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It is common to hear about the associations that have shaped the "cradle parisien", in terms of sometimes little praise. Rightly or wrongly, the ASB as the Caritig are views as hegemonic structures who wanted to get the hand on everything. I have known these associations shortly after their foundation and in varying degrees. I was involved at the ASB of the time of Tom Reucher and i hung around with the Caritig on rare occasion of meetings with Armand Hotimsky. My militancy as my entry into the field of research have led me to the observation of deficits on the terrain transidentitaire: history and memory. We find ourselves part of the legacy of the transgender cabaret culture with Bambi and Marie France, as with the needed rehabilitation of Ladybug whose role in the building of networks of between-aid has not been the least. For the history, everyone sees the start still with its own action forgetful sometimes of inheritance or the simple recognition of a aid, with an information or an accompaniment that will have been valuable to a person but as it deems not later than may be in the obsolescence of oblivion. Here is in the form of testimony, a way as another to contribute to mark my gratitude to those who preceded me and who have sent me their knowledge and their energies.


Posters of the Existrans: 2001 to 2003


Martian Chronicles: the Association of the syndrome of Benjamin from day to day


That was the activity with the ASB from 1996 to 1999, to take the one that I have known? We will recount in the form of a modest chronic which will demonstrate that we are far from a model associative hegemonic.

Thursday: telephone support to the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Paris for 14 hours to 18 hours. Note that the gays and lesbians were not always what were the trans, a little as to the Bi elsewhere. We should get a lot of people in questioning, sometimes in a grand idleness hardware and psychological. These people that certain-e-s trans would like to see psychiatriser because they would hurt the other trans integrated and would be "when even well ramshackle". It is to forget that we have received some of them in the same state! But accomplished since, they have forgotten… These "deglinguees" were of people cut off from their families and attached, without jobs and without immediate prospects. We receive also the girlfriends prostitutes, but it was more rare. The ASB had not the reputation of being welcoming to the transgender and prostitutes. Here the tree cover well the forest. A few opinion stigmatizing are managed to hide the friendships that were forged in the respect of the a-e-s and of the other. As thou was beautiful and benevolent Elsa. We cannot forget thee.

Not talking about the theoretical debate that was committed in a total silence to defeat the transsexual is contrary as medical concept. We are condemning already the pyramidal hierarchy between trans. Come-e-s of all horizons, or caller at the other end of the France of girlfriends and friends worried and sometimes frightened of what was happening to them, others are living with HIV, others are considering prostitution to pay for the care and operations. Sometimes landed students or apprentices filmmakers in poorly of topics. Without counting the journalists and the "men" of television. A few trans lover in hunting or on the loose did brief passages. In the bar of the CLG, a girlfriend was sometimes of its own, berating us gays and lesbians in their own premises… It has been catching up to the coup and force they ended up not to be offended.

Saturday: Day pasting stamps with Tom Reucher. We spent the afternoon to open the mail pieces, we distribute the mails and try to respond to the best with what we had as knowledge. I just started my trip, and found myself in comfort and consider the answers to someone like me, like all of us in this room. Heavy and Light Moods succession over the presentations of the projects, of the associative agenda. I remember very well from your faces Thibault, Vincent, Maud, Christelle, Tom and the other which I have sometimes forgotten the name. Forgive me.

Sunday: monthly meeting avenue Daumesnil. Thematic meetings sometimes as the day of the parents, or the annual grand meal. I was amazed to see that the people were crossing the whole of France just to meet other people like them, other trans in sum. Emerging Internet was not yet the multimedia tools and far was the web 2.0 which would forget that it would require a lot of elbow grease and a willingness to organize, to see, meet the space of only a few hours. They landed in Paris to live with other the time of a few hours.

The first was on the ends of twines and more than one would be surprised at the ridiculous budgets with which the machine was running.


Martian Chronicles: out of breath


Posters of the Existrans: 2004 to 2006


Meetings and lobbying: in search of alliances. In the first place, in the center gay and lesbian community itself, of which the president of the time Alexis Meunier was a rare benevolence. The training center volunteers already included the trans. Sometimes we were involved in the editorial office at 3Keller, the magazine of the LMA. Interviews with the socialist Member Patrick Bloch, appointments to the union of the judiciary, travel abroad to meet with the Belgian surgeons, understand their techniques and assess the funding. Other meetings in the hexagon with doctors to train this database that Tom Reucher do garda never for him and many of whose trans have benefited. Appointments with the lawyers and the building of the first channels to bypass the courts and adverse referrals on favorable courts such as that of Chartres at the time or i was the fourth to get his change of civil status without expertise and in less than four months. Yes we intend, as it was rare and difficult. A or A for more than years past was a great victory. No record, no bragging, just the whisper of the relief.

