Saturday, December 1st, 2012 6 01 / 12 / December / 2012 10:16

I am not very pumpkin, but as we had me it given, I prepared him in soup.


-300 gr of pumpkin

-150 gr of carrots

-1 onion

-Salt; pepper

-30 gr of Rice (Of my partner Bloch)

-1 small bunch of parsley

-10 cl of single cream

-30 gr of butter; 2 soup spoons of olive oil

In a hen, make the onion return peeled and sliced thinly in the fat. When he has an attractive golden color, to add the cleaned parsley, the carrots and the pumpkin peeled and cut in pieces as well as the rice. Salt, pepper and cover with water.

Let cook 40 minutes in traditional hen and 25 minutes in pressure cooker (from the moment the valve chuchotte). At the end of this lapse of time, put out the gas, and add the single cream. Mix the whole and put back 5 minutes on the fire openly.

Serve very warmly.

One thank you to my partner Blochlogo bloch

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Friday, November 30th, 2012 5 30 / 11 / Nov / 2012 14:50

Here is a delicious pitit cake which delighted all the family

gateauIngredients:muffins peches, noix et spéculoos

Jules destrooper -50 gr of Spiced biscuit (of my partner)

-120 gr of butter

-150 gr of caster sugar

-1 small box of mumps of peaches

-1 yoghurt in sins her (or nature if you have no it)

-200 gr of flour

-100 gr of cornstarch

-50 gr of crushed walnuts

-1/2 bag of baking powder

-3 eggs

Mix spiced biscuits to obtain a powder.

Make preheat the oven in 180 ° (thermostat 6).

In a salad bowl, mix whole eggs and caster sugar. Add the yoghurt and the powder of spiced biscuit and well move to obtain a very homogeneous mixture.

Add then the melted butter and cooled, the flour, the yeast, the cornstarch and the walnuts. Cut the pieces of peaches and incorporate them into the dough.

Put this dough in muffin tins stocked with a paper small box and let cook 25 minutes.

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 3 28 / 11 / Nov / 2012 09:13

Here is the pure marvel that I found to Afaurore but that I a little transformed. I know that she will not want it to me. If you do not know his blog, go to make it a tour you will not absolutely be disappointed because it is a rich and very nice blog quite as Afaurore.


-40 cl of single cream

-10 cl of milk

-1 bag of vanilla sugar

-1 gelatin sheet or 2 gr of agar agar powder

-5 soup spoons of Syrup of hibiscus (of my partner MONIN )

In a pan, make warm the single cream, the milk and the vanilla sugar by moving well so that the sugar does not stick at the bottom of the pan.

When the mixture begins to boil, to add the gelatin or the agar agar not mixing well to obtain a very homogeneous preparation. Add the syrup of hibiscus and let continue the cooking 2 in 3 minutes.

Overturn into recipients and to leave with the refrigerator during at least 4 hours (openly this lapse of time is necessaire because she has to taste very fresh).

One thank you to you Afaurore because this recipe is a wonderful slaughter which I am immediately going to redo!!!!!!!!! And thank you also to my partner Monin without whom this recipe would not have been possible.


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Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 2 27 / 11 / Nov / 2012 07:53

Today, I would like to put in the honor two copinautes which realized my recipes.

The first one is my copinaute Assia of the blog Delicacies of Assia . I think that it is not any more necessary necessaire to present her so much its blog is great nice and highly varied. But anyway that you know or not, thus go to make a small visit to this blog filled of excellent delicacies.

She realized my creams of lemon in the crumble of spiced biscuit

verrine d'assia 1

verrine d'assia 2

The second is my copinaute Sylvmel of the blog The greedy cooking and Sylvie's house . There also a lot of people knows her and consider I his blog is worth seeing!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is full of brilliant recipes, but useless to ask he for a tit little because he stays in him there never, never but then never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In any case she has a lot of humor (the proof she supports mine, but as we say who likes chatie well) and she is very kind.

She realized my Swedish Cake


suedois sylvie 2

I deeply thank them for having relied me and to have realized of my recipes. And at the risk of me répèter go to visit them, their blogs are Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, November 26th, 2012 1 26 / 11 / Nov / 2012 10:48

And yes, I hesitated to publish this article but well I make him all the same.

This big weekend rattage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I which wanted to compete with Ladurée with my macaroons and very it won't be before long!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And vouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I put you a photo and you can notice by you even (do not laugh to you too much all the same if not is going to cry I).

I knew that I would have concerns, this is why I put back always the next day but well they were not bad but no attractive face. To be honest they were very ugly.

I would re-try because I do not like staying on a failure and we shall see good.

Big kisses and good week.


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