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An association of well-being and Of personal medicine, Piece of news(Short story) in the from the Ariège landscape,

Situated in the small village of Freychenet in 800 m of height, between Foix and Lavelanet in the Mounts of Olmes in the Ariège ( 09 ).


That we come from Foix, by way of Those or from Lavelanet by way of Nalzen, the small road then makes us discover mountains, meadows, forests, river which bring a certain quality of life to the inhabitants of Freychenet and beautiful ballads to the visitors who find quiet, tranquilité, ressourcement there.


To practise in it places is an invitation for beautiful sensations before your chosen session.

It is to forget the everyday life(daily paper) in an environment convenient to the well-being.


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From September till June


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On Thursday 15h-16h30


[ Above the City hall]

On Wednesday 19h30-21h

Possibility of sessions at home

yoga-sitting.jpgFrom September till June


[ Premises of the association]


15h-16h30 ¦ 17h-18h30

Possibility of sessions at home

yoga enfant 2-copie-1

" The children can make everything, postures, breaths, concentrations, mantra, yantra, it is simply enough to adapt him(it) their being.
Current collective or particular, they have finally often more possibilities than the adults, until the puberty it is little as if they were still in connection with the gods and the supernatural. "
Christian Tikhomiroff-nâtha yogi

From September till June


[ Premises of the association]

Wednesday 15h-16h


[ Above the City hall]

On Wednesday 18h-19h


1st bare session = Free

Annual membership(support) = 15 €

Session 1:30 am

The session 10 €

Failed 4 sessions = 35 €

Failed 12 sessions = 100 €

Session 3:00 am

The session 15 €

Failed 4 sessions = 55 €

Failed 12 sessions = 160 €


A training course of Yoga is a period of initiation and perfection which lasts a few days in an adapted place.

It is a particular moment of dumping in yoga,

Guided and adapted to all.

Winter, 2011
3 days
19 - 20 - December 21st

Spring, 2012
Week Yoga
Zone A - from 7 till 13 April
Zone B - from 16 till 22 April
Zone C - from April 25th till May 1st

Week Yoga
From 9 till 15 July
From 23 till 29 July
From 6 till 12 August
From 20 till 26 August

3 days
18 - 19 20 in July
16 - 17 - August 18th

shri narayana vishnu in yoga nidra hi81


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Session Yoga Nidrâ - level 1


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Inhale(Suck up) the life, restore the love

Every time to inspire you it is the life which flows(sinks) in you. This life drawn outside is burned in the internal combustion of the breath, as an offering, as oils him(it) who(which) interview(maintenance) the flame of the life.

Every time you expire it is the part of you even that is restored and - to resume(to take back) the image of the lamp - a little of your internal light.

Because it is the life which flows(sinks) into the breath, the universe gives you the most beautiful part of what it is. In turn to offer the most beautiful part of what you are by making of every breath an act of deep love: the Amur of this life when you inspire, love of you and the others when you expire.

If you realize it you will be assured(insured) to know the harmony, if you do not reach still here is an objective deserving of a magnificent human fate there.

Christian Tikhomiroff

Nathâ yogi


blog Nataraja









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" OM Shri Ganeshâya namah "


« Manage his(her,its) attention inside,

While having leregard Turned(Shot) towards

The outside, without movement for

To open nor to close eyes, it is

Shâmbhavî mudrâ, hidden in them

Védas and Sâstras.

When the yogin lives

Constantly with the spirit and the breath

Absorbed in the internal target

Antarlaksya ) although his(her,its) glance in

Immovable wards(pupils) is managed towards

The outside or downward, as if he(it)

Saw and nevertheless not seeing, this

Mudrâ really is Shambhavî.

