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Professional Training and interventions in the associative fabric

Research Activities

Organization of symposium

Associational Activities

Symposia, conferences and workshops in academic studies

Meetings - debates (non-academic)






Thesis: to come


Diasporic Identities in Information Science and Communication, I3M

"The construction of media transidentites: a social modeling and mediaculturelle: thesis under the direction of Marie-Joseph Malé will continue Bertini.


Master 2 research in Information Science and Communication (University of Provence, Aix-Marseille 1)

"Analysis of the construction of cultures of kind on television: The transidentite, of the public space to the televisual space: Memory under the direction of Francoise Bernard)


Master of Science degree in Information and Communication: specialized writes (Stendhal University, Grenoble 3)

"The updates on the scene of political speech on television: political debate and democracy: Memory under the direction of Daniel Bougnoux


- License in Information Science and Communication: specialized writes (Stendhal University, Grenoble 3)

- CPMST Science and Technology of Information and Communication (Stendhal University, Grenoble 3)

- DEUG A, Letters Modern Communication option in Information Science (Stendhal University, Grenoble 3)


Professional Training and interventions in the associative fabric



Vocational Training:

"Media Representations of transidentites and social work", AFERTES - pipeline "Special Education", seminar: "Genres, what this does and Social Work ", Arras: 2 hours

Associative Formations:

"Training questions Transidentitaires", with Maud-Yeuse Thomas and Laurence Herault, SOS Homophobia Paca: 3h

Guest lecturer:

"Transidentite: social issues, political and media ", CRDP and All&Gb (Marseille): 3h

"Transidentite, Transparentalite in 2012: toward what citizenship?", House of the women of Bordeaux and the Observatory of Transidentites: 4h


Associative Training:

"Homoparentalite / Transparentalite", House of the women of Bordeaux / Association Contact Aquitaine: 2h


Associative Training:

"Introduction to issues transidentitaires", LGBT center of Nice, october: 2h

Monitoring of memory:

"Trans'media. Obstacles and challenges of a communication on the transidentite ", Alice Assouad, memory of DNSEP headed by Olivier Deloignon and Karine Espineira, Higher School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, 2010.

Language Support for Chinese students engaged in master, U. F. R. " Letters, Arts and Social Sciences and Humanities," University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis: 15h

Guest lecturer:

Intervener at the School of Visual Communication From Bordeaux: 2h


Training professional and associative:

Formative multimedia: introduction to computer tools and to the DTP (desktop publishing), editorial assistance and support in the framework of the shipyards of insertion.

Transition: yard of social and vocational integration: "Joliette welcomes ", design of the guide, "Live at the Joliette", in partnership with Euromediterrannee, twelve beneficiaries (public of 18 to 35 years) forms and followed for the creation of the guide: 20 hours of training weekly on approximately 12 weeks (Marseille, 2005).

Transition: yard of social and vocational integration: "Guide Eco", design of the guide, "Guide Economy of energies, in partnership with the body of Family Allowance, eight beneficiaries (public from 18 to 55 years) forms and followed for the creation of the guide: 20 hours of training per week on approximately 12 weeks (Marseille, 2004).

Visual Fields: yard of social and vocational integration: "multimedia Wizard", six beneficiaries (public of 18 to 30 years): 15 hours a week on approximately 12 weeks (Marseille, 2002- 2003).

Participation in the European project EQUAL SOLIMAR (2003-2005):

- Development of a "training kit" to destination of intermediaries to employment, in partnership with four European countries (Spain, Italy, England, Italy), the local associations and the universities of the towns concerned.

- Overwrites with consultation to popularize the work of academics in a guide focused on the prevention of ethnic discrimination in the hiring.


Professional Activity

Freelance (ODP, Paris)

Journaliste-Pigiste in Provence (Manosque)

To Info Journaliste-Pigiste Announcements (Grenoble)


Research Activities



Establishment of the Observatory of Transidentites (With Maud-Yeuse Thomas and Arnaud Alessandrino)

- Organization of study days, December 2010

- Courses

- Drafting and publication of articles and books

Accreditation at the Inathèque de Marseille, viewing a corpus always in progress, INA lying fallow for the beautiful in May, Marseille, since January 2009.

Consultations in the form of a questionnaire of digital people transidentitaires on social networks, France, September 2009.

Consultations and discussions of investigations of persons transidentitaires during the Summer Universities of Euro-mediterranean Homosexualites, ESBAM, Marseille, July 2009.


Revisions of the translations of the internet site of Lynn Conway (monday-wednesday -, an engineer and professor of research): practical and scientific information on the transidentite (with Marie-noëlle Bachler).

Interventions in associations: "raising awareness of issues transidentitaires "

- One of two interventions by month everywhere in France.

- Creation of media information: internet sites, pads, audiovisual media.


