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Thursday, September 20, 2012 4 20 /09 /Sep /2012 2:14 PM

quelque part en Bretagne...

The sea is not far away ...

la plage autour du cou...

The sand comes from the beach near the Red House : I put it in a mini glass bottle, a nacre pellet on the plug, a chain ...

A necklace carrying with him, where he goes, a little bit of Britain ...

meuble et pendentif 004

A little walk on Crozon Peninsula

5 septembre 2012 presqu'île de Crozon

Camaret-sur-Mer : the boat graveyard ...

My lens deviated a little...

And Click

The both in time !

As is the mother, so is her daughter...

telle mère, telle fille...

I launched myself in wood postcards...

carte postale en bois

Postcard size,

I Painted the wood double-sided in white and I stamped ...

carte postale en bois

Another autumn postcard

carte postale en bois

And to conclude a Big  Big  Thank you and a smack to Granny (Here)

I just bumped on my keyboard to make her a banner, so I received a divine embroidery ! (I have not sewed it yet, but it will come soon ... )

broderie Granny

Kenavo and thank you!

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Saturday 18 August 2012 6 18 /08 /August /2012 5:13 PM

I china, thou Chinas ...

(A nod to the incomparable chineuse, Sophie Picoteuse ! She is on vacation so I would like to copy ... )

chineries 2012

Coat hook, globe, glass inkwells, beurrier ...

chineries 2012

A large box of grocery store Chamber", ca does remind you of anything?

"The fabulous that bonbecs speared among the MARCHAND
Because-in-bag and
Minto, Caramel to a franc
And the mistrals winners

(Excerpt from "Mistral winner" of Renaud 1985)

chineries 2012

chineries 2012

A small tip, if you too hot

porspoder 005


Ben what?

Here it is never the heatwave and today it would bear almost a small wool ...

(Photo taken in the Finitere north in August 2012 or some houses have this type of shutters ... )

Kenavo and thank you for your visit!

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Saturday 18 August 2012 6 18 /08 /August /2012 17:00

The little story ...

At the very beginning of the spring, a Sunday morning on the first stand of a empty-attic i had a heart for this original framework in alu of 1942 ... there was a photo inside and I said to myself that I will replace her ...

On the way home after a good small cleaning, i finished by ask the framework in my living room,

I left the photo of persons unknown ... the sadness of their faces is perhaps due to the turbulent age or it was taken ...

When my visitors ask me who is on the photo, I am answering the unknowns of 42 ...

les inconnues de 1942

And then, one day my aunt past by here and told me: "these people may not be in their place among toi" ... Is ?)

After his departure I removed the photo. Behind it a name, an address ...

It is Henriette who sent a photo of it and its small girls to her husband prisoner in a camp in Poland ...

After a few information on the internet and an email sent a few at random to a person of the same name in the same region we receive a reply ...

The unknowns of 1942 are no longer really of the unknowns, and this photo is not up to me more, she will now return to the two small girls d'henriette ...

They will be delighted with the find after many years ...

"Complicated" to make a transition after this small history!

I defy you therefore a second note,

At any of following ...

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Monday, July 23, 2012 1 23 /07 /Jul /2012 6:11 PM

Ca was long hein! I am very happy to find you ...

But during my absence, I have a little clever hack ...

buffet relooké

You remember from my buffet? It reads ...

expo 025

On the photo there is not much account, but the paint, the handles, the above were in bad condition ...

After a few hours to sand, paint, "pochoiriser" etc. ..

The behold which has found its place on the bearing of the first floor

buffet relooké

buffet relooké

Stencil roasting (Anita Ficheux), small suspension for drops in drap old and small white pebbles in ceramic stamped (buffers the Ice Elves), wings of angels in metal green color of gray on a pot of jam old china, pink in plaster (the small provencal)

buffet relooké

"Path of furnished" hemp former "pochoirise" (former of hemp among Josiane: here)

buffet relooké

That is I have yet done so many gimmicks that I'll show you soon ...

I would also like to apologize to those who have sent me a personal message via "contact the author" or on my mail inbox directly during my vacation because after a false manip i have everything transferred before the you have read and could not recover ... but now I have a brand new computer! Super fast and all except that I always remains as slow ....

Thank you


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Saturday, June 2, 2012 6 02 /06 /June /2012 7:01 PM

With its pretty raw wood naturally slips by time, its roasting in zinc, this large shelf of bulbiculteur was easy to divert wall shelf ...

clayette étagère

I just had to cut and to paint two pieces of wood to add the shelves of the middle, two hooks to put it at the wall and hop ...

Of the small green plants, a bit of deco ...

clayette étagère

clayette étagère

clayette étagère

And if not what else?

What is this bottle of milk?

Ben just a bottle of milk which nothing was removed, nothing added, the milk of the true what!

bouteille de lait frais

Label: printed cow buffer (Cie of Elves) on a drop of hemp old then rebrode to the point of the rod with the sewing thread black "in Chinese"

bouteille de lait frais

bouteille de lait frais

Label "fresh milk" in "pâteàtruc" patinated in black

lait frais

And if not what else?

The scented bushes to hang or install in the cabinets ...

petit coussin de lavande

Fall of lin violet of among Apple and Roller, buffer chair of garden and bike retro of the Ice Elves

In hemp fabrics and linen

Galon former black with florets flea China

petit coussin de lavande

petits coussins de lavande

And if not what else?

This small photo of Carnac or i went there is little, a small dedication,

For the one which took a huge risk by planting in her garden my seeds of menhirs ...

That Is Majicub (Here) for what looks like your garden a day ... (And even those that are of babies ... )

100 4509

During my visit to Carnac i had opportunity to go visit the lovely shop of apple and Roller or I received a very nice home! Then if you go by Canac, do not hesitate to go to his meeting (the blog if you do not already know is here)

And if not what else?

Ben nothing ... just tell you that I am really sincerely sorry for not having enough time to respond to everyone, to go too often you visit stealthily without having the time to leave you a little word ... I am overwhelmed at the moment, and I have a lot of problems for a computer, email ...

A big thank you

For your passages, your messages that I take Despite any Always the time to read with as much pleasure!


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