When she(it) is reached(affected) by the grace(favor) of

Guru, springs radiant this

Supreme Reality of Shambhu ( Shiva),

Who cannot be expriMée as having

The characteristics of the space

Nor those of the non-space. »

( Hatha-yoga-Pradîpikâ IV 36, 37)




Project militating for a fair, united tourism,

Socially and ecologically person in charge

Andalusia - Spain

IY81-net-1a-couv Page 01


The Yoga and you
With what frequency do you practise the Yoga?
Every day
From time to time
Where do you practise the Yoga?
At the house
Current collective
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In training courses
What shape (s) of Yoga do you practise?
Hâtha Yoga
What represents for you the Yoga?
Of the well-being
A personal search(research)
A personal medicine
What techniques draws your attention?
Âsana (postures)
Prânâyâmâ (breaths)
Dhârana (concentrations)
Dhyâna (meditations)
Nidrâ yoga
Drishti ( eye techniques)
Sound massages



There are 2 on-line person (s)


All our activities will start again from September 12th


To Freychenet [premises of the association]

Monday and Friday 09h-12h ¦ 15h-16h30

Tuesday and Thursday 10h-11h30 ¦ 15h-16h30 19h-20h30

On Wednesday 10h-11h30

Saturday, 09h-12h

In Transferred(Fired) [Village hall]

On Monday 18h-19h30

To Tourtrol [above the City hall]

On Wednesday 19h30-21h

yoga enfant 2-copie-1

To Freychenet [premises of the association]

Wednesday 15h-16h

To Tourtrol [above the City hall]

On Wednesday 18h-19h

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Meditation Every morning from 7 am till 8 am

Relaxation ¦ Yoga Nidrâ Every evening from 9 pm till 10 pm


Sound massages

To contact us to take RDV

Initiation bowls workshop

Every last Saturday of the month from 3 pm till 6 pm

Price lists(Rates)

Hâtha-yoga: 8 € the session Of 1:30 am - 6€

15 € the session of 3 hours(am) - 12€

Yoga Children: 8 € the session of 1 hour(am) - 6€

Meditation ¦ Relaxation ¦ Yoga Nidrâ: 8 € the session of 1 hour(am) - 6€

Sound massages: 25 € the session - 20€

Initiation bowls workshop: 30 € - 20€

Membership(Support): 15€ the year

*Tarifs reduced for the students and the persons to precariousness, to present a documentary evidence to the registration(inscription)

Special price list(rate) for Tourtrol - Inquire with the Dynamics Tourtrolaise

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Often is asked to me the question:

" What difference has you he between Hâtha-yoga and Nâtha-Yoga there? "

The answer is simple: there is no difference!

Because Nâtha-yoga Leans on the philosophy and the metaphysics of the Tantrism and the origin of Hâtha-yoga goes back up(raises) to the school of Nâtha-yogis.


Monday, August 29th, 2011 1 29 /08 / August /2011 06:00
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A new category has been born in this blog, an invitation to discover videos on the theme of Hâtha Yoga and India.

The first ones(nights) to be represented are the ones of Christian Tikhomiroff, nâtha-yogi trained(formed) to Bénarès in North India there - Uttar Pradesh, teacher, translator of traditional texts in Sanskrit, author of the works The Banquet of Shiva and Reminder of Hâtha Yoga.

Others will be alignments(on-line publishing) as time goes by...


Click the image above to discover them or on that of the page of acceuil

Sunday, August 28th, 2011 7 28 /08 / August /2011 06:00
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Here is the small session which will allow you to fight against the moments of fatigue. I often use him(it) to go back up(to raise) the energy in me, before every course(price) which I liven up(lead) or after exhausting day. She(it) is simple and effective.

Having made a prânâyâmâ (Anuloma *Pratiloma or Nadishodhâna for example), to release some accumulated tensions and clean the channels(canals) of energies- NadiPractise the following postures:

Savâsana - The posture of the corpse - to relax every part of the body: feet, savasana 2Legs, hands, arms, buttocks, back, lower abdomen(groin), stomach, breast, shoulders, neck, nape of the neck, skull and scalp, head, eyes, nose, temples, ears, cheeks, mouth, chin. Make some abdominal breaths by becoming aware of the navel which lifts up itself in the inspir and which falls in the expir and some complete breaths: in the inspir, the navel lifts up itself, coast(ribs) deviates, the air(sight) rise jsuqu' to shoulders lifting(raising) slightly collarbones then any resdencend till bottom(stocking,bottoms,stockings) in the expir. (Inspir on 4 time(weather) / expir on 8 time(weather) - slow and regular lengthened(stretched out) breaths said breaths 1 / 2)

Posture of the navel ( Nhabi) - Always lengthened(stretched out) on the back, to fold legs, feet on the ground slightly spread(slightly pushed aside), brought in chin, arm along the body, lose hands on the ground. Inspire, raise the head, the shoulders. Inspire and hold the breath empty lungs a few moments in the position. Inspire, put shoulders, head. Begin again 2 - 3 times. Then relaxation some seconds

Always lengthened(stretched out) on the back Arm along the body, lose hands on the ground, either to make Pascimottanâsana, in dynamic version, or simply, to inspire, to to raise arms and to to interlace fingers above the head, to to expire and to to hold(to retain) the breath to empty lungs a few moments. Begin again several times this movement. Then on an expir, return arms along the body.