Organization of symposium



The LGBTI: Evolution of social representations and cultural revolutions ;Symposium organized jointly with Halim Anu, UEEH Regional Council, Paca, Marseille, 21 July.


Associational Activities




Coordination of the International Campaign STP 2012



Observatory of Transidentites (With Maud-Yeuse Thomas and Arnaud Alessandrino, 2010)

Without Counterfeit Reloaded (with Maud-Yeuse Thomas, 2009)

Without Counterfeit (With Maud-Yeuse Thomas, 2005)



CEL: Scalable Lilith Center Association (Marseille)

UEEH: University of been Euro-mediterranean of Homosexualites (Marseille)


Active Member: 

ASB: Syndrome Association of Benjamin (Paris)

Zoo: the Zoo Association (Paris)

Editor in the journal "The associative 3 Keller" of the LMA to Paris


Symposia, conferences and workshops in academic studies



Symposia and conferences:

"Trans', experts and television: symbolic effects and efficiencies" - Transgender, Tv and experts: symbolic effects and , ", Crossroad 2012, International symposium organized by Eric Maigret and Nelly Quemener, Paris, July 4-6.

"The Bois de Boulogne: Example of a modeling media, social and cultural VIH- Transgenres-Etrangeres", AFRAVIH, 6th Francophone Conference HIV/AIDS, Geneva Switzerland, March 24-28.

"Geography of PACS and new family configurations ", movie of the round table of the symposium "Geography of Homosexualites", Bordeaux 3, ADES, 16 May.

Guest Lecturer and seminars:

"Imaginary social imaginary and media of transidentites: who imagine that? ", Seminar of the workshop EFIGIES South, Aix-Marseille , 20 September.

"Transidentites & Media(ing)s: Examples of modeling social, geographical and mediaculturelles ", Round table: "Trans and queer in the city", the meetings of the Workshop type, "City, kind and homophobies", IDAHO2012, Geographies of homosexualites, Bordeaux3, ADES, 16 May.

"Queer Weekend 2012 ": The week of kind and of what this does, with Eric Macé, Ali Aguado and Maud-Yeuse . Thomas, , Political Science, Paris, 7 March.

"Of the education (Specialty) to sexuality (specialized ?) - and return ", organized by the Aegis and AFERTES offer, in the context of the seminar "Genres, what this does and Social Work", Office cultural, Arras, 21 February.

"Sexualization of the body, (Re)production of the body ", second round table moderated by Marie-Joseph Malé will continue Bertini, lasemaine of the kind, organized by US and the CIDFF, Nice, March 26.



"The Trans Studies academic face to the resistors and medico-legal", intervention at the symposium 'IDAHO 2011 ", Bordeaux 3, ADES, ODT, 18 May.

"Bear Children in man", symposium: "Eyes crossed on the experience of the transgender parent ", organized by Laurence Herault and Théry, Mediterranean Home for Human Sciences, Aix-en-Provence, October 10-11.

Guest lecturer:

"A typology of transidentites in France", intervention to the transdisciplinary seminar: "that the standards of kind font to body trans, what the body trans font to the standards of kind ", Bordeaux 3, October 22.

"Sex Kind Sexuality: Construction and deregulation of devices", with Mr. Y Thomas and A. Alessandrino, intervention in the seminar "Mixed Type Parity" under the direction of Yves Raibaud (ADES), 21 October.



"The transidentite: of the media space to the public space", international symposium:" Transgender: new identities and visibilities", organized by Chantal Zabus, David Coad, Marie-hélène Bourcier, Paris, May 22-23.


Guest lecturer:

"The Evolution of the television coverage of the family of "transidentites" ", intervention in the seminar: "contemporary forms of kinship. Experiences and routes transgender ", organized by Laurence Herault, IDEMEC, MMSH, Aix-en-Provence, may.

"The representation of cultures of kind (transsexe and transgender) in the public space and television ", intervention in the seminar "F * ck My Brain", organized by Marie-hélène Bourcier, EHESS, Paris, January 10.


Meetings - debates (non-academic)



"Diagnosing difference", projection in before-first in France followed by a debate, ABC Cinema, Toulouse, 11 February.

"The order of the words ", with Arnaud Alessandrino and Maud-Yeuse Thomas,met with the General Council of Gironde, Bordeaux, 16 May.

"The declassification of transidentites", with Maud-Yeuse Thomas, Tom Reucher, Lazz, debate in the center of "I am, i stays there ", Lille, 23 February.


"Intersexue-e-s", with Maud-Yeuse Thomas, Amnesty International (antenna Young), Nice, June 10-11.

