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Saturday, December 29th, 2012 6 29 / 12 / December / 2012 05:45

Just a fast tit thing and what you already know maybe.

To remove the bitterness of an endive, it is just enough to dig its base because it is the heart which makes her bitter.

It is any simple but effective!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

betty boop

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Thursday, December 27th, 2012 4 27 / 12 / December / 2012 05:47

Nothing better that the toffy house. The fact of making him one even, allows to make him of the wished color and especially, it you coutera cheaper (much cheaper).


-250 gr of white sugar (powder or in pieces)

-15 cl of water

-1/2 soup spoon of spirit vinegar

In a big pan (or a pot with high edges) to pay the sugar, the vinegar and the water. Bring to a boil.

From time to time, move the toffy by making circular movements with a wooden spoon andUrveiller attentively (At the end of a dozen minutes approximately, we obtain a beautiful brown color). Attention, if the toffy is too clear, he has no taste, if he is too much darkened he becomes bitter.

As soon as the good color is reached, to put the pan in the kitchen sink stocked with fresh water to stop the cooking of the toffy

Let cool and bottle the half-liter of toffy so obtained.

The small thing it is that it's better to use a rather neutral tasteful vinegar.

This toffy keeps for a very long time and can be used to coat cakes, floating islands or ices for example.

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Tuesday, December 25th, 2012 2 25 / 12 / December / 2012 11:18

It is the recipe gave which me my friend Céline and who pleases me by her side very nice smell on one hand and on the other hand for highly-rated ecological sound a lot.

To summarize, it is simple to make, ecological, that smells very good and it has a function of descaling for the machine while to wish of better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-1/2 liter of cold water

-1/2 liter of spirit vinegar

-25 drops of essential oil of grapefruit

-25 drops of essential oil of lavender

In a bottle, put all the ingredients and well mix the whole.

During the washing put in it a glass in the soothing compartment or if you do not have enough place, simply to fill this compartment.

Good day and kisses in all and in all


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Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 3 19 / 12 / December / 2012 08:48

Some people and some people will say to me that at the moment it is not useful to clean windows because it is raining, but personally, I make them on average every 3 months.

I know two means to prepare of produced for windows and I give them to you below. They work to have tested them both.

This first recipe is the one that my grandma used: it is necessary to mix in equal volume of the cold water and some methylated spirit. It is great effective and it will be completed if we dry windows with some newspaper paper. It is good also for glasses.

The second recipe is more modern, but works very also: it is necessary to mix in a flask, 15 cl of ammonia, 5 cl of spirit vinegar of alcohol and to complete with some water up to 1 liter. It is an excellent cleaner house for windows. The only snag with these recipe it is that it is necessary to treat the ammonia with precaution and if as me you do not support the pure ammonia, make do this product by one of your close relations.

I tried the cleaners of the business, but I always returned there to these good old methods by privileging that of my grandma.

Kisses and good day in all and in all


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Sunday, December 16th, 2012 7 16 / 12 / December / 2012 09:50

Sometimes when we make a custard it is not a big success because she makes lumps or becomes granular. I threw rather often to it these three small infallible things. I give you them all 3, to you to choose the one who will please you. For my part I chose the first one, but 3 work, I made out a will them.

-Put 1 coffee spoon of cornstarch with eggs during the preparation

-Cross the granular preparation for the mixer

-Put the "failed" Cream in an empty bottle and shake energetically

Now, to you to choose the method that it is best advisable to you.

Good Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

betty boop

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