Naukâsana - The posture of the boat on the stomach - arm behind and arm forward.

Lengthened(Stretched out) on the stomach, the arm along the body, lose hands on the ground, to inspire, to raise the head, the shoulders, the arms (behind), the legs and to expire, to hold(retain) the breath to empty lungs. Make some breaths with the vacuous retentions, then begin again with arms in front of, joined(contacted) hands, the glance settling(arising) on the raised thumbs(inches).



Then, relaxation BalâsanaThe posture of the child, a few moments (arm in front of, forehead(front) on the ground then the arm along legs).

Marjariâsana prânâyâmâ - The posture of the cat chat-inspir.jpg chat-expir.jpg

Undulations of the vertebral column accompanied with breaths (4 time(weather) of inspir / 4 time(weather) of expir, then 5 time(weather) of inspir / 5 time(weather) of expir, then 6, 7) The more we extend the time(weather) on every breath, the more the movement slows down.

viparita karani mudrâ

Viparita Karani Mudrâ - The inverted gesture(movement)

Closed eyes to wait that the breath settles down quietly then is to make lengthened(stretched out) breaths (4 time(weather) d'inspir / 8temps of expir) or breaths samavritti or 4 time(weather) of inspir / 4 of the retention to the full / 4 of expir / 4 of the vacuous retention

Apanâsana - The posture of the vayu of the excretion

And finally, SavâsanaThe posture of the corpse, the relaxation...savasana 2


Download the session

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Word, thought, immanent, transcendent,

There are not

The silence, the mudrâ, do not give access there

There, does not live Shiva, nor the Energy

If there is something, then, Here we are, the Education(Teaching)

Lalla ( Lal Ded)

Thanks to everything those who came to drink at the source of the yoga during the sessions of summer training courses.

To you, who learnt to hunt(to chase away) the small locked monkey while it was necessary be outside to keep(guard) this sacred Temple belonging to you,

To you who in found the road after some wanderings of your disruptive functionings,

To you who in finally understood that your body is nothing else than a vehicle in the energy and in a mental one serene,

To you which(who) caught with a magnificent smile the hand tightened(stretched out) at the discovery of the yoga, the subtle world until then unknown,

To you of whom the glance in changed as soon as you rested(based) on your carpet(mat),

To you which(who) dared and fought(disputed) your internal blockings, finally

To you which(who) was surprised rediscovering the yoga

To you whose face opened the internal rest settling down, sighs

To you who...

To you all, THANK YOU

Thank you for your listening, your kindness, your confidence(trust)

At all these moments shared in this place where Yoga is and lives, in the birdsong, in the caress of the wind, in the wave of the wild flavors(perfumes), in the fraicheur of waterfalls, in the internal silence, in the sweetness of khumbaka, in the tears of emotion, also. In everything, in you, in the Universe

Thank you very much

At the moment, I am going to rest(base), to travel on my carpet(mat)... Stealing(flying)?



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Here is a first received(successful) testimony, such as he(it) was confided(entrusted) to me on the page Facebook of the Association NataYoga, accompanied with some photos

" I fell as "accidentally"("by chance") on the blog of Nata Yoga and following I one had urged very strong to go to Freychenet. Mrs Voila after a week of training course. One week of journey in the internal Universe, the meditations, the postures - magnificent, when of the happiness! Thank you Pascale! OM "

Eli K. de Olioules ( 83 ) - training course " Week Yoga - July, 2011 "

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During the training courses of Yoga we do not stay that on our carpets(mats), we take advantage of the surrounding rich, wild, grand nature.

We leave for ballad on foot, meditative ballad just to get fresh ideas even more!

The Mount Fourcat (2001m overhanging the village suggests us in to make discoveries of 1000 and one sweetnesses, as for example, the discovery of the waterfall(stunt) above the hamlet of Tragine.


