By Lady Ariciaa
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 3 31 /10 /Oct /2012 09:02 AM

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The patience weak point among some men wishing to submit? Some women wanting to dominate abuse-they of their powers granted the fact that they choose the status of Domina? I think we should not forget that we are women and men before any. The vanilla is not always compatible with the d/s in the direction or some things d/s would be outliers in the vanilla world. However when one undertakes somewhere, we need to know what can we expect, understand where it puts the feet and especially the keep well on earth submitted as Domina. Do not treat an submitted lower than earth because it is a submitted. Is this worthy of a Domina? Do not oblige and impose its choice without prior discussion on the pretext that it is a submitted. This world that is the world d/s is a world of woman and man before all who have the same point in common the fact to be of interest to the relations of dominance / submission. The respect, the communication must always be present because our status as a Domina must not make us forget that without subject we would not Dominas. Transform them into toy either but do not forget before all that we need a minimum exchange.

Why this article because i found through my readings, my exchanges, discussions that some women taking the status of Dominas is give more powers that of commitments that they should. Why I say this, because the subject is placed under our protection therefore up to us to take into account its well be psychological, mental and physical. We must not lower or humiliate him if we feel the other reluctant without an exchange in advance, this should be a time of shared pleasures, a moment of "communion" between the subject and the Domina who would be nothing without the other. Our acts do not leave that of the physical traces on the body, but also because the mental domination is to put the other under our yoke, under our power. Learn to behave differently depending on whether it was a beginner, or someone more experienced. Know the move to what we want without the steer without what the time will not be a time of exchanges and common pleasures but a time confrontational and it is by far the purpose.

I think it is can be more simple for a Domina to find its way in exchanging with other Dominas, as a result of meeting with other people in the world that a subject which can be found at least exchange on the subject, at least find of interlocutors. The times where I had the men who had the envy to submit or who asked questions on their submissions, I have answered without worries. Has my debut, i had the chance to know of Dominas residents in Belgium and in the North of France and I thank them because they took me under their wings protective, and have taught me to discover this world. They have taught me a few little tricks of Domination (use of the martinet, horsewhips, bondage ... ) I do not intermix with them all more too the fact to move but i not to be overlooked for as much.

The d/s is not a long quiet river, this is secure but this world is so rich and full of surprises to who knows the enter.

By Lady Ariciaa
Saturday, October 20, 2012 6 20 /10 /Oct /2012 3:58 PM

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The d/s request to one as to the other a investment of his person, his time, of his being. It is energy-intensive to be Domina as submitted because it plunges us into our bubble respondent or the vanilla will eclipse the time of the d/s. In my opinion a d/s pure and hard cannot be 24/24 7/7, sorry to break the myth of the Domina 24/24 as well as your fantasies gentlemen because there is also a need for time to itself or the other does not interfere submitted as Domina in my direction. In addition we cannot order or obey without ceased because already ca would be tiring cerebral way to always be in our role d/s and then the life of all the days we allows little. Be spare moments of d/s is very nice because it is a intimate bubble, that person to share we do share. A moment of "communion" between the subject and the Domina or the small friend is placed in the subject and the same for the lady who is place to the Domina intransigent. We have rules d/s in our daily vanilla but it is different because diluted in the life of all days.

The d/s, which is not in torque is less "sporty" in my direction because the person is not with us non-stop. There are just times d/s without the vanilla interferes. There is the life with subject and the vanilla life or person is not aware. While we are leaderless in torque from one world to the other according to with who we are. I saw the d/s as a parenthesis in my life, a bubble, a secret garden in my early days. Now also but this is no longer a parenthesis, it is an integral part of my life. Each one must find its balance and sometimes the other is this balance that we need but the find is like a needle in a hay box.

The life d/s is in fact for a simple and quick summary, a vanilla life as Mr. and Mrs. all the world but with a secret garden a little more spice than most.

By Lady Ariciaa
Tuesday, October 16, 2012 2 16 /10 /Oct /2012 9:26 PM

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absence vacances

By Lady Ariciaa
Thursday, 30 August 2012 4 30 /08 /August /2012 10:48 PM

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The dream the Amazones would it finally form? A city only reserved for women will soon see the light of day in Saudi Arabia.

A precarious condition

This is no secret, the status of women is precarious and still has many of the constraints in many countries. In Saudi Arabia, in particular, the voice of women lack of visibility and only 15% of them officiate in the world of work. Not surprising when one knows that the Saudi are not allowed to vote, or even to drive.

In the face of this, the Saudi authorities have embarked on a massive project: create a city in which the women can freely evolve in observance of the laws of the Shariah. Because this city which will be forbidden to men will be run exclusively by women, who will lead and execute the tasks in all areas of the everyday life. Thus, 5000 posts will be created to ensure the proper functioning of the city. Interviewed by the Guardian, the spokesperson of the project said it was "sure that women can make the evidence of their effectiveness in many areas and choose the industries which are best suited to their interests, to their nature and capabilities".

