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Here is the product which I had received from my partner Dunkerquoise and which I had reserved for making a recipe and a horror misfortune, we ate them such what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indeed, I had taken out them to enjoy them and see the recipe which I could make with and there we put our nose inside and impossible to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are excellent from excellent and I can only recommend you to buy from it and to test them. Openly, I cannot say you better it is one truth slaughter!!!!!!!!! I go to see where I can find in my region there because openly, if I find there, I would make reserves and there maybe that I could concoct you a recipe with, go to know.

Here is what looks like the box (ben vi she is empty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

pain d'amandes des flandres de la dunkerquoise

I give you the note which personally I give to this product


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Rooooo the gourmands, but there I have to say that you made the best ad which is;-)
Kiss and good day
Nokomis Comment N posted 1 by today at 09:32 am

Yes it's true, but well I would have liked making a tit harms with!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kisses and good evening

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of today at 6:28 pm
Cuckoo it is me, hi-hi then I as you know him I ais gouter same to devour because we have them to make out a will so simply and creates a small greedy recipe, with toffy and too good white chocolate-brown topping, this very fine and delicious bread of almond and a flavor of almond which is in mouth always tempts to continue to eat fine sense my by delicacies, we give 10/10 they are tremendously very well even with my big toffy zou
Avisteste Comment N posted 2 by today at 09:35 am
It must be delicious... Kisses
Patriarch Comment N posted 3 by today at 10:05 am

Yes excellent. Kisses

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of today at 6:31 pm
I did not know but it is great attractive, ba then the gourmands, we are going to finish the year with kilos in buttocks, I feel him very lol!
I am badly placed to speak at 4 am of the matt ' I was lowering a package of candies!!
Shannene Comment N posted 4 by today at 10:13 am

Oh ben that it is clear, it will be necessary to take good resolutions in 2013 and especially to be held it, but we shall talk again of it in a few days. Kisses and good evening

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of today at 6:30 pm
Mdrrrrrrr but yes it happened that to me the same thing with biscuits in the lemon of a partner whom I devoured alone in more hihi:) kisses and good Sunday
Delicacies Assia Comment N posted 5 by today at 10:22 am

Yes it is true we take one to enjoy, and we dig and one repioche and at the end oh ben it is strange, has it it more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kisses and good evening

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of today at 6:34 pm
Hello Fraizy, if you emptied the box ... I think, indeed, if these cakes be to be extra. Kisses. Sylvie.
Sylvie and Marc Comment N posted 6 by today at 3:47 pm

Yes delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But at first this partnership had to serve to make a recipe. Kisses

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of today at 6:48 pm
Congratulations has this partner it is not good of step to share
I wish you the good end of day and the very good Christmas Eve for tomorrow kisses
Guy59600 Comment N posted 7 by today at 5:16 pm

I am sorry to say you my dear Guy that you make a mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shared!!!!!!!!! Yes yes yes yes I shared with me even!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kisses and good Christmas Eve to you too. Good evening

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of today at 8:01 pm
I know them they are very good and there are other sorts of biscuits of the same manufacturer which are delicious also
Flipperine Comment N posted 8 by today at 5:17 pm

Yes I know I received many packages from it.

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of today at 7:59 pm
Ho I know this mark!!! Normal because I am from the North
They have a whole plannel of good things I understands that you n is not left a crumb
Brigitte Comment N posted 9 by today at 6:29 pm

Yes it is true that they have many choices. Here we adored. Kisses kisses

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of today at 7:58 pm
One of the best biscuits, yummy!
Miamana Comment N posted 10 by today at 6:49 pm

I confirm it to you

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of today at 8:05 pm
That countered well! Thank you for the division
Oum mouncif rayan Comment N posted 11 by today at 9:51 pm

It is delicious, to Share on my blog is a real pleasure. Kisses

-recipes - de-fraizy Answer of today at 10:03 pm


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