Information and communications: of the identity to the Existrans. Create more than a associative bulletin that was the objective of the identity which I do not know yet how the name came to me. Perhaps the attendance of Maud-Yeuse which theorising from morning to evening, will you know… multiple meetings among Maud with Tom, Vincent, Thibault, Ionna, Myriam, Ripley, and the other. Mac Plus or SE30, on Xpress or Pagemaker, illustrations or full editorial? The identity is not to create a tool of communication and expression, approaching culture from different angles which would include our own visions of the world which ultimately was already "trans".

Participating in the meetings of the organization of the Gay Pride of 1998 on the theme of citizenship (already) we had been to the angels with the project on the little train for the children of lesbian and gay parents, but by the polemic depitees: "a mad "at the head of procession will it harm the words of order? We said that each group had its transvestite, its scapegoats. This we had all the more also been alleged that individuals detained that we are already working with the Zoo of Marie-hélène Bourcier. On its side the finding of our difficulties to exist within the gay and lesbian organizations at the time was driving Tom to the idea of a market that would be our. I worked on the communication aspect of this first Existrans, without participate for health reasons. But I was skeptical and I am not able to follow Tom later, the next too optimistic and not enough strategist. For my part, I was in the context of strengthening our alliances before considering this new form of visibility for the trans. On this point, I was wrong and Tom has done well to persevere and alea jacta is.


Posters of the Existrans 2007 to 2009


My memories are not so romantic. I must disabuse you. There are a lot of darkness in these images, the creepy sometimes, crises of tears and tired to consecutive meetings almost every night of the week. Explain again without ceased our condition, duty also fight on the inside against our own demons. These chronicles are the memories of a difficult work that is lacking in the memory trans which has still not of common history. Each group seems to have any invented as each trans replayed the gender change as a first and only time. The ASB, the Caritig and the PASTT have been animated by the pioneers who themselves have inherited has various degrees of the sociality outcome of the transgender cabaret (here it owes much to Ladybug), of the between-aid of prostitutes, acquired the previous associations of Marie Andre to Ladybug in passing by Marie-Ange attic. The trans no longer come alone in the world for a long time. They do not therefore arise in the artichokes in the arid highlands or frozen. The recognition of these achievements participated in me build as trans well before other trans and well after a lot of other. One last thought for the girls of the ABC, movement transvesti then transgender person regardless. They do not declare themselves association as "transgender", they told me yet accepted and collected for the time and say that I am strong enough to go to these associations emerging, down there in Paris. Thank You Gaby, Chantal and all other for giving me protected.

I say that someone in this world has the same for its action in Caritig and I share his joy as its nostalgia. It was not known in our well childish crêpages of updo to what point it was already important simply to exist and to put a not in front of the other.


Espineira Karine


Posters of the Existrans: 2010 to 2012

To be issued to editions of the wings on a tractor:

"Transyclopedie: 1000 things to know about transidentites" (15 November 2012)


Arnaud Alessandrino - doctor in sociology. In 2012, it has a thesis on the transidentites entitled "The 'transsexual is contrary" to the fates Trans" at the University Bordeaux Segalen, university in which he has co-hosted for 3 years the "seminar Trans". He led the book " The transidentite: the individual changes to the debate of society" (The Harmattan, 2011) and is about to leave a "Geography of homophobies" (with Yves Raibaud). It is, with Karine Espineira and Maud-oak faggots Thomas to the origin of the O. D. T. (Observatory of Transidentites), interface of expertise Trans.

-- ---

Espineira Karine is [coming soon I hope] Phd in information and communication science. In 2008, she published an essay entitled "The Transidentite of the media space to the public space" (The Harmattan). She is co-founder of the association without Counterfeiting (2005). It is also a member of the international coordination of the movement Stop Trans Pathologizacion (STP 2012). She has published in" the topic in the city," international review of biographical research, the therapeutic bumper, speech and limits of a device of legitimization(2011), in the psychiatric review of the Information, Transidentite: of the policy, a cultural metamorphosis between pragmatism and transcendence (2011).

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Maud-YeuseThomas is a researcher in independent socio-anthropology. Co-founder of non-infringement. Producer of a documentary self released, the transparentalite today (52mn, 2007). Main articles: the controversy trans, review Movements (2007), Transsexual Is contrary and psychiatrisation, review H-Madness, (2010); The "disturbed trans" in the Identity ?, review Trickster, no. 9 (2010); of the trans to question knowledge trans, a route, in" the topic in the city" (2010); for a generic framework of the transsexual is contrary, in "The psychiatric Information ", Vol. 87, No. 4 (2011).


