Wednesday, 29 August 2012 3 29 /08 /August /2012 2:02 PM

Douala. The small Didier is under intensive care. The police arrested the father, Nkoo honored, in possession of drugs.

Douala-22-aout-2012.-L-entree-de-Bonanjo-City-au-quartier.JPGDidier. A, 7 years of age, has the face completely disfigured and presented a wide opening on the head. The eyelids of the two eyes are swollen. The iris of the eye right is barely visible. The back of the little boy is covered with wounds and scars. There are bruises on almost the entire body of Didier. All of these effects result from a abuse inflicted by Honoré Nkoo, the father of the little boy, instead-said Bonanjo City the district Nyalla in Douala. Monday, 20 August 2012 still, honored Nkoo has beat him up severely its offspring. The neighbors of the district alerts by the cries of the child to be around 9 hours have immediately entered the police. Led to the district hospital at Logbaba, Didier was placed under intensive care. It currently enjoys in the framework of social affairs departments.

Indian hemp

Honored Nkoo has been arraigned and remanded to police custody in the cells of the commissioner of public safety of the 11Th Arrondissement, for "violence and bodily evils on descendants, torture and serious injury". A police source indicates that of the Indian hemp has been entered in the home of honored. The drug was concealed under the bed and in a motorcycle, in particular.

If we are to believe the inhabitants of the City district Bonanjo Nyalla, Nkoo is honored and widower mototaximan. He lives in rental since six months ago with his two children, ages 5 and 7 years. He took the habit of wearing blows to Didier, the elder of the two. "He beat him up his son for a nothing with everything that passed him by the hand, belt, iron wire, caillou, cinder block. When a resident of the neighborhood wants to intervene, he says that this is not another one of the learn how to educate his children", deplored a neighbor. Another inhabitant of Bonanjo City noted that honored Nkoo had prohibited the games and any contact with his children with the neighbors. It entrusts in addition that honored Nkoo consumed regularly of the Indian hemp. What made it aggressive.

Mathias Mouende Ngamo

By Mathias Mouende Ngamo
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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 3 29 /08 /August /2012 11:24 AM

Show. The closing ceremony of the workshops of holiday was held on Friday 24 August 2012 at the French Institute of Douala.

Douala-24-aout-2012.-Les-enfants-de-l-atelier-de-vacances-.JPGPerformance Hall for the French Institute of Douala this Friday 24 August 2012, it is 13 hours. The lights go out. The curtain opens on Tanouchka and Gloria, two young girls aged 6 years. This are the first two presenters of the event. THE a is expressed in French, the other in English. They advertise the first passage of the artists. THE essewe, traditional dance of the region of the coastline is to the honor. All the dancers, all-small aged between 2 years and 12 years, make their appearance on stage, all dressed in white. They sing in the choir " /Ololi Yoho/ ". The dancers follow the cadence imposed by the sounds of tam-tam, drums, balafon and maracas. And try as much as they can to respect the group choreography. That is the little Anne Sophie, 2 years, which was quickly able to lose the pace. It creates its own choreography. The audience laughs. Budding artists returned to the scenes.

Another team of dancers led in traditional dress and runs of the bend skin, dance of the region of western Cameroon. The public is then right to the dance makune (Coast), the gourna (North) and the bikutsi (Center). The children will also try to the handling of instruments of traditional music, in the game of percussion. They sing. At each of their appearance on stage, the "Artists" welcome the public in the native language spoken in the region to the honor. The toddlers also carry a scene from the tale, "the eagle and the tortoise".

All these benefits of song, dance of the terroir and percussion are a part of the closing ceremony of the workshop's holiday at the French Institute of Douala. The workshops were opened the July 23, 2012. Twelve children have been initiated by the troupe of the Gazelles during three weeks in song, dance, percussion, conte. "The dances of the heritage have been taught to participants through the games. The objective of the workshops was to teach children their culture, their identity," said Laurence Ngando Black, a facilitator of workshops.

Mathias Mouende Ngamo

By Mathias Mouende Ngamo
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012 2 28 /08 /August /2012 3:25 PM

Music. After twelve years of absence on the discographical market, the artist made his come back with eighth album entitled "Nguila motorcycle".

