• Bread of almonds of Flanders of the dunkerquoise 30/12/2012 ( Published in I like I like not : )
    Here is the product which I had received from my partner La Dunkerquoise and which I had reserved for making a recipe and a horror misfortune, we ate them such what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Indeed, m ... e
  • Rice pudding 30/12/2012 ( Published in Pates, rices and potatoes : )
    Another quite simple pitite recipe but what we adore at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a very good compromise between the parties because it is light but greedy. Ingredients: - 100 gr of ric ... e
  • Chocolate mousse 29/12/2012 ( Published in Chocolate : )
    A pitite chocolate mousse quite simple to realize, but so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ingredients: - 4 eggs - 200 grs of dark chocolate (50 grs by egg) - 2 bags of suga ... r
  • Partnership Aroma zones 29/12/2012 ( Published in Partnership : )
    I present you a new very very nice partner. It is about the company aroma zone. I advise you to go to visit them because their site is great done well with product ... s
  • Remove the bitterness of endives 29/12/2012 ( Published in Tips and tricks : )
    Just a fast tit thing and what you already know maybe. To remove the bitterness of an endive, it is just enough to dig its base because it is the heart which makes her bitter. It is any simpl ... e
  • Endives in the cheese-topped dish 28/12/2012 ( Published in Legumes : )
    It is a good ideal, winter dish between the parties because good, reinvigorating and not too heavy. Ingredients: - 4 slices of ham - 4 endives - 1 kg of potatoes - Salt; pepper - 1 rou ... x
  • Roux and béchamel house 28/12/2012 ( Published in Basic recipes : )
    Here is a tite recipe which I would need later for my dish. It is the basic recipe to prepare any kind of roux. For the béchamel, it is simply enough to replac ... e
  • Toffy house 27/12/2012 ( Published in Tips and tricks : )
    Nothing better that the toffy house. The fact of making him one even, allows to make him of the wished color and especially, it you coutera cheaper (much cheaper). Ingredients: - 25 ... 0
  • Caramel custard 26/12/2012 ( Published in Coffee, toffy and vanilla : )
    Here is the dessert that mother often made my big and that I give you here Ingredients: - 1/2 liter of milk - 100 grs of caster sugar - 1 bag of vanilla sugar or 2 coffee spoons for o ... f
  • A small simple and ecological fabric softener 25/12/2012 ( Published in Tips and tricks : )
    It is the recipe gave which me my friend Céline and who pleases me by her side very nice smell on one hand and on the other hand for highly-rated ecological sound a lot. To summarize, it is simple i ... n
  • Gateau jam roll 25/12/2012 ( Published in Peaches - apricots : )
    Me revoili, me revoilou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A small moment to get fresh ideas, that makes the good and we leave for a new period of recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... !
  • Cuckoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 21/12/2012 ( Published in Blablablablablablabla : )
    I am sorry, but I have to go out for a few days (3 or 4 at the most). Reassure you, nothing grave. I would return with recipes, tricks and notices on certain products ... .
  • Let us clean our windows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19/12/2012 ( Published in Tips and tricks : )
    Some people and some people will say to me that at the moment it is not useful to clean windows because it is raining, but personally, I make them on average every 3 months. I know two means o ... f
  • Results of the Competition 18/12/2012 ( Published in Competition : )
    I know I had said that I would publish the results yesterday and I was not able to because I had of the world unexpectedly and the impossible to publish. On the other hand, I took advantage that my friends were with them ... there
  • A new partner 17/12/2012 ( Published in Partnership : )
    It is with pleasure that I present you my new partner, it is about Cordeliers who make a great sparkling wine to Saint Emilion (Saint Emilion is approximately 80 km from my home by goin ... g
  • Tart in the fondue of Leeks and in Saint Jacques 17/12/2012 ( Published in Fishes, seafoods and shellfish : )
    As it was necessary to me to make room in my freezer, I took out scallops, leeks and tomatoes and I went me ballader on the blogs of my copinautes and there o ... h
  • Crunch Mr Gourmand 16/12/2012 ( Published in Pork : )
    Yesterday evening I did not have too much the shape and I did not really know what to do to eat. Mr Fraizinou in a moment of generosity proposed me, not to make the meal (needs pô to dream about everything o ... f
  • How to catch up a custard 16/12/2012 ( Published in Tips and tricks : )
    Sometimes when we make a custard it is not a big success because she makes lumps or becomes granular. I threw rather often to it these thre ... e
  • Ratatouille champenoise in 6 vegetables 15/12/2012 ( Published in I like I like not : )
