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A pitite chocolate mousse quite simple to realize, but so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-4 eggs

-200 grs of dark chocolate (50 grs by egg)

-2 bags of vanilla sugar

-1 pinch of salt

-(Optional) cognac

Cut the chocolate in small pieces, add 2 spoonful of water and make warm slowly.

Pay the chocolate melted in a terrine. Put egg yolks one after the other deeply by moving. Finish with the vanilla sugar and the cognac.

In another terrine, beat the whites until stiff very firm with a pinch of salt.

Incorporate a spoonful of these whites into the mixture egg yolks - chocolate to soften him. Add then the rest of the gone up whites and move delicately the preparation for the spatula to avoid that they do not fall again.

Put in the refrigerator 3 at 4 am before consuming.

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I laiche the screen lol; I made one for my buche Christmas she will be put the next week because article in wait, lol big zou
Avisteste Comment N posted 1 by yesterday at 07:23 am

Rooooooooooooooo it is po well to be greedy (finally almost!!!!!!!!!!!). I look forward to these recipe and there it will be me who lècherais the screen. Bizettes

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:34 am
Then there, the chocolate mousse house, it is my weakness;-)
Kisses and good day
Nokomis Comment N posted 2 by yesterday at 07:24 am

Yes it is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have it full of different recipes, I am going to share with you it as one goes along. Kisses and good weekend

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:37 am
I am crazy about it!!:) kisses
The spoon in thousand delights Comment N posted 3 by yesterday at 09:42 am

It is too too much bonnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Kisses and good evening

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:51 pm
Ah not of cognac for me! Fortunately it is optional hihi I adore the foam in the chocolate lol:) kisses and good weekend
Delicacies Assia Comment N posted 4 by yesterday at 09:49 am

Yes it is optional and this is why I do not still put it. I too I adooooore the chocolate mousse but am a fan of chocolate. Kisses and good evening

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:52 pm
H'mm you tempt me to make for it but without alcohol for me
Good day kisses
Natt Comment N posted 5 by yesterday at 10:00 am

You can completely make for it without alcohol. Kisses and good day

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:38 am
As I am greedy and gourmet all the vices) I set in succession....

Beautiful Saturday with kisses;
Patriarch Comment N posted 6 by yesterday at 10:06 am

I do not think whether it is a vice because I am similar (laughter). Kisses to you two and good weekend

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:40 am
I use the same recipe as you to make my chocolate mousse that is eggs and chocolate step of cream, I find its most easily digestible yummy!
Nutripapote Comment N posted 7 by yesterday at 10:50 am

Yes it is true that it is often the simplicity best.

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:40 pm
I not resiste not, I plunge my spoon!! Kisses and good weekend.
Lou Comment N posted 8 by yesterday at 10:59 am

With pleasure Lou. Kisses and good evening

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 4:58 pm
And say that j have never made foam in the chocolate house! While j adore! Lol
Recettesdesorawel Comment N posted 9 by yesterday at 11:50 am

For you which makes full of marvels, you know it is not complicated. The proof I arrive there!!!!!! Lol

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:41 pm
The simplest is often the best bizzz
Mamimijane Comment N posted 10 by yesterday at 1:13 pm

Yes it's true. Kisses

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 2:43 pm
A delicious foam with a tiot range cigarette or a very thin pancake and hup here is my dessert for this evening I know I need all the butter and the money of the butter but what you want when it is good it is necessary to say it
Guy59600 Comment N posted 11 by yesterday at 1:18 pm

I indeed find you little requiring but well if there is only it to please you Guy, I would invite you with pleasure (and yes Mrs Guy would be too welcome). Kisses and good day

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 2:41 pm
Simple but so good! Yummy!
Miamana Comment N posted 12 by yesterday at 1:55 pm
It is the beautiful version which tempts! Thank you for the division
Oum mouncif rayan Comment N posted 13 by yesterday at 2:17 pm

It is with pleasure that I share.