Small sinuous road, the hamlet of Tragine is as a door in this wild valley

Once crossed(spent) this door

The man is not any more,

Only animals and flora are.

Purity of the nature





Energy of the universe...

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« Oh she(it) tickles me the stomach of her(its) little fingers

And maintaining she(it) taps me with her(its) feet or the hands! »

She(It) vibrates and answers the perceptions(collections) of my being and this circle of followers, men(people), women, young people, old, and future moms, sat(based) on the ground, all being held the hand, the closed eyes, all in communication with the babies. It is this "OM» which will create them gently and sensibility. A powerful, delicious, pure "OM» …

I am 24 years old, my practising mother of Hatha Yoga for several years pulls(entails) me in her collective sessions by assuring me that it would be the best preparation for the childbirth(delivery), that this need to be reassured and relaxed would be filled.

My daughter was born as if by magic an invisible baguette created her(it) sudden and smiling in my arms.

Of this day, while the medicine had set up everything for a painful childbirth(delivery) due to the difficult birth of a son a few years before, the unconditional and seductive brightness of the Yoga seized then me. As a reason for being, as a source(spring) of life. He trained me then a road to illuminate that of my daughter and his brothers.


Here is a passage of my life, that where I met Hâtha Yoga while I was in the wait(expectation), a little alarming, of my second child. This discipline which I did not know or little, maybe just in terms of relaxation and its Indian origins, made me perceive(collect) all its magnificence and its efficiency, and since, I did not stop advising(recommending) to the future moms to cross(to go through) her(it) to live better this wait(expectation) of the child, in us, in itself.

This testimony thus opens the space that I dedicate in Antenatal Yoga. A space where I make an appointment with you, of time(weather) in other, with articles approaching the yoga, the maternity(maternity hospital) and the birth, the set(group). Of invaluable advice(councils) for acceuillir in any simplicity, calmly and in big enjoyment your young.

Your emotion is big, the delight is powerful, it is the new dimension which opens to you, let us make of this moment, the most beautiful moment of your existence.



Source(Spring) photo: Gina Scarito

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Photo of S.Clair - The World(Monde) - June 19th, 2009

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons(threads) and the girls
Of the call(appeal) of the Life to the Life.
They come through you
But not of you.
And although they are with you,
They do not belong to you.
You can give them your love,
But not your thoughts.
Because they have their own thoughts.
You can accommodate their bodies,
But their souls.
Because their souls live in the house of tomorrow
That you cannot visit,
Not even in your dreams.
You can try hard to be as them,
But do not try to make them for your image.
Because the life does not walk backwards,
Nor lingers with yesterday.
You are the bows(arcs) of which
Your children are propelled,
Such of the alive arrows.
The Archer aims at the target on the road of the Infinity,
And He(It) tightens(stretches out) you of His(Its) power
So that His(Her,Its) arrows fly fast and far.
That the tension which you give
By the hand of the Archer aim at the enjoyment.
Because as well as He likes the arrow which steals(flies),
He also likes the bow(arc) which is stable.

Khalil GIBRAN-extracts The Prophet

This text is an introduction in the new entitled category Antenatal Yoga.

It is the beautiful theme which owed be approached on this blog to accompany all the pregnant women who consult him(it).

The Yoga offers means to investigate its physical, energy and mental body and so facilitate the pregnancy and the childbirth(delivery) because the wait(expectation) of a child is precious; she(it) deserves that we made a happy journey for acceuillir the life calmly, in any harmony.

A sacred wait(expectation).


Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 2 19 /07 / July /2011 08:00
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Apana is a Sanskrit term which corresponds in the Yoga to the breath of excretion which is one of five vital breaths pra? Has. Four other vital breaths are in order alphabetical: pra? Has, samana, udana and vyana.

Apana it is the Breath of the expiration.
He(It) corresponds in the center of the base-muladhara chakrâ, it is the breath of the excretion which governs the energies of bottom(stocking), it is at the origin of the consumption of the pleasures and the material objects, it connects us there even with the ground foods, and thus also with the sufferings of the body and with the mortal limitation.

Apanâsana it is the posture of the vâyu ( wind) of the excretion, the posture of knees in the breast.

Photo Yoga XTC

She(It) is particularly advised(recommended) to relieve or prevent(warn) the problems of constipation. Very beneficial during the pregnancy.


