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Oiseau de Paix - Kapotâsana

Except the sessions of training courses, the premise of NataYoga remains opened during the summer season.

And during these vacant moments, we propose the " Yoga à la Carte "

A formula where each emits(utters) the envy(urge) to make complete sessions of Hâtha Yoga according to the respective available funds.

We can, for example, organize a session of 3 hours(am) in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. Or then a day Yoga.

To do it, you contact NataYoga by telephone or by e-mail [contact in the left column] and we discuss together what could suit you in terms of educations(teachings) and moments for the practice.

This proposition is opened to all, beginners and +

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Thursday, November 11th, 2010 4 11 /11 / Nov /2010 08:52

Yoga 2

There are 2 places for Morning Yoga of tomorrow, on Friday, November 12th.

She(It) will take place from 9 am till 12 am and is opened to any levels.

If you are interested to participate in it, join in phoning in

05 61 64 42 85 or by e-mail:

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Friday, October 22nd, 2010 5 22 /10 / Oct /2010 07:46

logo asana

Some information concerning the courses(prices) of Hatha Yoga during the holidays:

In the premises of Freychenet, the weekly courses(prices) and the mornings yoga (on Monday, Friday and Saturday - 9h-12h) continue.

To Tourtrol, stock market recovery:

- Adults on Wednesday, November 3rd (19h30-21h

- Children on Wednesday, November 17th (18h15-19h

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A course(price) of yoga for adults (and teenagers) lasts 1:30 am, even a little more when pupils and professor cross(spend) a small moment to discuss before or after the session.

He(It) takes place in a chronological order which showed its ability to obtain relaxation, put in yoga, understanding of techniques and their effects:


  • Relaxation on the ground in the posture of Savâsana abdominal breaths and complete breaths for the beginners
  • Or prânâyâmâ Kapalabathi for the most advanced
  • Some âsana (postures) always in connection with chakrâ (wheels of energies) and adapted according to the needs of each or the group
  • Chosen prânâyâmâ such as anuloma, pratiloma, nadishodana etc....
  • (concentration) dhârana or dhyana (meditation) or yoga nidra

Throughout the session, techniques of mudrâ, bandhâ, drishti, hasta mudrâ, mantra are also approached.

Our courses(prices) are opened to the beginners and to the most advanced

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