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:44 pm
Great your foam my Fraizy!! Bravooo
Good day, bisouu
Ouissam Comment N posted 14 by yesterday at 2:23 pm

Thank you my Ouissam your compliment very pleases me. Kisses and good evening

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:42 pm
Hello Fraizy, me adore the chocolate mousse and yours really tempts me! To answer you, your calculation is just, we have to be at most 100 km one of the other one! I know not still if I would go to the concert of Indochina, that is going to decide in the days to come! In the meantime, by hoping that you crossed a very good Christmas Eve of Christmas, I wish you to finish well this one to cross it a piece of news with the health and the enjoyment for 2013. Kisses
Mylindo Comment N posted 15 by yesterday at 2:33 pm

I too adore the chocolate mousse it is too good. For indo, places are dear on bergerac we do not find it already any more. Kisses and all my wishes for 2013. Lots of good things

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:55 pm
Maybe quite simple but Ô how much greedy and delicious, a delicious foam of chocolate which remains a pure delight all year round, bravo and thanks to you!
I wish you the very beautiful end of day, the kisses
Méline Comment N posted 16 by yesterday at 3:01 pm

Yes it is a recipe of any season which is hardly appreciated at home. Kisses and good evening.

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:58 pm
My family adores that and I like either eating her not at all or making her. They can come to your place? Kisses.
Kougelhopfetchocolat Comment N posted 17 by yesterday at 3:04 pm

With pleasure but you too can come I would do something else to you by knowing him. Kisses and good day

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 4:23 pm
I take everything... The foam, the girl crèpe lace, the wafer and your smile in addition!!! Kisses.
Comment N posted 18 by siaskas yesterday at 3:43 pm

Yes well on ben then come at the same time as Guy, otherwise after his passage he will have nothing more there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kisses

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 4:20 pm
At our home no vanilla sugar and besides the butter
Flipperine Comment N posted 19 by yesterday at 4:51 pm

You will have to give me your recipe, I have to try.

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:49 pm
Vi I am going to warn Guy that he comes to look for me in bike... We arrive!!!!!!!!!!! Kisses.
Comment N posted 20 by siaskas yesterday at 5:24 pm

Oh ben vi I am sure that with him you will be safe and that you will arrive safe and sound. Kisses

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 9:13 pm
Very smooth your foam! I adore! Kisses!
Julia T Comment N posted 21 by yesterday at 5:51 pm

Thank you. Kisses

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 11:05 pm
Without cognac for me
Afaurore Comment N posted 22 by yesterday at 6:50 pm

With no problem at all, you are not grateful to put in it

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 9:06 pm
The chocolate mousse, the dessert always appreciated! Yummy!!
Good evening, Has dinner with Sandrine
Have dinner with Sandrine Comment N posted 23 by yesterday at 8:36 pm

Yes it is true as much by the youngs as the big. Good evening

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:49 pm
Alalalala I like troooop his!!!
Thank you for the division:)
Good evening!
Chocobelle Comment N posted 24 by yesterday at 8:53 pm

Yes I too like very much. To share is a real pleasure for me. Good evening

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 11:06 pm
Good evening Fraizy, it is the delight of the house! It is always a real pleasure to taste it. Kisses. Sylvie.
Sylvie and Marc Comment N posted 25 by yesterday at 9:00 pm

Yes it is good and greedy, that to ask furthermore. Kisses

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of yesterday at 10:48 pm
Mmm that must be too good!! Kisses.
Culinaire Amoula Comment N posted 26 by today at 03:20 am

Yes excellent. Kisses and good evening.

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of today at 5:37 pm
That of the happiness in the girl cuillere
Brigitte Comment N posted 27 by today at 6:31 pm
I have just eaten a chocolate cream (ben ouiii, needs not that my stomach gets out of the habit .....) and I salivate in front of your sublime foam!!!!! Big Kisses
Sylvmel Comment N posted 28 by today at 8:40 pm

Yes it is true you should not change the habits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big kisses

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of today at 10:06 pm


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