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You can henceforth download free of charge the session of Yoga Nidrâ of level 1 proposed in the left column of the homepage of this blog or directly by clicking the image opposite.

Beautiful relaxation

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I propose you a first session of Yoga Nidrâ, level 1, what means, of a base level, ideal for the persons having never practised the Yoga Nidrâ and for the others who want a small session, simply.

The session is On her(it) Homepage ( Left column) Among audios " Relaxations ¦ Yoga Nidrâ ".

As in all the sessions of Yoga Nidrâ, several stages in this journey will be to work in Savâsana, the posture of relaxation on the back:

  1. Relaxation of the body
  2. Consciousness of the breath
  3. Formulation of Sankalpa
  4. Rotation of the concience in every part of the body
  5. Displays(Visualizations) of images
  6. Reformulation of Sankalpa
  7. Consciousness of the body lengthened(stretched out) on the ground, the consciousness of the place where we are, rumours(noises) around us and at the end of the session

It is the simple session of Yoga Nidrâ that lasts 30 minutes to have a practice rather in the evening for a better quality of sleep.

shri narayana vishnu in yoga nidra hi81

The nidrâ yoga belongs to the way of the tantric yoga, to the yoga of nâtha yogi.

It is not of the relaxation even if this one is a member(part) of the nidrâ yoga, it is a minor part(party).

The nidrâ yoga is the yoga of the sleep, the dream (svapna yoga). It is to sleep consciously every time we wish. He allows to develop the consciousness in the state of sleep, to play between his states, in him(her,it) between 2 and to have the voluntary capacity to make come or make disparaitre the consciousness to invest(surround) the dream.

3 degrees of initiation of the Yoga Nidrâ:

1. Preparatory techniques of nidrâ yoga

2. Techniques of training of the energy and the thought

3. Sessions of nidrâ yoga:

O Symbolic journeys which make reference to the human being in its entirety, in the sort(species) and in the integrity of its nature

O Journeys in the heart, in the center of the humanity and of its functionings and of the laws which govern, which settle(adjust) every individual in the sort(species)

O Initiatory journeys on whom we are, how we work, on fundamental themes of the human being: the life, the death, the pleasure, the fear, the senses(directions), the chakrâ of the themes which are supposed to free(deliver) us a part of knowledge with regard to ourselves, in a particular state; that of the aware(conscious) sleep.

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In the sessions ofYoga NidrâWe develop the term and the practice of Sankalpa which means in Sanskrit " the resolution, the wish " under a positive assertion which we give ourselves to itself, repeated 3 times mentally on a retention to full lungs, at the two precise moments of the session of Yoga Nidrâ.

« It is the seed which you sow(scatter) in the bed of your mental »

Said Swami Satyananda Saraswati, a character from more famous in the education(teaching) of the Yoga Nidrâ.

This seed sowed(scattered) by Sankalpa is going to act, to work, on our capacity of will and our clarity(brightness) of thought to undo us of certain negative behavior. It is the seed of power that we sow(scatter) in itself, a seed which is going to help us to become that we would like to be and to live, by making an impression in our mental, quite as the fact daily all our expressions.

It is necessary to put some conviction, the intensity in Sankalpa so that this impression(printing) is strong and acts at best.

The stage of Sankalpa in a session of Yoga Nidrâ is thus fundamental.

His(Her,Its) practice allows to wonder about what we really wish and to grant(tune) the mental with our deepest need.

The first session of Yoga Nidrâ is going to be the 1st formulation of Sankalpa, in the course of the other sessions, the same Sankalpa is going to become refined, that is why it is necessary recommané to return to him several times, so that the mental includes him(it), the honorable, accepts him(it). On the other hand, it is thus necessary us to agree to repeat him(it), decently to accept the time(weather) to build a project.

His(Her,Its) formulation will be translated by a simple, positive, concise sentence. The mental then will register(record) very easily Sankalpa.

I let you think about it and says to you goodbye in a session of Yoga guided and very pleasant Nidrâ.


The flame of Sankalpa

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