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Training course Yoga and Care

19 - 20 - December 21st, 2011

To Freychenet ( 09 )

It is 3 days dedicated to the wintry well-being by techniques of Yoga, Sound Massages ( melodious Bowls) and Energy Massages ( Nyasa), as well as approach of the Aromatherapy, that we propose you.

The Yoga: Hâtha-yoga, Yoga-nidrâ and Meditation

The Care: sound Massages ( melodious Bowls), energy Massages ( Nyasa)

The Program:

  • Day rise: meditation
  • Morning: care and Massages
  • After noon(south): Hâtha-yoga, Yoga-nidrâ
  • Evening: meditation

More information by clicking the image > LOGO Montagne SMALL

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Discover the new dates of the training courses of Winter, 2011 ¦ Spring and Summer, 2012 which(who) will take place to Freychenet, to the homepage of the blog (left column).

Themes, modalities and diverse information will soon be communicated with you, the time(weather) to draft them and to put them on-line patience, you can already organize your calendar.

New melodious bowls slowly take place in the room, and thus in the education(teaching) during these sessions of training courses, what should delight it more of one!

( (( OM)))

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" All that I learnt, better understood(included), registered in a way more integrated(joined) during week crossed(spent) to Freychenet seems to me really very profitable and I plan well to exploit(run) him(it) at best.

This training course was also very nice, (...) Your personality, your report(relationship) to the world, your generosity and your welcome(reception) at home also contributed to this very positive balance sheet(assessment) for me. I speak enthusiastically about this week of yoga and I believe that I make some envious persons / envious persons among my close relations already followers. "

Françoise B. of Marseille ( 13 ) - Training course Week Yoga - August, 2011

en marche méditative vers la cascade
Meditative stroll - Pascale on road towards the waterfall(stunt)

au-pied-de-la-cascade_dominique_tanja_sylviane_moi.jpgBreak at feet of the waterfall(stunt)

Dominique (Paris), Pascale ( Freychenet), Tanja and Sylviane (Aix-enProvence)

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Word, thought, immanent, transcendent,

There are not

The silence, the mudrâ, do not give access there

There, does not live Shiva, nor the Energy

If there is something, then, Here we are, the Education(Teaching)

Lalla ( Lal Ded)

Thanks to everything those who came to drink at the source of the yoga during the sessions of summer training courses.

To you, who learnt to hunt(to chase away) the small locked monkey while it was necessary be outside to keep(guard) this sacred Temple belonging to you,

To you who in found the road after some wanderings of your disruptive functionings,

To you who in finally understood that your body is nothing else than a vehicle in the energy and in a mental one serene,

To you which(who) caught with a magnificent smile the hand tightened(stretched out) at the discovery of the yoga, the subtle world until then unknown,

To you of whom the glance in changed as soon as you rested(based) on your carpet(mat),

To you which(who) dared and fought(disputed) your internal blockings, finally

To you which(who) was surprised rediscovering the yoga

To you whose face opened the internal rest settling down, sighs

To you who...

To you all, THANK YOU

Thank you for your listening, your kindness, your confidence(trust)

At all these moments shared in this place where Yoga is and lives, in the birdsong, in the caress of the wind, in the wave of the wild flavors(perfumes), in the fraicheur of waterfalls, in the internal silence, in the sweetness of khumbaka, in the tears of emotion, also. In everything, in you, in the Universe

Thank you very much

At the moment, I am going to rest(base), to travel on my carpet(mat)... Stealing(flying)?



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Here is a first received(successful) testimony, such as he(it) was confided(entrusted) to me on the page Facebook of the Association NataYoga, accompanied with some photos

" I fell as "accidentally"("by chance") on the blog of Nata Yoga and following I one had urged very strong to go to Freychenet. Mrs Voila after a week of training course. One week of journey in the internal Universe, the meditations, the postures - magnificent, when of the happiness! Thank you Pascale! OM "

Eli K. de Olioules ( 83 ) - training course " Week Yoga - July, 2011 "

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During the training courses of Yoga we do not stay that on our carpets(mats), we take advantage of the surrounding rich, wild, grand nature.

We leave for ballad on foot, meditative ballad just to get fresh ideas even more!

The Mount Fourcat (2001m overhanging the village suggests us in to make discoveries of 1000 and one sweetnesses, as for example, the discovery of the waterfall(stunt) above the hamlet of Tragine.


Small sinuous road, the hamlet of Tragine is as a door in this wild valley

Once crossed(spent) this door

The man is not any more,

Only animals and flora are.

Purity of the nature





Energy of the universe...

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