"The transparentalite", intervention to the Women's House of Bordeaux, 18 May (With Maud-Yeuse Thomas and Arnaud Alessandrino)

"The order of the words ", with Maud-Yeuse Thomas, Cine - quoted - Philo, people's University of the country of Aix, quoted from the book, Institute for the image, Aix-en-Provence, 18 April.



"Media Representations of transidentites", symposium: "All genres are in the culture ", organized by Genre plural, Brussels, Belgium, 22 November.

Guest lecturer:

"Depatholisation of trans ", Festival O words, 8Th Edition, "I am, I stays there ", Lille, 27 October.



"The ombudsman e(s)t the value, for a theory of the mediation to the use of minority self-proclaimed and/or designated ", symposium: "The body, identity, and after?", UEEH, Marseille, 21 July.

Guest lecturer:

"Around the transidentite", the polychrome of European, Indian summer, Mamac, Nice, 26 September.


"The Order of the words ", with Cynthia Arra, Melissa Arra and Maud Yeuse-Thomas , Festival Glare, Marseille, April 26.

"The desire of child with the trans", with Maud-Yeuse Thomas, 1Era Conference of the south of France on the Homoparentalite, GLPA, Montpellier, 19 January.


 "Carte blanche to Emmetrop within the framework of Marking-met!", With Vanessa Durme and Tom Reucher, Bourges, 24 January.

"Desires… desires, 14Th Edition: The Undesirable", Short films of Karine Espineira, followed by the debate: "The assignment of kind in function of the biological sex: fact of nature, cultural construction or social dogma?", with the participation of Sophie Lichten and Tom Reucher, C. N. P. , 25 January.

"The DSM IV" (Manual of Mental Disorders), 4Th Lounge of the Homosocialite, Marseille, 26 January.

"Festival XXYZ", projections of short films, Toulouse, February 13-19.

"The question trans", 10th festival Lesbigaix, 28 March.

"Before-first of "20 inches" ", projection and debate, Festival Glare, Marseille, February 3.

"Festival Lesbigay", projection and debate, Aix-en-Provence, april.

"The week of education against the discrimination", projection and debate, League of education F. O. L. 84, Cinema Utopia, Avignon, 24 March.

"Transidentite: the kind in all its states ", Cados Coffee, Nice, march.

"Round Table Stigma queer", Collaborating Center of the World Health Organization (WHOCC), organization and animation: Marie-Joseph Malé will continue Bertini and Patrice Desmons, with Tom Reucher and Maud-Yeuse Thomas, Nice, 13 June.

"The trans' in the cinema ", Week ExisTrans, with Guilain Roussel, Paris, 5 October.

" 2Th Festival of gay and lesbian movies ", Projection-debate, with Maud-Yeuse Thomas, GAGL-Loiret, Nantes, 12-13-14 October.


"Rally in solidarity with the lesbian-gay-bi-Trans of Iran", Co-organizer of the national demonstration.

"Thou also zap Lacan", Festival HAS upside down.. Going to…, 4th edition, projection-debate (with the GAT)

"Culture Trans' ", projection-debate, organised by the League of education and the difference in question, March 24.

"20 Years of transsexual is contrary to the television", workshop, UEEH, Higher School of Fine Arts in Marseille, 23 July.

"Representations of trans, the point of view of activists in the world ", workshop, UEEH, Higher School of Fine Arts in Marseille, 24 July.

"Anatomy of the body trans ", workshop with Mr. -Y. Thomas, Angelique Gaudino, Marie_Claude Bonnet, UEEH, Higher School of Fine Arts in Marseille, 26 July.

"Train Station to the trans! " AND " Transgenerations", selections at the film Festival activist, Aubagne, 1 October.





"The transidentite, of the media space to the public space", Paris: The Harmattan, Collection Visual Fields, 2008, 198 pages.

Publications in books collective

"Geography of homophobies", Y. Raibaud and A. Alessandrino eds. , Paris: Armand Colin, 2012 (forthcoming)

- "Introduction to the geography of pacs and the new family configurations"

- "Birth media of the Bois de Boulogne"

"Transyclopedie 1000 things to know about the transidentites", co-director of publication with Arnaud Alessandrino and Maud-Yeuse Thomas, editions of the wings on a tractor, November 15, 2012. (Forthcoming)

"Two lesbotrans arise of Q", in Q as Queer, headed by Marie-hélène Bourcier, Lille: editions GKC, 1998, 125 pages.

Publications in refereed journals of reading

"The bumper therapeutic, speech and limits of a device of legitimization", the subject in the quote, "Living in foreign places movements: borders", No. 2, Delory-Momberger C. , Schaller J. -J. (eds. ), International Review of biographical research, Teraedre, p. 189-201, 2011.

"Transidentite: from theory to policy. A cultural metamorphosis between pragmatism and transcendence", THE Psychiatric Information, Volume 87, No. 4, p. 279-282.