La-pochette-de-l-album-Nguila-moto-de-l-artiste-Douleur-JPGThe veil has so far not been lifted on the face of pain. Decidedly. The artist Cameroonians still does not appear on the sleeve of his Cd. Therefore, it is difficult to identify. A game he has are ready since his first album, "Pain", released in 1983. The artist is remains faithful to its tradition in her eighth album present in the trays since little and entitled "Nguila moto" (literally, the man lion). Side A of the pouch designed on a dark background shown a face. One half of the image represents a human face with the dreadlocks on the skull. The other party shows a lion's head, with the fur on the skin. Is this to mean that pain holds the power of "great kings" in the music? In any case, "the man lion" roared to mark its come back on the music scene, after twelve years of absence. It had more listening since Armageddon released in 2000.

The new recording is a compilation of twelve titles. No real break with the previous albums. There is a great deal on a Makossa", by Afro funk jazzman cadence at the beginning of the playlist, with "Dimene" or "Kolo". One also discovers in the album titles sung on the rhythms bolobo, assiko and salsa. In "Ebele Dido", Pain sale the merits of his canton Deido in Douala, and encourages the young native of corner to go to the front. Pain does not lack to express themselves in a register of language familiar to reach its target. He sang in pidgin, a sort of English slang. It recounts the scenes of daily household between men and women. As in other productions, Pain maintains a spiritual dimension in his texts. The songs of "Nguila moto" are tinted of gospel, with a hymn to the eternal in "In the beginning" and "Assiko Chicago". Pain y recalls the genesis of the world and evokes the Bible verses of the old testament.

L-artiste-Douleur-JPGHis true name Douala Alexandre, Pain has assured himself the arrangement and the production of "Nguila motorcycle". If we are to believe the team managerial of the artist, the disc will be officially presented to the Cameroon in the month of November next. Up here, a few songs were discovered during evenings-private show. An evening of kind took place in a nightclub at Akwa neighborhood in Douala, on Friday 17 August 2012.

Mathias Mouende Ngamo

By Mathias Mouende Ngamo
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On Monday 27 August 2012 1 27 /08 /August /2012 8:03 PM

Show. Of the victims of rape have told their misadventure, on bottom humorous, Thursday 23 August 2012 in Douala.

Douala-23-aout-2012.-Des-victimes-de-viol-et-Dave-K.-Mokto.JPGOn the podium of the restaurant La Chaumiere this Thursday, 23 August 2012 in Douala, of rape victims tell their misadventures. The show has something intriguing and paradoxical. The public has difficulty in deciding between joy and sadness, laughter and tears. This is not the history which trapped in the first coup, rather the way in which it is returned by the victims themselves. The stories are envelopes of humor. A nauseating to the history database is transformed into comic story. The audience laughs, or it would have naturally paid a few drops of tears. The Renata's stand up comedy group presented the show "laugh for no longer cry".

Soppi makes its appearance on the stage at 19h and breaks the silence of the room. Its approach and its words are cause laughter and applause. Soppi was raped at the age of 8 years by a neighbor 40 years of age. She tells her story through the jokes. Christelle, another victim, was raped by a friend of the family. Pregnant, the young girl was forced by his parents to marry her rapist, with whom she had two children. The spouse "rapist" has also taken to his offspring, a 5-year-old boy and a girl of 2 years. "It has transformed his bed in football field and drew the penalty shots everywhere", is being ironic Christelle. Other victims are scrolled on stage and tell their experiences, such as a piece of theater. They have been raped or sodomisees by relatives of the family, their parents, men of the church, of HIV, gangsters. Some have been in the duration, as Nelly, raped of the age of 8 years at the age of 15 by his father.

