Thursday, December 13th, 2012 4 13 / 12 / December / 2012 06:23

I would like to request you to have your opinion on a thing. I would like to create a new column on my blog and I would like to know of what you think of it (especially know if it you interhook).

This column would be I like; I like not (that is if I have a big very favorite for a product to say to you it (even without partnership) and if on the other hand I found that beurkkkkkkkkkk to say to you it also).

Find you that my column tips and tricks is useful? If yes think you that I can spread him to other thing than the cooking, as for example how make an ecological fabric softener, how remove certain spots......

I know well that I annoy you with all my questions but it allows me to develop my blog.

Kisses and good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

betty boop

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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 3 12 / 12 / December / 2012 09:16

I have a very kind partner the Club of the French chocolate who suggests making gain you a big box of chocolate as this one. She is attractive eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I can say you to have it had scoop that chocolates are really very very very good. But if you want her, he is going to need to work a tit little!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all it is necessary to register you on my newsletter if it is not already made and register you on that of Club of the French chocolate (click their name for there acceder). You will see, it is a magnificent quite greedy site.

I would also ask you to relieve this competition on your blog by putting the photo quite below.

Then as I want to open the competition to everybody, I would ask to the cooks to make and to put on their blog a tite photo of one of their chocolate cake (you can go back up to it one with no problem at all).

For the not cooks I would like a photo of the shop window of a store of chocolate, a chocolate cake in a cake store or simply a poême on the chocolate or the food with chocolate. I would to put ask you the link towards your blog in comment that I can go to see her and so to validate your participation.

At the end of this competition, I would take the name of all the participants and I would pull the winner or the winner in the fate (Also Ladies cooks, if your photos are as mine, not pip you are lucky all the same quite then do not hesitate to participate).

Bloggeuses and bloggeurs can participate by sending me their photo by e-mail to Sylvianedecleir@laposte.net

The competition will take place from this day until December 16th 11:59 pm include and I would give the result on Monday, December 17th during the day.

If I am not rather clear, not made the I know and I would make adjustment.

I deeply thank my partner for relying and especially Sylvie for her kindness.

concours chocolat

Lots of good things to all the participants and all the participants.

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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 3 12 / 12 / December / 2012 09:13

For those who would like to participate in my competition, there's not much time left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why I allow myself of you the rappeller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I go back up him so that the persons who would not have seen him, can participate in it.

Kisses and good day in all and in all

betty boop

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Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 2 11 / 12 / December / 2012 06:45

Who does not still know lenses????????????? But not, not those that we put in eyes those who are eatable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received a package from it by my new partner The green lens of the volcanic hill and I would deeply like to thank them, especially Florence for its kindness. Go to make a tour on this site, you will find an appearance of information and especially hummmmmmmmmm of delicious recipes quite tastier the some than the others there.

These lenses are magnificent and very tasty. Furthermore, I adored their very nice packaging. Moreover, I present him to you below:


Still one thank you for this partnership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, December 10th, 2012 1 10 / 12 / December / 2012 06:35

Here is the recipe which comes to me from a grandma of my region of adoption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is an excellent recipe which warms and likes well the body (we well need it at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I would like to thank my partner Spirit foie grasWithout whom this recipe would not have been possible (finally if but not so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).


-1 kg of haricot beans (I replaced them by flageolets which I prefer)

-200 gr of rind of bacon

-600 gr of ventrèche slightly salted

Crystallized thigh of duck -1 (from my partner Spirit foie gras)

-3 pieces of confits (that had given me a friend)

-4 sausages to be warmed

-10 slices of garlic sausage

-1 bouquet garni

-1 onion

-1 onion dotted with 3 cloves

-2 cloves of garlic

-1 soup spoon of tomato puree

-2 tomatoes

-Salt; pepper

-500 gr of potatoes

The day before, to soak beans in some cold water.

That very day, make clear rinds and ventrèche in the beginner in the cold water so that he keeps all his color.

Put some cold water in a hen and put it beans, cloves of garlic, onion dotted with cloves, the bouquet garni, the rinds and the ventrèche (according to grandma nini, especially do not put salt to avoid that flageolets do not harden). Carry in ebullition and cook during one hour.

In a frying pan, without adding of fat, making color the confit as well as the second onion peeled and cut in small strips. Drain beans. In a hen in cast iron, put the pieces of confit and their juice, the drained beans, the tomato puree, both tomatoes and potatoes peeled and cut in 4. Cast anchor with a little water; salt and pepper. Cook 30 minutes.

5 minutes before the end of the cooking, add sausages to be warmed and the slices of sausage. At the end of this lapse of time, stop the gas.

Serve very warmly.


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