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Summit of N'Djamena: The ECCAS looks on the crisis in the Central African Republic


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Mahamat Saleh HAROUN

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The Chad is militarily ready to save the people of Mali!

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Francois tombalbaye tchad






The policies in Chad


cha Moussa Faki Mahamat kebzabo
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He said ...

deb" From 2005 to 2009 we have actually devoted to our army almost as much resources as to our development. We did, alas, not the choice. Before the conflict with the Sudan, the Chadian army had no more than about 25  000 men, against more than 80  000 today, which, added to the multiple equipment that we had to acquire. If we had not consented to this exceptional effort, there would be more of Chad today. But if our friends of the IMF and the World Bank were goals, they would recognize that, since 2003, what we have spent for health, education, and infrastructure is ten times, a hundred times greater than our military spending. "

Idriss Deby Itno, President of Chad (Interview with François SUDAN for Young Africa).

Historical Date

3 February 1994

The International Court of Justice in The Hague awarded to Chad the sovereignty over the Aozou Strip. Libya evacuated the territory.

Felix Malloum

malloum.jpgBorn on September 10 in1932 to Fort Archambault currently Sarh and dies the June 12, 2009 to the hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine in France.

The military
Under its original name Felix Malloum NGakoutou Bey-Ndi , it is not the September 10, 1932 to Fort-Archambault , current Sarh, son of Ngakoutou and Toudjoum. After his primary studies, it is accepted in 1947 at the Educational Center of Bogor, but his early taste for the profession of arms the leads to the examinations for entry into the Academy of Children of the troupe "General Leclerc" of Brazzaville or it is admitted. Holder of a BEPC in 1949, he made his entry into service in the French army the July 9, 1951 as committed voluntary and assigned to the Battalion Congo Ocean. In 1952, the sergeant Felix Malloum embedded in Pointe-Noire for the Center of training of troops for marine of Frejus in France. In January 1953, it is the start for the Indochina or France is sinking in the quagmire. From 1953 to 1955, he served at the frontiers of North Vietnam and in particular to Phong Yeng, Vietri and Hanoi or the fighting lasted the most deadly of the Delta of Tonkin. After a leave at the end of campaign, Malloum is assigned to Abeche or it serves to October 1955 to January 1957, then in area of overseas no. 2 of the French Equatorial Africa/Cameroon. Promoted to the rank of staff sergeant, he is received for the entrance examination to the college of officers of Fréjus. After two years of training, it comes out in July 1959 major of its promotion. Appointed sub-lieutenant on 1 October 1959, between the same year in the School of application of Saint-Maixent . Major foreign military officers to the output, it opted for the weapon of shock: the paratroopers.
In 1962, it is reverse in the young Chadian army with the rank of captain. Therefore, it climbs quickly through the ranks of the military hierarchy. It is thus promoted to the rank of colonel, on 1 October 1968 and that of general on 1 January 1973.
During his career, he has held several positions of responsibility. He has been successively
•Group Commander and Instruction;
•Company Commander;
•Head of Office employment;
•Commander of operations in the Kanem, the Gera, and the Chari Baguirmi
•Leader of the military Cabinet to the Presidency of the Republic;
•Chief of Staff of the Chadian National Army;
"Commander-in-chief of the Chadian armed forces on 1 September 1972.
It has been decorated, among others, the following awards:
•Cross of the military merit with palme d'or;
•Commander in the order of the civic merit;
"Commander of the national order.
The president
Accused of "conspiracy", the general Malloum is stopped the June 24, 1973 and released the April 13, 1975 as a result of a military coup, in which he is appointed Chairman of the higher military council (CSM), supreme body responsible to lead the country, and then leader of the State a few months later. He was president of the Republic between 1975 and 1979
The exile and the return to the country
Face the turnings and unpredictable politico military drama that has known the country from February 12, 1979, the president Malloum permanently withdrew from the political scene in exile in Nigeria. On May 31, 2002 the general Malloum returned to the country after 23 of exile in Nigeria.

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