With contributions from Maxime Foerster, Bambi ( Marie-Pierre Pruvost), OUTrans, Brigitte Bellebeau, OUTrans, STS, among others.




Photo of Naiel Lemoine

Is there a culture or cultures Trans trans? It is suspected as many answers in one direction than the other. Even the concept of "culture" of the groups transidentitaires deserves to be asked. Bypassing what might resemble a pitfall and opt for the concept of subculture[ 1] trans.

Such a journey to the infinitely small, imagine a crossing of the majority culture - or hegemonic within the meaning of Gramsci[ 2] - in a given society, and dives toward the minority cultures themselves crossed, and composed of cultural movements is establishing sometimes as challenge to the hegemonic model. Talk about multiculturalism would be more appropriate? "Disorder in the culture of "writing Stuart Hall which is considering the effects of the multicultural issue as an electroshock ( "disruptive drive," he said) on our understanding of the culture: "The opposition binary outcome of "enlightenment" - the particularism against universalism, the tradition against modernity - produces a certain way of understanding the culture. There is on one side, the distinct cultures, homogeneous, and self-reliant, strongly welded of traditional companies say "[ 3]. He said: "In this anthropological definition, the cultural tradition saturated all communities, subordinating the individuals to a form of life punished collectively. It is opposed, on the other side, to the "culture of modernity", open, rational, universalist, and individualistic. In the latter, the specific cultural ties should be put aside in public life - guaranteed by the neutrality of the State - so that the individual is free to write his own scenario "[ 4]. We can imagine the possible developments if we are interested in the question of the veil in the public space of the institutions ( "neutral") and the public space of free choice (a relative) : "As the said Laclau, "I cannot say a differential identity without the distinguish of a context, and in the process of manufacture of this distinction, I say the context at the same time"[ 5].

When the trans express a desire for integration and to insert or for challenge and claim they claim a context. One of their politicization beyond their condition of life. The subculture trans is left then apprehend taking into account of the evolution of the fact trans with the definitions of identity contextualizations as much as with the emergence and affirmation of a network of associations and activist, a network of mutual or friendliness. The idea that these subcultures trans are intertwined and mingle, are constructed and are instead deconstructing are not without mentioning a dialectic of cultural movements.

In this sense, we also posit that the social and cultural modeling themselves are of consumer products resulting from cuts out and intra-communities. The action or process of making available ( "put to the scope of all") is, to our field, to make it accessible and intelligible the alternative identities - as set of minorities intentionally constructed both by the majority culture (the more shared) that by subcultures. The Cultural Studies allow the analysis of popular culture or the "general public" as "the whole of minorities intentionally constructed through identity assertions, subculturelles or militant "[ 6]. Said and lived as a minority, claimant and creator of subculture, the group remains in transidentitaire does not least part of the popular culture - therefore mediaculture in some way to consider the whole of the associative fabric and activist transidentitaire is communicating.

The first form of acculturation found by us, is that of the evolution of the figure "trans-genre" in the gay and lesbian groups, evolving in partner unacceptable to feasible then acceptable, to glamourise-e and inducted into-e to displays-e as a spouse or joint finally. This evolution reflects less a mode of meeting emotional and sexual that the negotiations between subcultures which intersect and ironwork. Such a interbreeding, we think it is possible that the romantic encounter participated in and the building of the concept activist (designated by the acronym LGBTIQ…) in its cultural dimension. The television series, the talk shows and reality TV, would be the echoes, the witnesses and the stakeholders of these cross-adapt differently. In a paraphrase in part Eric Mace (The imaginary media, 2006), we think of Princess Xena , Absolutely Fabulous, Queer as folk, Ally McBeal DVD., Friends, Sex in the city, The L World, Cold box, The Experts, FBI door disappeared, Gray's Anatomy, Dr House, Nip & Tuck, Dirty sexy money, Ugly Betty, True Blood or even Hit & Miss, in an approach "comprehensive" of these media and not only "denouncing" (and sometimes up to the blindness).

