Fruits and Vegetables

Keur Serigne Bassirou Import-Export SARL



KSB import-export SARL is a company of Biological export of fruits and vegetables of Senegal aimed at Europe, mainly towards Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy.

Create in 2017, the KSB import - export SARL company has for vocation to market fruits and vegetables Biological directly zones of production, for a demanding clientele directed towards big distribution and communities. The freshness of the product is essential, that is why we favor the short circuits and avoid any storage.

Every pallet of the goods is checked by an inspector-quality before leaving towards its final destination. Our search for the excellence created synergies where the partnership replaced the trade.

Since 2017, KSB import-export SARL follows the approach HACCP, today, it is certified ORGANIC AND GLOBAL GAP. We respect all the quality approaches.

All his partners indeed agree to submit themselves regularly to very strict controls to maintain an optimal quality level of their products.

The anticipation and the satisfaction of all your expectations are also a part of our priorities.

KSB import-export SARL, to your service guarantees you an attentive listening and an irreproachable after-sales service.

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