    To inaugurate my column "I like; I like not", I am going to begin with a product which I adored it is the ratatouille champenoise in 6 vegetables from légum' andise. This ratatouille contain ... s
  • Lasagnes in the ratatouille champenoise 15/12/2012 ( Published in Ox : )
    Kesako still that this idea of Fraizy will say to me you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And well vouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you read well. I wanted lasagnes and I did not want to make lasagne ... s
  • Pitit fast poll 13/12/2012 ( Published in Blablablablablablabla : )
    I would like to request you to have your opinion on a thing. I would like to create a new column on my blog and I would like to know what you think of it (especially of knowing if it yo ... u
  • A small competition that says to you?????????????? 12/12/2012 ( Published in Competition : )
    I have a very kind partner the club of the French chocolate which suggests making gain you a big box of chocolate as this one. She is attractive eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I can say ... you
  • Reminder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12/12/2012 ( Published in Blablablablablablabla : )
    For those who would like to participate in my competition, there's not much time left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why I allow myself of you the rappelle ... r
  • Partnership The green lens of the Volcanic hill 11/12/2012 ( Published in Partnership : )
    ... Who does not still know lenses????????????? But not, not those that we put in eyes those who are eatable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received a package from it by my new partner
  • Cassoulet Périgourdin 10/12/2012 ( Published in Goose, duck and foie gras : )
    Here is the recipe which comes to me from a grandma of my region of adoption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is an excellent recipe which warms and likes well the body (we well need it at the momen ... t
  • Another attractive very nice competition 08/12/2012 ( Published in Competition : )
    I found on the blog of molds in Silicone a small very nice competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I share him with you because one more time, dad Christmas is going to pass prematurely at on ... e
  • Madeleines in the orange blossom 07/12/2012 ( Published in Diverse flowers : )
    With these recipe, I participate a little bit late I admit it, but the last day is for a competition organized by Sonia of the blog recipes of Sorawel today. You do not still know ... ?
  • A question on egg whites 07/12/2012 ( Published in Blablablablablablabla : )
    I saw on the blog of 2 persons, but I do not know any more whom, that they put their surplus of egg whites in the freezer for later. I find this great idea, but I would lik ... e
  • Lawyers stuffed in the crab and in the shrimps 07/12/2012 ( Published in Fishes, seafoods and shellfish : )
    A small entrance which I planned for the Christmas Eve of Christmas because everybody will be there (and vi Fraizinette comes back from Lyon for the holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) ingredients: - 1/2 lawyer b ... y
  • Division 06/12/2012 ( Published in Blablablablablablabla : )
    ... I completely agree with all the copinautes which have already shared. It does not have been another one year since my blog exists, but thanks to him, I was able to meet wonderful people,
  • Mayonnaise in the lemon 05/12/2012 ( Published in Basic recipes : )
    It is another simple recipe but that makes all its effect!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ingredients: - 1 whole egg - 1 soup spoon of mustard - 1 soup spoon of old wine vinegar (of m ... y
  • Competition at Patchouka 05/12/2012 ( Published in Competition : )
    I participate in a competition at Patchouka (go to visit him, his blog is very nice!!!!!!!!!!! Click Here) And if you tested cubicle "Eat your cubicle" (Competition inside) to Be a blogge ... r
  • Apple cake, walnut and cinnamon 04/12/2012 ( Published in Apples - pears : )
    Another good cake of season which pleased a lot here, in spite of its simplicity. Ingredients: - 3 apples - 150 gr of walnut - 1 coffee spoon of cinnamon - 175 gr of butter - 3 eggs - 200 gr o ... f
  • Vegetable soup green and white 03/12/2012 ( Published in Soups : )
    By this cold, a pitit soup that says to you???????????? And well here is the one that I made for this evening. Ingredients: - 250 gr of cabbage flower - 2 leeks - 250 gr of zucchinis - 100 gr of turnips ... -
  • Pip 3 of November 02/12/2012 ( Published in Blablablablablablabla : )
    Here is my pip 3 of this Month. There is no second because I have two first ones ex--equo. The third position: the lemon cream and the crumble of spiced biscuit First ex--equo: the Braised cabbage The panna cott ... a
  • Softened in the pumpkin 01/12/2012 ( Published in Soups : )
    I am not very pumpkin, but as we had me it given, I prepared him in soup. Ingredients: - 300 gr of pumpkin - 150 gr of carrots - 1 onion - salt; pepper - 30 gr of rice (of m ... y


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