Note that now, in the aftermath of a program on the trans', it is no longer only the trans' which react and speak out on the issue on the social networks and community media but also the communities "allied" (gay, lesbian, bi, anarchists, libertarians, etc. ) and the university engaged in gender studies. All of these alliances "natural" or "cyclical" more or less well (desa- )approved are to give a point of view since they are located, since these subcultures is permeate each other. Posited as an exercise to the subculture that trans is in a minority context LGTIQ…, then there is a great probability that the proponents of this culture to be able to articulate see to practice the culture of "above" and so on up to reach the context of a modern culture, hegemonic. In contrast, it is not obvious that the cultivation of "above" have the will or the capacity to understand the cultures trans. To put it another way, if those-of the-outside we include it is because we let them understand us. In the case of some of the conversations on topics trans, with a language trans and codes of narration trans, the one-of-outside will understand absolutely nothing, even though we're talking about the same language. It will be all the more the feeling of having entered a few points and is not going to be concerned about more than that out of what he has not understood, because he does not know "that he did not understand ".

Jacob Hale[ 7], author of many works to be classified in the Transgender Studies, has asked the rules for the use of those who write about the trans[ 8]. The first points are saying what should be in whole or part a epistemology of studies on the transidentite to outsiders:

1. Dreading your subject with humility: you are not experts on the transsexual, transgender, transsexual is contrary or the trans. The transsexuals, them, the are.

2. Ask your position and the way in which you exercise the power, power that we have not (including the powers of access, the legal power, institutional, material power… ). Ask how this affects what you see and what you say. What is your interest and what is the origin of your interest in this question?

3. Beware of the reproduction of the following elements of speech (that Sandy Stones articulated in "The Empire Strikes Back"[ 9] And reminding us of a speech colonial) : the exotisation ( "fascination with the exotic " ), the refusal of the subjectivity; a lack of access to speech dominant, followed by a rehabilitation of this same speech.

4. Do not erase our votes, while ignoring what we say and write, or by the deformations coarse (as Hausman did at Sandy Stone and Kate Bornstein), for instance by denying our academic references or insistence on the condition of having academic references if we want to be taken seriously.

Open a parenthesis here on the way in which the media, and the university to a certain extent, they touched the ground in the early days of the associative support. The television was looking for ego (of people ready to tell, and even magnet can tell), distinguishing the public associations of the cabaret and of prostitution. Stigma that the trans will reproduce.

The students were on their side in information seekers, wishing to be put in contact with the responsible associative. Their presentation, the more often clumsy ( "union minimum "fun-it) was silent as the reality of their work that the need for a "return". A suspicion" school" came to me quickly: the only choice of the subject (a "good" subject) is sufficient to guarantee "the average" or more[ 10]. On one side the media deal with the field of the typologies already constructed in the light of their specific requests, and of the other students adopt the exercise of style hope surcharge or promising for the more seasoned. "Some came in late in thesis as conquerors on an island to colonize. They came see their future patients consenting" [ 11], remembers MR. -Y. Thomas. Since then, other contacts with students have been held with the creation of the association without Counterfeiting in Marseilles in 2005: in Psychiatry, right, in Anthropology, Art[ 12]. Most were in before a culture of the various epistemologies of feminists that it was question of the kind. Other students are, however, to be very lacking: no note-taking in nearly three hours of maintenance for example, or even request derisory and finally unexplained (the first name of birth of the interviewee) after several hours of labor with regard to transsexual is contrary to law. Such examples were unfortunately the more numerous, and many of the directors of research would be amazed to learn how the "subjects" or "objects" trans have been addressed or treated. There are even "testimony", in a doctoral thesis, a pioneer of the field which has never worked to tel.

Continue with the recommendations of benevolent Jacob Hale:

5. Be careful with our words. They are very often included in the conversations that we have in our communities. We can participate in conversations that overlap within multiple communities, for example, our communities trans, our scholarly communities (both those that are interdisciplinary than those who are disciplinary petty), the feminist communities, the queer communities, communities of color. Be careful with these conversations, their places, and our places within the community structures, structures of power. Otherwise, you do not understand our words.

6. Do we stay only not, do not represent us, we or our speech, such as monolithic or unique. Look carefully at each use of the singular and the plural.

7. Do not blindly quote the "experts" non-transsexuals, for example Harry Benjamin, Robert Stoller, Leslie Lothstein, Janice Raymond, and Virginie-Prince or Marjorie Garber. Apply them the same sense of criticism as to anyone else.

9. When you talk about the speech MTF[ 13], OF phenomena, of experiences, their lives, the subjectivities, of modes of realization, etc, visit the explicit throughout your demonstration. THE indicate one or two times is not sufficient to undermine the whole of paradigms on the issue. Do not dispose of the occasional references to the speech transsexual FtM, of phenomena, of experiences, their lives, the subjectivities, modes of realization, etc, without asking you what is the purpose of these references and whether or not these purposes are legitimate.

