rosso Serano J. ,Whipping girl, a transsexual woman on sexism doesn't and the scapegoating of feminity, Seal edition, 2007

[ 6] Alessandrino A. , Law, psychiatry and body Trans: the triple overflow, in the borders of the kind (eds. ), THE Harmattan, 2012.

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