Monday, December 17th, 2012 1 17 / 12 / December / 2012 10:53

As it was necessary to me to make room in my freezer, I took out scallops, leeks and tomatoes and I went me ballader on the blogs of my copinautes and there oh surprised a recipe which fell exactly. It is the recipe that I found on the wonderful blog of Celine. Pleasures of Celine If you do not know this blog, go to make it a tour but only a full stomach, if not you will stand out by being hungry. If you know not the punishment to be understandable the marvels which we find and Céline's kindness there.

And now, let us pass in the recipe. I just added some tomatoes and a little Swiss cheese rapé otherwise it is exactly the same recipe as her.


-200 gr of st jacques

-3 leeks

-1 pie crust pastry

-15 cl of cream fraiche

-3 eggs

-1 lemon

-Salt; pepper

-1 tomato cut in pieces

-A little worn Swiss cheese

-A little butter

Preheat the oven TH6.7 200°C.

Make defrost saint-Jacques and make them return slowly in a little butter to has that they have no more water. Reserve.

Clean leeks, slice thinly them and make them sweat 5 good minutes in some fat

Mix in a salad bowl eggs, single cream, salt and pepper, then add the fondue of leeks, tomatoes And Saint Jacques. Mix the whole.

Wash the lemon and cut him in fine slices; unwind the pie crust pastry in a pie plate and

Pay the preparation for leeks, arrange the slices of lemon and sprinkle with Swiss cheese rapé.

Put in the oven and let cook 20 minutes.

I thank Céline for these delicious recipe which made the hunanimité for the house

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012 7 16 / 12 / December / 2012 10:03

Yesterday evening I did not have too much the shape and I did not really know what to do to eat. Mr Fraizinou in a moment of generosity proposed me, not to make the meal (needs pô to dream all the same), but an idea of meal.

Everybody agreed for one crunch, then I took the recipe of my copinaute Sylvie of the blog http: // cuisinemaisongourmandesylv.over-blog.co m and I assure you that they were hummmmmmmmmmmm delicious. If you know not still this blog, go to make it a tour, you will doubtless find there a tit something to prepare.

But truce of blablatages non-essentials, let us pass in the recipe.


-Complete sandwich bread


-1/2 slice of boiled ham by crunches

-1 slice of bacon by crunches

-Crotin of goat

-Swiss cheese rapé

On the pieces of sandwich bread, put a little butter, half a slice of ham, the slice of bacon, some worn Swiss cheese and to end a slice of crotin of goat.

To butter a second slice of bread and to cover with it crunches him. Repeat the operation while stocks last.

To put this preparation in the gauffrier equipped with patches in crunch and to cook. I always make him by watching the cooking, Sylvie says to us that it is necessary approximately 3 minutes 30

It was Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to you Sylvie for this gouteux shares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012 7 16 / 12 / December / 2012 09:50

Sometimes when we make a custard it is not a big success because she makes lumps or becomes granular. I threw rather often to it these three small infallible things. I give you them all 3, to you to choose the one who will please you. For my part I chose the first one, but 3 work, I made out a will them.

-Put 1 coffee spoon of cornstarch with eggs during the preparation

-Cross the granular preparation for the mixer

-Put the "failed" Cream in an empty bottle and shake energetically

Now, to you to choose the method that it is best advisable to you.

Good Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

betty boop

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Saturday, December 15th, 2012 6 15 / 12 / December / 2012 10:29

To inaugurate my column "I like; I like not", I am going to begin with a product which I adored it is the ratatouille champenoise in 6 vegetables from légum' andise.

This ratatouille contains as its name indicates it 6 vegetables (of the cabbage, the pumpkin, the celeri turnip, the carrots, the onion and the bald tomatoes), but besides the lentillons of champagne, the shallot, some lemon juice, some olive oil, the parsley, the fennel, some salt and some spices. Anyway, that good things very pleasant to papillae.

She appears in glass jar nicely decorated. I find that this product really has everything to please and to have tested him, this ratatouille is a real delight.

It is the first jar which I test of this partnership and I hope that the others will also be good.

Furthermore, it is a site of united business what not gache nothing. So much buy well and useful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for the advantages, it is all those whom I enumerated you above as for his inconvenients, we find her only on the Internet (to thwart this inconvenient, it is enough to command them, the delivery is fast).

If I had to note this ratatouille, it would be on 9,5/10 e


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Saturday, December 15th, 2012 6 15 / 12 / December / 2012 10:25

Kesako still that this idea of Fraizy will say to me you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And well vouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you read well.

I wanted lasagnes and I did not want to make traditional lasagnes. Thus I looked in my cupboards (not for a long time reassure you) and I found this attractive jar of ratatouille champenoise of my partner and Légum' andise it gave a delicious recipe of lasagnes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Openly it was too too good.


-700 grs of ground beef

-12 sheets of lasagnes

Ratatouille champenoise -1 jar of (from) Légum' andise

-Salt; pepper

-20 grs of butter; 2 soup spoons of olive oil

-1 onion

-Béchamel (house if possible or brick-built)

-Worn Swiss cheese (I do not give dose because it is little according to the greed of each)

-( Tomato sauce House or in box as we want)

In a frying pan, melt the fat and make for it return the beef as well as the peeled and sliced thinly onion.

When the whole has a well gilded color, to open the jar of ratouille and to add it in the preparation as well as the tomato sauce. Well mix and leave 5 minutes. Salt and pepper.

In a pan or a stewpot, to boil some salt water and to put it the sheets of lasagnes (Very few recipes tell to proceed so, but it is the best means so that lasagnes are cooked well) and let cook approximately 5 minutes.

In an oven-proof dish, alternate coats of lasagne, coats of meat in the ratatouille and béchamel. Proceed until exhaustion of elements. Finish by lasagnes and strew with Swiss cheese the surface. Put in the oven and let cook 30 minutes.

It is a real delight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thank Légum' andise without whom this recipe would not have been possible and also Isabelle for its kindness.

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