10. Please be aware that if you judge us in reference to your political agenda (or your diaries) taken as a measure or standard, in particular without even ask you if your agenda could enter in conflict with our or pass in front of the our, that it is just as legitimate (or illegitimate) for us to use our political agenda as item of measurement allow us to judge your work.

11. Place the emphasis on what watch the transsexual, transgender, transsexual is contrary, you fact to you, and not: what is this you said on the subjects trans?

12. Ask yourself if you can travel in our universe trans. Otherwise, you probably won't enter what we are talking about. Remember that we live most of the time in a world non-transsexual and that as a result, we have probably access to what you are talking about.

13. Do you not imagine that you can write on the certain psychotropic substances of transsexuality, the figure of the transsexual, the speech or positions of the transsexual subjects, without writing about the transgender subjectivities, their lives, the experiences, the modes of realization. Ask yourself what kind of relationship there is between these categorical constructions. That is to say also what are the implications from the point of view of what you write in comparison with that which you wouldn't write not on another subject.

14. Do you not imagine that there is only one certain psychotropic substances of transsexuality, a single digit" of "Transsexual, or a single speech transsexual to any place.

15. If you are dealing with your work closely enough to be in anger, with a detailed critique, don't take it as a rejection, irritability, a delusional disorder or the effects of the poisoning by testosterone. It is a * gift * .

With Jacob Hale we dealt with a certain "intimacy" of groups trans. It is regrettable, however the french side a lack of recognition, when this is not the rejection, of the theory end of the field. Enmity kill and distort the debates and their developments in such a way that the "baby" is immune never when the bath water is changed. The Internet allows the dissemination of knowledge but also knowledge of nicknames. The result is written clumsy or peremptory assertions which will laws. So we are with the confusion such as "sexual identity and the identity of kind it is more of the-same". There is no more to see the denial of critical inputs of feminists and their various epistemologies. It is regrettable and "that is not much to say" sings Mickey 3D (and it is not going to laugh at). You can also read assimilations fast on what would be the trans or non-primary and secondary, or the "evil" that would represent these "militants trans in anger", a phrase in the right line of the philosophy of Colette Chiland and its peers. One should not speak of transphobie not more, etc.

In order to not resemble the heroes of Gustave Flaubert it must engage in the requirement and in excellence. And not such a Bouvard and Pecuchet a cultural cause of disasters by an inability to understand that it cannot be improvised agronomist, sociologist, musician, astronomer, physicist, professor, gymnast, philosopher, cook, mathematician, etc. overnight without learn and understand, and on the only faith to a belief any personal. The cultures trans must not inflict this against what they are fighting.

[ 1] Within the meaning of cultures underground (underground) and non-sub-cultures because the French translation led to a pejorative connotation. See Hervé Glevarec, Eric Macé, Eric Maigret (ed. ), Cultural Studies. Anthology, Armand Colin, et al. " Mediacultures", 2008.

[ 2] The cultural domination of a group or class, and the role played by the daily practices and the collective beliefs in the systems of domination. Read between other texts: "The organization of the school and the culture", in Europe, no. 3, March 1955, translation of Mr. Soriano; "The science and the scientific ideologies", in man and the company, no. 13, July-seven. 1969.

[ 3] Identities and Cultures, policies of Cultural Studies, expanded edition, Paris: editions Amsterdam, 2008, p. 395.

[ 4] Ibidem.

[ 5] Stuart Hall citing Ernesto Laclau: Emancipation(s) Radical Thinkers , verso, 2007.

[ 6] Eric Macé, op. cit. , p. 42. The sociologist returns to the article of Patrick Cute: "Richard Hoggart to Cultural studies', in spirit, March-April, 2002 ; The Guern, Philippe (Dir. ), the Cults media. Culture fan works and cults, pure, 2002.

[ 7] read his biography, [Online], http://www.csun.edu/~hcphi002/

[ 8] They were listed by Sandy Stone, "Suggested Rules for Non-Transsexuals Writing about serviced transsexuals, Transsexuality, Transsexualism, gold Trans ____.", [Online], http://sandystone.com/hale.rules.html (translated from the English by Arnaud Alessandrino).

[ 9] Sandy Stone, "The Empire Strikes Back. A Posttranssexual Manifesto", Body Guards; Routledge 1991.

[ 10] These passages will be sometimes written to the first person because they narrate a personal experience and subjective.