Literature Review

"The order of the words ", chronic for the internet site of the magazine "The subject in the city," 2010. Available on http://www.lesujetdanslacite.com

Publications in journals without reading committee

"Deprogramming Trans - sexual: the " " horsexe the DTC "(With Arnaud Alessandrino and Maud-oak faggots Thomas), the magazine Ganymede, September 2012 (forthcoming).

"Transidentites: subtract the differences in the diagnostic " (With Maud-Yeuse Thomas and Arnaud Alessandrino), Review Ganymede, May 2012. Available on: http://revue-ganymede.fr/

Associative Publication

"The transidentite and the media: a framework and a context conducive to discrimination", article attached to the statement from the collective Existrans and Act Up Paris, address to Mr Dominique Baudis president of the Superior Council of the Audiovisual, march 3, 2006.

Publication in acts of symposium

"Bear Children in man", in the proceedings of the symposium: "Eyes crossed on the experience of the transgender parent ", organized by Laurence Herault and Théry, Mediterranean Home for Human Sciences, Aix-en-Provence, October 10-11, 2011. (Forthcoming)

Directions of publications

"O. D. T. vol. 1: Transidentite: history of a depathologisation", Collective headed with Maud-Yeuse Thomas and Arnaud Alessandrino, Paris: The Harmattan, 2012 (forthcoming).

- "A who therefore belongs the question "trans?

- "The permission of midnight"

- "The SOFECT: protectionism psychiatric" (with A. Alessandrino and Mr. -Y. Thomas)

- "The transidentite in 2011" (with Arnaud Alessandrino and Maud-Yeuse Thomas)

- "Who are the experts?" interview with Tom Reucher (with A. Alessandrino and Mr. -Y. Thomas)

- "We have everything to gain by sharing our forces" interview with OUTrans (with A. Alessandrino and Mr. -Y. Thomas)

- "Trans and HIV" interview of aid (with A. Alessandrino and Mr. -Y. Thomas)

- "My gender is not my type" interview with Valerie Mitteau (with A. Alessandrino and Mr. -Y. Thomas)

"O. D. T. vol. 2: LG. .B…T…I? ", With A. Alessandrino and M- .Y. Thomas, Paris: The Harmattan, 2012, (forthcoming)

- "The Trans Studies academic face to the resistors and medico-legal"

- "A paradigm the other" (with Maud-Yeuse Thomas)




Achievements of short films

"Put… of trans!", mount of 17 min. 44 ", 2012.

"The effects of com' to the symbolic effectiveness" (Thomas Beatie), mounting of 8 min. 27 ", 2012.

"The man pregnant: symbolic effects" (Thomas Beatie), mounting of 6 min. 47 ", 2012.

"Media Treatment of Reuben Noe ", mount of 3 min. 28 ", 2012.

"Transgenerations", short film of 16 min. 57 ", 2006.

"Transgenerations", version 2, a short film of 19 minutes, 2008.

"Train Station to the trans!", short film of 3 min. 51 ", 2006.

"The market of Marseille 2006 ", short film of 7 minutes, 2006.

"The kissing", short film of 6 min. 38 ", 2005.


"The transgender, a subject that transcends the media", interview by Alice Coffin, 20 minutes, may 19, 2009.

"The metamorphosis", by Colette Mainguy, New Observer, No. 2427, may 12, 2011.



"We are all LGBTQIFH", by Agnes Freschel, Sable, July 2012.

"Discover the Observatory of Transidentites", Yagg, February 9, 2011

"Transgender, transsexual or transidentite… ", Magazine Gender, march 29, 2012.

"Defying the law of the kind ", France Culture, November 26, 2008.

"Society: the battle of Karine", by Gwenola Gabellec, Provence, July 2007.

"Debate around the trans ", The New Republic, January 24, 2007.

"The activists of impact without infringement", stubborn, March 2006.



"Geography of homophobies", webtv, University of Bordeaux 3, May 2012

"Return on IDAHO ", webtv, University of Bordeaux 3, may 17, 2011

"Imaginary, institutionnalisations, representations", my blog since February 2010.


Participation in the campaign of prevention aids for the trans, organized by the GAT.


"Bang Bang: The magazine of the Genera ", Pure FM (Belgium), December 14, 2008.

"Scalpel Yes Yes!", Radio libertarian, Paris, January 28, 2005.

"Surprised by the night", France Culture, 13 April 2000.


"My questions on the trans… ", participation in the documentary of Serge Moati and Charlotte Lessana, France 5, may 17, 2011.

"The Order of the words ", generic credit, participation not filmed for the documentary of Cynthia and Melissa Arra, 2007.

"Gay: the mixing of genres," interviewed in the story of Jean-Yves Dodat, i>TELE, July 29, 2005.

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