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Just a fast tit thing and what you already know maybe.

To remove the bitterness of an endive, it is just enough to dig its base because it is the heart which makes her bitter.

It is any simple but effective!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

betty boop

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Thank you for advice my I we did not still tell to add one c to coffee of sugar, big zouzou
Avisteste Comment N posted 1 by yesterday at 07:20 am

I we said to me (and it is true) that the sugar removed the acidity of tomatoes. Which just goes to show that all the sources are not the same and it is necessary to make out a will. Big kisses and good weekend my beautiful

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:33 am
Ah I knew him that there. Kisses
Nokomis Comment N posted 2 by yesterday at 07:27 am

Ah ben you see you know it things all the same. Kisses and good day

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:36 am
As you say simple and effective
Good day kisses
Natt Comment N posted 3 by yesterday at 09:59 am

Yes it is good sometimes the simplicity. Kisses and good weekend

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:38 am
It's true, I knew ... beautiful day with kisses
Patriarch Comment N posted 4 by yesterday at 10:20 am

It is very known, I know, but it is good to make reminders sometimes. Kisses and good day

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:39 am
Exact it is what I would have say because I knew this trick
I wish you a good weekend and a very good Christmas Eve for the year 2013 kisses
Guy59600 Comment N posted 5 by yesterday at 1:11 pm

Yes but the Nordists are of big eater of coses. Kisses and best wishes for the year which is soon going to arrive. Kisses

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 2:42 pm
It's true, but the bitterness not me gene not, I remove nothing for me, mas for my man I digs bizzz
Mamimijane Comment N posted 6 by yesterday at 1:14 pm

Yes everything depends on tastes of each. I dig for everybody like that it is made. Big kisses and good day

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 2:42 pm
Thank you for the advice. The good end of day.
Kougelhopfetchocolat Comment N posted 7 by yesterday at 3:07 pm

With pleasure!!!!!!!!!!! The good end of day and the good weekend

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 4:22 pm
Yesterday you gave me a good idea, I was made endives béchamel at noon. I always dig no concern.
Good Saturday. Big kisses
Pussy of Bruges Comment N posted 8 by yesterday at 3:34 pm

It is true that it is good and fast made. Kisses and good evening

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 11:05 pm
This "thing" was revealed me by my grandma and since I make him every time I cook endives except... For the salad. Thank you for this small booster shot. Kisses my Fraizy.
Comment N posted 9 by siaskas yesterday at 3:39 pm

Yes I too because I find it much better. Endives in salad, I keep them as they are. Kisses my beautiful

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 4:21 pm
I knew him
Flipperine Comment N posted 10 by yesterday at 4:50 pm

A girl piqure of reminder made sometimes by the good

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:50 pm
Hello Fraizy, it is a very good idea and I make him systematically. It is true that this bitterness is unpleasant. Kisses. Sylvie.
Sylvie and Marc Comment N posted 11 by yesterday at 9:02 pm

Cuckoo Sylvie!!!!!!

Yes it is true here also we do not like this bitterness and thus I so make. Kisses and good evening

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:48 pm
Besides your technique, I add a sugar cube!!! Big Kisses
Sylvmel Comment N posted 12 by today at 8:39 pm

I was told that the sugar was made to remove the acidity. Big kisses

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of today at 10:07 pm


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