[ 11] comments collected in maintenance. Let us be clear that it has met with many students during its hotlines in the Center Gay and Lesbian Community of Paris in the period 1996-1998 in the framework of the media organized by the ASB. I joined the team in support of this association end of 1996, and myself made the experience of this exercise practice imposes. I had just to put my studies in parentheses at the beginning of the third cycle, but before these students i was constantly reduced to a "state of patient" despite the evidence that I gave to a university culture.

[ 12] These contacts took place either with Maud-Yeuse Thomas, on myself, and sometimes both of us.

[ 13] MTF = Male to Female / ftm = Female to Male.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ----

Text submitted to copyright: excerpt from a publication coming soon.

Cynthia and Melissa Arra

The Order of the words


(75 Minutes, french version)

Chronic of
ESPINEIRA Karine for the subject in the city.

A black screen. A voice. The expression "whore of trans !" to conclude these few seconds of total absence of images. Seconds that seem so long, if short. First, let's look at the words of the trans' before we look at their image. The will is displayed, claimed. We will listen before watching.

The Order of words[ 1] of Cynthia Arra and Melissa Arra is a reproduction of 75 minutes, and date of 2007. The film gives voice to six persons trans' [ 2] and intersexe which are expressed not only on their suffering but before any on their positioning in relation to the normation[ 3]. Sometimes in agreement, sometimes in disagreement, because such is the condition of the trans', not to say the human condition simply face to the arbitrary of the symbolic, of our societies binaries, bipolar, making the difference an inequality.

It is form a story combining the known stories trans' such as popularized by forty years of media coverage, and the unknown of their thoughts, those that we do not hear, including the public knows so little, if anything. A floor that is requested, without making a irony free, if it is to express themselves in the followed by therapeutic, because it is surprising that it has taken so long to reach us, whereas the trans' have refined their words and their thoughts of dramatically over the past fifteen years.

From Maud Thomas to Vincent He-Say , there is a generation according to the tic-tac of the biological clock, and a few years of militances, theorizing, of thoughts condensed, worked, appropriate, rendered, developed and translated. A theorising which are not excluded from the other players. Tom Reucher or Carine Beef mix just as subtly personal anecdotes and critical eyes on a situation of exception permitting the exercise of the singularity to the trans'. With Vincent Avrons and Vincent Guillot, a cry quiet, almost calm, on the difficulty and the happiness to be itself in the feeling of love, in the intimate relationship to the body pleasure, to the emotional body, the body pain, that are also the body and the soul intersexe to regard one of them.

The Order of words is made of rare stories, a valuable floor trying to help fill the empty and too-full of words for the A(e)s and other. His party took aesthetics is an opportunity for the words in relation to these images shaping our interpretations, sometimes misused, because sometimes we forget to hear to default to listen to. We have had to wait until two decades for the documentary to make a place to this floor, an objective that the television has not yet been able to achieve.

On the site the subject in the Quote:http://www.lesujetdanslacite.com/ordredesmotschronique.pdf

-- ----

1 Bindings words in its English version. The documentary, which is an international career. Movie Blog: http://lordredesmots-le-film.blogspot.com/
2 Trans' to say transidentitaire ; transidentitaire for say transsexe, transgender, or still intergenre agenre.
3 In reference to Michel Foucault, the standard prescribes the difference, and therefore the normal and the abnormal.

This article had been attached to the Press release(3 March 2006) of the Existrans coordination at the time, of which Act Up Paris, To protest against the discrimination of which the trans' are the object to the television.Andrea Colliaux and Caphi have subsequently relayed the document on their respective blog.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---

Myriam et les garçons

In 2004 and 2005, different groups of people transgender and transexual who are incorporated or in association with the collective will to impose itself in the public space, to be visible and intelligible, to cause the debate outside the offices of psychiatry. The transsexual is contrary has given rise to television programs throughout the past 20 years, on of written studies that allow scholars to the rationalists to proclaim their experts in this field and to share with us their crisis of certainties. Note that in the absence of social recognition, of the existence of a group Trans', the transphobie does not exist, seems you say. It could not therefore discriminate this(ux) which will(in)t not substance!

Emissions of debate, documentaries or films show the transidentite with more or less of clarity, of pedagogical concern or human; the theme is spectacular in its very nature: a man who became woman or the reverse! This is not trivial as the subject of questioning moral or philosophical, social or religious, psychological or psychiatric to believe the interest of Colette Chiland, Patricia Mercader or Pierre-Henri Castel to cite only them. The transidentite must-it to show up, to explain and legitimize on trays of television or should it be ridiculed on the altar of entertainment?