Women for Women

Has the origin of this shipyard, Saudi women entrepreneurs who wished to offer new opportunities to young women newly graduates. Thus, in a world where men dominate and take the decisions, they hope bring the voice of the many Saudi Arabian who can swing the traditions the more archaic in the modern world and change the given.

If some people are amused to see this form of equality go by a obvious discrimination, force is to remind that the professional ambitions of Saudi Arabian face daily to Sharia laws and the words emanating from the religious authorities. Thus, the Saudi Arabia did not have the right to work in places where they may find themselves in the presence of men, nor do they have the right of access to jobs where they could "seduce" or "be seduced" by the men. This city reserved for women appears thus as a result obvious and commendable.

Other advanced to the Saudi Arabian, the promises of the King Abdullah who has announced the opening of the right to vote to women for 2015. The beginning of a new era for women in Saudi Arabia?

By Lady Ariciaa
Tuesday, 14 August 2012 2 14 /08 /August /2012 9:05 PM

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The d/s what feeling odd, but strong and intense. Sensations unknown in the field vanilla, the feeling of power on the other. The sensation of any power with a discharge of pleasure, who browses the body when we get to see the other to its knees collar to the neck in waiting position. It is as if the pleasure browses our veins and we fulfilled of fullness by this feeling of power if grissante.

The more time that passes, the more i fi of the straitjacket that vanilla was blocking me in my cravings, the mental barriers that prevented me to do what I wanted. In a sense, it was a well for an evil because i kept the feet on the ground because I am asked constantly on my cravings. With time, I learned to know my subject, it has evolved to two, it was discovered and advanced to two on the road that is the d/s. I dared more now, I am learning to let me go to my cravings and desires. By exchanging with my subject, it allows me to move forward more calmly.

The d/s is an area which is life to two, or the communication is more than essential. Or the exchange, the sharing, the communication are the elements essential to advance in any calm and security. It is a world that is displayed to the vanilla life for a couple d/s but with a big and nice cherry well gouteuse and delicious. Be able to enjoy the other such as our toy that is exhilarating, exciting and pleasant one. This goes beyond the words.

In vanilla torque, it is sometimes said to laugh that it belongs to the other. In d/s for the subject this is not a word because it is a reality, this expression takes all its direction in d/s. The subject belongs to us when we filed our collar on his neck. It becomes our property, our toy, our thing, our subject of love. In a sense I also belong to him because I am his mistress but it is a possession that i shall grant him because I do not want to and is only him as submitted. Some Dominas do not grant this because like having several submitted to their services. In my sense, who wanted a submitted with character and knowing take initiatives while knowing be also a man, I cannot believe in a lasting relationship if I do not mean gift of its membership total and unique to my person. It has however supports for a few months at the beginning of our relationship my former submitted that i had kept and which i separate small to small as well as of my valet which i separated from during the delivery of its fixed collar which thus became my single subject and boyfriend.

Mistresses would say that I would have to ignore this and live my life to Master with my harem of submitted and my valet but to play with the fire in my direction a day or the other one ends up by burning yourself and to regret this game. I prerefre keep the flame of his love for me in order to be able to give all the chances to our torque to create lasting. What has been quite winner because we were always together and the love becomes every day more fort about me, what makes me happy and fulfilling by being at these sides.

By Lady Ariciaa
Sunday 12 August 2012 7 12 /08 /August /2012 1:54 PM

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By Lady Ariciaa
Sunday 12 August 2012 7 12 /08 /August /2012 1:20 PM

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In this month of August, I have more time to go back and read the forums which I do not think I am almost not because I do not see the time go and I love to read and respond on the forums, but it is time-consuming. In fact, I have learned by email that a forum or I appreciated what the wanted go close. It is an epidemic of closure of forums! I have the time also to read the blogs that I appreciate, farfouiner on the net ... Here, I'm reading a book vanilla on a condition that has become gynarchiste following a poutch of women to take power.

Then this month allows me to ask me because my subject being on vacation, I did that to me me to deal with. This allows me to reflect on my vanilla life, my life d/s, to read books and magazines vanilles, to cultivate my future ideas d/s in reading blogs, forums, articles ...

Why is this that I asked this question on the d/s?

This afternoon, I am ballad of forums in forums, blogs in blogs, articles in articles. I realize that we can say that the d/s is our way of life or a game sometimes for the protagonists, while the converse is true in view of their writings. I consider that the d/s is a game that spicy blend our life but finally I realized that little by little it becomes in fact a way of life because i have dictated the rules to be observed even when it is in vanilla. I am past of the girlfriend Domina to somewhere the Domina girlfriend. The d/s has a much greater part in our life as a couple of all the days that in our early days. But I want to say this is normal because we are moving ahead, evolved, it is discovered, it is still groping, we practice ...

