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Sama = Same(even), equal
Vritti = The wave, the wave

For certain techniques, we are going to use Samavritti prânâyâmâ Which is a breath where all the breaths are equalized.

He(It) so consists: inspiration / retention with lungs heights / expiration / retention with empty lungs.

And every time(weather) are equal

For example: inspir on 4 time(weather) / retention with full lungs on 4 time(weather) / expiration on 4 time(weather) / retention with empty lungs on 4 time(weather)

We are thus going to name(appoint) him(it): 1/1/1/1 - to see explanations in the article { Here}

Indeed on, these breaths can be extended on 5, 6, 7 time(weather).

We meet this pranâyâmâ in Viparita karani mudrâ ( the inverted gesture(movement)), Kurmâsana (the posture of the tortoise), enter other.

Samavritti prânâyâmâ Bring a deep relaxation, improves the concentration and is balancing.

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