Transphonies and Transphobie, Mission impossible

We have collected hundreds of prints, of points of view, opinions that make us think that explain the transidentite to the general public in the state of the debate is more or less a mission impossible. Faced with this difficulty, we have observed a militancy of the without-voice, in the first generation (years 80-90) with a few exceptions, which fought against the wall of a policy of the identity the returning always to a "trans-sexualisme". a little as if it was not even necessary to compel a person to put a yellow star, or a pink triangle; it is the victim who is designated, the prisoner who is locked up, the discriminated against which excludes. Has this little game, it is the torturer who won to all shots. The new generation asked: trans' and proud of it and breaks with the gear of the victimization.

The trans' are monsters for some, crazy for other, between these two visions we find all sorts of qualifiers collected on years of "micro sidewalks" on the scene of the real into the emissions of television: the vicious, faggots, the sickies, gay turned back, of encules, of marginal to the marginals themselves, people who suffer from, the excluded, weird people, widgets, of castres, travelos, things, of the contraptions, the phenomena of fair, of human beings in distress, the errors of the nature, of fascinating beings, women ambiguous…

For what should be done to them, a few examples: The awesomeness, the kill, exterminate them, help them, accept them, understand them, integrate them…

These remarks are in no way the fruit of our imaginary but well of a collection of long-term carried out on the yards, the course of school, the academic benchmarks, the administrations, and from a plumber as an engineer, a mistress of maternal as a secretary of the social security, of the father of a family as a single, a lesbian as a heterosexual woman notorious, in the aftermath of a broadcast, to a movie, a documentary. All ages, all socio-professional categories, all sexes and tastes possible emotional for so little words, if suggestive.

But fortunately it must be noted that where some have said "faggots" or "encules", others have spoken" of homosexuals discharged", that where exclaimed 'the accept ", others have noted that "the mainstream." However, it does not prevent someone to believe that the conditions of life have improved for these people, even if the shadow of prostitution or of the aggression still hangs over them. In summary: if one sees the emissions on the transsexual, this can only improve their fate for the few, it is dangerous and ca can create of vocations for the other; a choice, an incredible courage, expressions which mingle with abominations, horror or even full slaughter. But how can we explain the silence, the mutism until without substance?

The transsexual is contrary television: the invention of a transidentite?

From the sample (as specified in Sources), we have identified a number of steps relating to the treatment of the subject said transsexual on the plates of television, of the transidentite in documentaries. How to present and demonstrate a person so-called trans', how to describe and narrate a status of transidentite? What do they say (the persons concerned, friends and families), what do they say (journalists, animators, lawyers, doctors, the man on the street)? The updates in scene do they have the keys of the denotations and connotations that make up the party taken of the understanding and the discharges, of emotional judgment and/or conscience reflexive? How to concludes such an approach known as informative and non-emotional iconographic to raptus? Or is the floor in the image? Sacrilege or voyeurism,violence of images or to the floor? What remains of this narration of the impossible? The silence of the image for the light of the voice, the reflection against the emotion, but is this really what you want? Argue some of these people that we know not where put, no one knows what to do and what to say to them.

Myriam and the boys or how to lay down the trans to the public opprobrium. Any narrative has a scenario, a frame, a wire, a history written in advance in sum. That of this emission resumed the idea of deceit and falsehood. "There's something about Miriam" (2004) of the Sky One string which does not forget is a reality show; a game to the Crying Game will resume the british tabloids.

To clarify, let us imagine a game like Marjolene, a bachelorette tv programs; dredged by six young people, which might prove to be at the end of the game, a man. Because the sparkling Miriam is a young Mexican transsexual pre-op (before operation). The candidates have assigned with success the chain in justice, wanting to prohibit the broadcast of a program the having humiliated according to their lawyers, some will argue even have suffered a serious trauma; in fact they were kissed Miriam.

The synopsis transmit by TF6 is the following: "With Myriam and the boys, TF6 proposed to discover a Bachelorette TV programs; of a new kind. All the ingredients of this program of reality-tv are met: a beautiful home, a beautiful daughter, Myriam, and 6 boys willing to do everything to seduce her. But Myriam has a huge secret that only her suitors unaware: Myriam is a different girl of the other. Myriam is in fact… a man ! ".