Lengthened(Stretched out) on the back, the tense legs, the arm along the body, lose hands on the ground.

Expire and fold the right leg on the breast then catch knees with hands.

Inspire - Raise the head, the shoulders, indeed spread(push aside) arms

Expire - Press the leg on the breast

Inspire - Put down(Deposit) on the ground shoulders, heads, arms, the leg


Begin again this process with the left leg

Then begin again with 2 legs on the breast.

This simple technique is going to eliminate the excesses of vâyu (winds) in the stomach. To stretch the vertebral column and to relieve the tensions at the bottom of the back, has an impact on loins, on all the abdominal zone and of the lower abdomen(groin).

Excellent preparation for the childbirth(delivery) among the other techniques.

Source(Spring): educations(teachings) of Hâtha Yoga - FFHY

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Photo Yoga XTC

Bâla = child

Âsana = posture

Bâlâsana = the posture of the child

Bâlâsana is a simple posture made often after a technique of âsana (posture) to interiorize and relax. The aspect of this position looks like the foetus or the embryo in the stomach of his(her) mom.

If we put indeed forearm and the forehead(front) on the ground, the relaxation settles down easily and is very pleasant. Pleasant after techniques seeking the back.

She(It) declines under several forms.

Arms tightened(stretched out) in front of

Bâlâsana is also going to relieve certain back pains.

Or the forehead(front) on hands (both fists or right(straight) fist in the palm(real tennis) of the left hand on the ground). In certain educations(teachings), we call this position " the folded sheet(leaf) "

On this image, legs are spread(pushed aside), celà is possible especially in case of pregnancy.

The most mattering in Bâlâsana, it is the intérioristaion and the relaxation. There are breaths, of mantrâ, a bandha nothing, just the position with blindly.

To take her(it), put itself in Vajrâsana, the posture of the diamond (sat(based) on heels, very right(straight) back, hands on knees), then on an expiration, put hands on the ground, slide them slowly in front of one and put the forehead(front) on the ground. Then, in the choice, keep(guard) arms tense or to position them along legs, or both one after the other, either to position hands to put the forehead(front) above.

And there, as say my prof_guide_passeur_maître_ about yoga: savor, savor, savor....

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Raja = royal ¦ Kapota = the bird.

In India, the royal bird is the dove

Rajakapotâsana is a latéralisée posture which declines in 5 practised different phases the some following the others, either to the right and then to the left, or the alternated.

A posture centred on the energies of the heart - blindly - releasing of the knot of the heart, hridayagranthi, the breaths in the heart, the releasing of the feelings.

As well as the said Katha Upanisad " when down here all the knots of the heart are loosened, the mortal becomes free. "

Powerful, tonic for the vertebral column.

She(It) has advantages at the level of the endo-abdominal sphere as well as the sexual sphere. Puts back in place organs ready(in position) and stimulates them.

Influence on the endocrine system.

At the level of anahata chakrâ in a session take place, she can also be of use to the preparation of prânâyâma and meditation.

It is not a very easy, demanding position in the time(weather), over time. It is necessary to go there slowly, phases by phases, by relaxing between every in position of the golden embryo.

The vertebral column must be perpendicular on the ground. Do not bend forward. Back leg the tensest, in the axis.

Not be pressed too much on knees (1Era Phase). Hands are just put.

Mudrâ Bandha and:

Kechari mudrâ or kakimudrâ, the best because she(it) stimulates the heart and the energies



Put itself in posture of the diamond - Vajrâsana

Expire then tighten(stretch out) the right leg behind for one to sit down on the left(awkward) heel.

1st phase: put hands on the left(awkward) knee.

2nd phase: apply hands to hips and pull(fire) elbows in the back as if we wanted that 2 elbows contact. Maintain the posture so.

3) Lengthen(stretch out) 2 hands devantsoi, the palms of hands facing itself. 2 arms are horizontal and parallel (try hard to move closer to 2 palms of hands). Stay so.

4) Bring 2 arms derriere one, Interwine(Embrace) hands and tighten(stretch out) arms.

5) Fold up the left leg so as to make rise the right foot and catch the right foot with the right hand

Or both hands

Change then aside (left leg lengthened(stretched out) behind, folded right leg)


Samavritti (easier) 1/2 either 4 time(weather) of inspir and 8 of expir or Visamavritti 1/4/2 or 4 time(weather) of inspir, 16 of the retention with full lungs, 8 of expir.