Dave-k.-Moktoi.JPGThe texts speak of serious facts punished by the law. The tone is comical. The writings are borrowing to the lexicon of the registry and the familiar language of street. The any agency with subtlety. The parts of the body like the breasts, buttocks or genitals are being imaged. The actors of a day use the gesture and the poetry to move the awareness message. "The fatherly love is transformed into carnal love", proclaimed a young girl. In the representations, the people raped also fall within the trauma endured after the act. Close to 20 rape victims framed by the national network of worried (Renata) lend themselves to the game. They followed the prior ten days of training with Dave k. Moktoi. The Cameroonian playwright in residence in the United States has participated in the game, with his show "The man is well down there".

To believe Georgette Arrey Taku, general secretary of the executive Renata, more than 500,000 girls and women have already suffered sexual abuse in Cameroon, of which 18% of the share of members of their family. "Yesterday, the victims have wept. Today they want to laugh. Support the victims and condemn the rapists," she urges. "To laugh for no longer cry" will be represented in Yaoundé, the 29 next August and Bafoussam the 1ER September 2012.

Mathias Mouende Ngamo

By Mathias Mouende Ngamo
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Friday, 17 August 2012 5 17 /08 /August /2012 11:30

Plastic Art. A stela was erected on Saturday 11 August 2012 at the neighborhood Bonendalè in Douala, in tribute to the plastic surgeon disappeared.

Bonendale-le-11-aout-2012.-Sandrine-Dole-assise-sur-la-st.JPGDifficult to erase from his memories of the people who have left their mark their passage on earth by their works or their philosophy. The Cameroonian artist Goddy Appellant is part of these large "minds". A year and six months after his death, it is hard to believe that you will not see him more. Suddenly it prepared projects. We created the bridges to move closer to the beyond. Better, to perpetuate his memory. "Dear Goddy", of Sandrine Dole, is one of these projects which pays tribute to appellant. The designer of French origin has erected a stele in the garden of the domicile of the plastic surgeon disappeared, the neighborhood Bonendalè in Douala. The work has been inaugurated on Saturday 11 August 2012 in the presence of many artists. Sandrine Dole has performed with the support of the workshop Artbakery.

The stela is a wooden bench. She invites everyone to sit down face to the absent. An opening in the shape of circle on an extension of the wood, close to the person sitting, plunged the next to the latter in a vacuum. A vacuum which reference also to the prospects for the future. This future, it is together that it would be appropriate to address seems to indicate the stele. A metal pipe located near the headquarters wields a logo to its end. The symbol represents a black hand in a white hand. For Sandrine Dole, it is not to bury the deceased, but to put in scene the living. The designate confided in her that she has designed the stele in the same spirit as the work of Goddy appellant. That is to say, a facility with which one can interact. If we are to believe the relatives of Goddy, a first proposal for realization of a monument in stone has been rejected. According to the relatives of Goddy, the idea not espousing the philosophy of the plastic surgeon. "He did not like the tombstones. For him, it was like a prison for the death," says a close.

The site chosen for this installation is not coincidental. To believe Estella Mzwakhe Mbuli, younger sister of the plastic surgeon disappeared, it is in this garden that Goddy Appellant would flee to reflect, to observe the nature. The workshops with the young artists and students were taking place there. "He loved especially to sit near the mango tree. Shoot this mango would mean a second death of Goddy," said Estella, for which, the stela represents a location where it can sit, escape a little, "go to Goddy to reflect ". "I think that the objective of this stele is not to think about Goddy as a deceased person, but to remember all the good times", she says.

Un-portrait-de-Goddy-Leye.JPGGoddy Appellant died at the age of 45 years, the February 19, 2011 Bonendalè, his place of residence and work. He was a specialist in the installation and video. Its practice of the art includes the diversified technical such sculpture, painting, drawing, performance. Sandrine Dole has participated in several projects with the plastic surgeon in his lifetime, including "Bessengue city". Output of the Higher National School of Industrial creation (Ensci) in France, Sandrine Dole is is oriented toward the crafts and the sustainable development and social. She has spent ten years in Cameroon and currently resides in Morocco. She met Goddy Appellant during an internship with an architect in Douala in 1999. "I discovered that Goddy was very linked to Douala and Bonendalè in particular. I wanted to leave a trace of its involvement in erecting this stele", indicates Sandrine Dole.

Mathias Mouende Ngamo

By Mathias Mouende Ngamo
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