The Internet sites resume information as well:

"Myriam and boys" arrived on TF6 with Vincent McDoom ; TF6 launched a program Real Tv which has already been talk of him "Myriam and the boys". a sort of "bachelor transgendered" presented by Vincent Mcdoom from Wednesday, March 8 to 22h20 ; Myriam cache a "detail" ; the emission of reality TV sulfurous Myriam and the boys arrived on TF6 ; this is the Wednesday, March 8 to 22h20 that begins the dissemination of the concept (the original version and not a declination french) this, during six week. This is Vincent Mc Doom who will present each week at the beginning of the program which expects the viewers of TF6 ; released in 2004 on Sky One, in Great Britain, the emission has Breeds not poorly of reactions… all ingredients of Bachelorette TV programs; are there: 6 beautiful boys ready to everything to seduce a pretty girl in a ideal framework ( luxury villa, pool…) during two weeks… The hic: the boys are unaware that Myriam has a detail that usually do not have the demoiselles… ignore all the suitors that Myriam is a man…

A simple search Google© gives an idea of what has already been said on the forums and the jokes that are not mischievous, said it was generally with condescension, are beginning to express themselves. We must not underestimate these nice "jokes" not more than those on the aliens or the women when the border with xenophobia and sexism are so thin… The cinema was the teeth on homosexuals in the fifties, represented in general as psychopaths spineless and murderers. The transidentite knows the same phenomenon despite some films "friendly "…

We know that the verbal and physical violence often find their origin in the representation stigmatizing which inferiorize the other through physical characteristics and moral negative. History is a story full of the Crees and fury to resume Shakespeare, but also full of mistakes. Including the one to accept that a part of the population can discriminate a part of its members for ethnic issues, sexual or expressions of gender identity… The good reasons have never failed, the atrocities inherent non-more…

"Imagine a beautiful Villa and anti-semitic six boys and a girl who has a secret… she is Jewish! Imagine a beautiful Villa and six boys very slightly xenophobic and a beautiful young woman and it is found that his father is black! ": These examples are unpleasant to write. The perspective that such a scenario is possible shiver of disgust and horror at a time. For the people trans', that is the challenge. Be a new time scoffed at and thrown to the public opprobrium.

A fact which has just happened in Portugal:

One case which received media attention was, Brazilian immigrant, a transsexual woman, HIV-positive, toxico-dependent, prostitute and homeless, was found dead on February 22, 2006 at the bottom of a sink full of water, deep of ten meters, in an unfinished building in Porto Portugal's second city. The crime has been admitted by a group of 14 boys minors from 10 to 16 years, most of them part of a host institution for minors, funded by the public system of social protection, but under the responsibility of the Catholic church. As a result of this admission, the details of this terrible act have been discovered. The victim was in a very bad state of health, and was frequently persecuted by the boys, victim of insults and attacks. On 19 February, a group of these boys is between in the unfinished building and abandoned or One case which received media attention was spent the nights, tied him up, was gagged, and has assaulted with an extreme violence to coup of feet, with sticks and stones. The group has also confessed to having introduced the sticks in the anus of one case which received media attention was, which the body showed signs of significant injuries in this part, and the having abandonee in this room. The body also presented to cigarette burns. The 20 and 21 February, they are income to the local and have to practice again the aggression. On the morning of 21 to 22 February, he finally threw the body of one case which received media attention was in the wells in order to try to hide their crimes. The autopsy will determine if at that time the victim was still alive or not. The fact that the body not floating, but was lying at the bottom of the water from the wells seems to indicate that it would be dead by drowning.

In March 2005, this is Nancy, a transsexual woman of 38 years who was found dead was decapitated in Marseille, emasculated and riddled with shots of stabbed with knives. The details of these crimes are so strong that it is difficult to give all the details and the prospect of suffering endured by these people given the nausea

The oppression that the individuals living trans' is the order of the day in a society where exist only two sexes social. The insult is commonplace, yet the gender discrimination has been rejected by the HALD on the pretext that we were men or women to the arrival. But what happens to the people whose physical prohibited the anonymity, of people who cannot and/or do not want the operation, people who cannot change their state-civil?

The discrimination in said long on these states in fact in a society which is said in progress and which a few thinkers do not hesitate however not to speak of heresy as regards the transidentites. These "heads" do weigh-it not the weight of their words? We know someone among us, in France, which spoke of inferior races, and others to feel then allowed to discard a Maghreb in the Seine. Note and comparison exaggerated? Surely not, for he who went to meet the people say trans' in their daily life, in the reality that is imposed on them and that the psychiatrist did not manage ever since his cabinet comfortable and well heated.

Nothing will never justify a life sacrificed on the altar of entertainment and as an academic in information science and communication and women trans' i wonder: accept! And in the name of what?

Espineira Karine

Among other sources:

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