Display(Visualization): in the axis or anahata chakrâ (chakrâ of the heart - the most interesting). Eyes are closed all the time with brhumaddyadrishti (fixation(binding) of the point intersourcillier).


Sources(Springs): educations(teachings) of the nâtha-yoga

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Mâlâ = the garland

Which(Who) represents the energy which turns(shoots) in a circular and hermetic movement,

In the body, the energy or the thought, in isolation.

Rudrakshaw 800

3 positions

Position 1:

Put itself squatted, feet with dish(flat) and joints, the spread(pushed aside) knees, not put buttocks on the ground (bend little forward. Return the chin to the breastbone and in this 1st phase, rest(support) forearm parallels(parallel lines) and hands on the ground. If heels do not get(touch) the ground, to put a cover(blanket) or a pillow.

Position 2 :

The same thing(matter), there we are going to slide hands behind, to catch heels or one then joins(contacts) hands, fingers interlaced behind heels. We bend much more forward, the forehead(front) can maybe lean on the ground.

Position 3:

1. Release(Leave) heels. Go(take) up hands in the back at the level of loins and try to join(contact) hands in the back. It is more difficult.

Mâlâsana is a posture of stability which softens hips and ankles and which acquires itself relatively easily.

On the energy plan, Mâlâsana opens 3 particular places, 3 places bound(connected) to the breaths:

Axis ( susumna )

Muladhara chakrâ (1st chakra, chakrâ of the base)

Vishudha chakrâ (2nd chakra in the pubis)

  • Mâlâsana concentrates the thought, concentrates the energy
  • Free the vertebral column, stretch him(it), stimulate her(it), warm her(it)
  • Beneficial for lumbar vertebrae, coccyx, cervical, nape of the neck. Free(release) the tensions due to the stress which find accommodation between the nape of the neck and the low back ( very strong inter-relation)
  • Stimulate the abdominal zone, the suprarenal glands, the pancreas, the vital, sexual energy.
  • Peace
  • Energétisante

This posture takes place in the beginning of session during 3 minutes.


When we begin and to appropriate the posture more quietly, we shall use a lengthened(stretched out) breath - 1 / 2 - is 4 time(weather) to inspir then 8 time(weather) of expiration.

Then, we shall install(settle) breaths Samavritti - equalized breaths - 1/1/1/1 - is 4 time(weather) to inspir - 4 time(weather) of retention with full lungs - 4 time(weather) of expiration - 4 time(weather) of retention with empty lungs.

We also can, to make the breaths 1/2/4 is 4 time(weather) to inspir - 8 time(weather) of expir and 16 of the retention with empty lungs

Mudrâ – Bandha:

Kechari mudrâ (with the breaths 1/2/4), Shambavi mudrâ or Nasagra drishti (with the breaths Samavritti), mattering Mulabandha, closes, fixes + Asvini mudrâ In kumbakha (retentions)


  1. Muladhara chakrâ
  2. Axis > muladhara chakrâ



Asvini mudrâ : The gesture(movement) of the mare

This gesture(movement) consists in contracting powerfully the sphincters of the rectum

To stimulate the center of the base (Mulàdhara chakrâ).

It is necessary to proceed by sequences of contraction and relaxation(slackening).

Mostly he(it) is carried out(achieved) in retentions with full lungs or with empty lungs.

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Laurent Goldstein's photo - Mumbai - India { Laurent Goldstein}

Look at this child in India as her squatted position seems so natural with heels with dish(flat)!

The Yoga helps us to find this position forgotten, abandoned by our behavior of Westerners sat(based) on chairs or collapsed on sofas.

Find this position - that we have to surement make so naturally in our childhood - it is to prevent(warn) even to rectify the articular problems of hips, knees, ankles. It is to soften the back and the lower limbs and to bring a solidity of supports in the position up.

It is certain techniques such as Mâlâsana, the posture of the garland, Pashâsana, the posture of the link, enter other, that we benefit from these effects.


Mâlâsana, the posture of the mâla, the garland, by means of a cover(blanket) folded to soften ankles and so be able to one day put heels with dish(flat)


Pashâsana, the posture of the link

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