The d/s is an art of living in the direction or it is a philosophy of life. There is the woman and the man, the dominant and the subject. However we are not different from a vanilla torque but there is this little more, this zest of spicy in more which makes all the difference. Is this that is what I needed? Can be set to yes in y reflective. I am out with men too "nice" or i was their center of the world and of other or the earth revolved around them or then of men a little too macho for my taste. There was always a squawk somewhere. The one with which I was the most pleased was the one with the most character and precisely with which there were sparks because of our respective characters. It was sometimes (even often) broken foot these exchanges a little rough (that minutes). I need a man with his character, his convictions, his ideas, his cravings and that he would know keep to it not as a wind vane that rotates in the direction of my wind. My subject of love has its character, its way of being, his ideas ... He knows to be helpful, attentive, autonomous, knowing take iinitiaves, knowing take things in hand from a to z ... A man vanilla but improved by its bid ;)

I have no regrets in nothing for having discovered the d/s because it is a happiness to live to two because if intense and fort in sensation and pleasure.


By Lady Ariciaa
Saturday 4 August 2012 6 04 /08 /August /2012 10:19 PM

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I am "Nearly retching" because I liked this forum.


By Lady Ariciaa
Saturday 4 August 2012 6 04 /08 /August /2012 2:57 PM

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The torque d/s is it similar to the vanilla torque?

For me yes, there is just this concept of control of the one on the other consented.

What nonsense should not do in torque d/s for the create lasting? I have a simple answer, as in vanilla i want to say but also with a lot of communication, because to deal with the body of another is a responsibility, a great responsibility because he is recovering to us, we shall present its integrity and its confidence.

According to all those that I have read on blogs, forums and other sites. Being a Domina, i could have fun with on the other subject that my companion having all the rights on him and him not having no rights and especially not the one to go see elsewhere.

In a first time, do you think it is as well as a couple can persist in the time?

A torque d/s is still a torque with feelings and felt vanilla whose jealousy. I read that the subject did not have the right to be jealous, because the Mistress was conducting his life as it was intended. I want to say "ah good the submitted are of robots to which one can forbid such or such feelings? ". It is silly because a subject is a human being just as we as I like to repeat through my articles.

Secondly do you think it will lead you to a relationship of trust and stable which will give you vitality and love? I doubt because the confidence is paramount in my direction in a torque and this allows us to serenely forward and this allows us to flourish but especially this allows the feelings to develop.

Ladies, if you want to stay with the subject that makes you shudder thinking of the be vanilla which lurks in him. Has my debut, i had my subject and a valet at the same time as my companion. Of course, it did not appreciate me really but has never made the complaint even if I felt his unlove for them lol. Some would say to me but how it is done that it is able to allow me to do feel that it does the did not appreciate? But stop to say the silliness, a subject remains a man with feelings and especially the feeling of wanting to be the unique, the only. We even, we do not want our or our subject go see elsewhere then why their will we do that? Because it has all the rights? But stop with these ideas all made and live your d/s to your sauce, depending on your vision.

About Me, I am separated small to small for my subject and I do care that my butler that i finally fired at the end of a few months to do devote myself to my subject. I do not hide the fact that no longer have this Butler has made me weird because I had taken the habit that my races are made, my household, my laundry maintained ... It was very comfortable, but it was the least for my subject. As it does me the has never criticized me and took on him, I am separate from me even of these submitted and the butler. To show him my choice of not having more than him, i had offered him his collar of belonging.

Always remember that the other is a human being and not a robot or a machine to achieve the fantasies that you 're subject(e) or Dominant(e). The time that the relationship advanced, that the practices are changing little by little. Don't wait too much of one or the other at the beginning, the relationship evolves by itself and the practices also if the respect and communication are present in other. Moreover, the nothing of such communication, if something is not going where others do not hesitate to share them with the other because it is not Devin.

What there is of more hard in my direction is to keep our feet on the ground for the dominant person when it is adventure and be left to our mood and the other becomes our toy, that it becomes the ground of our cravings bdsm and that there is advanced with a pleasure, not desimule but without losing the feet on the ground for as much. Think of its security, its physical and moral integrity, think of its well-being (breathing, body because it can damage, making bad bondage or by typing or it must not ... ) you need to know to let go while keeping in mind that it resets to us and that we must keep our toy without bobo because the vas of submitted does not exist.

I write less because the sensations that I feel in our meetings can no longer express by words because they are the intense moments, times when we are in a bubble d/s that we cut from the outside, this are inexpressible sensations because the felt is a mixture of various felt, emotions. A notion of power on the other, which is strengthened and which is distributed in the body as if it was wandering around the whole body. It is a pleasant sensation and at the same time unsettling because our present society is more in this report of domination / job submission are failing in the meaning "total control". Because in d/s, we have all powers on them, they are our toys and this is terribly heady and be carried away by this felt is so powerful. Where the problem of knowledge remained the feet on the ground to ensure the safety of the subject. There are articles in the press or the Master/Mistress have been able to guarantee the security and integrity of the submitted because the dominant person is allowed to go to its felt that can be so strong, so intense and this can cut the dominant person of the reality in is leaving to go to his own taste, felt and emotions degagaient by this power relationship if heady.

Then attention because the bdsm is a practice if heady, if strong and intense that you may lose foot and that you must always be aware of the security of the other!

By Lady Ariciaa
Sunday, July 22, 2012 7 22 /07 /Jul /2012 6:31 PM

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