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You grew during the years 50,60,70,80?

How kept silent been able to survive?????????

Cars had neither safety belts, nor rest(support) head, neither airbag, nor gps... On the back seat we had a good laugh, we slept, we discussed with the relatives(parents) put between both seats ...... and it was not dangerous ... beds with bars and toys were multicolored or at least painted with lacquers containing lead(shot) or the other poison ...................... He(It) had no safety(security) children on the doors of cars, nor on the plugs, even less on the medicines or the other domestic chemical cleaners there. The relatives(parents) hid them, it is everything.... There was no helmet to cycle..... We drank straight from the garden hose and no mineral waters in bottles ....................................

We dared to go to play just needed to return at home before night, there were no mobiles, and nobody knew or we dragged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scratches, hoarse arms, teeth broken, bend cut-away diagrams, nobody would have complained, or was going to lodge a complaint against the city hall or the other one, nobody had twists if it was not ourselves. If we crossed somebody older, we used words which do not have to be any more in the dictionary, because one do not use them any more hello, thank you, please ............

We swallowed sweets, bread buttered with some chocolate, drinks rich in sugar we did not speak about obesity
And we were active ...... we were divided in four one lemonade in the neck, nobody died from it ............................

Not of PlayStations, Nintendo 64, FaceBook, Twitter, Home Cinéma, Wifi, ADSL, triples play, iPod, TV chaines 150, Mobile(Portable), Computer, Cats on Internet ..... Only friends in ........ On foot or in bike, we went to the friends, even if they lived in km, we entered without striking(knocking), and we were going to make c ................ We played football with a single cage(goal) and if we lost no frustration, or of "end of the world".

There were many "a little delayed" pupils who doubled. BAAHH … Nobody went to the psychologist or psychopédagogue. We did not speak about dyslexia, about problems of concentration or about hyperassets(hyperactive persons), we doubled simply the year and each was lucky. We had: liberties, Lapels(Backhands), Successes, Homework(Duties) and we learnt to make with … We did not speak ceaselessly about right(law) because we knew that there was above all homework(duty) in ........

The only real question is: how did we make to survive???
And above all: how were we able to develop our personality???

Are you, too, stemming from this generation?
If yes, then spread(broadcast) çà for your contemporary friends and also to your children, nephews and nieces so that all know how it was of our time(weather) ............ They will answer certainly that it was boring, but...
What we had a good laugh!!! Eh??

This text circulates at present on Facebook of whom we do not know the author whom we can thank so it is speaking.

The children come to practise the yoga to relax!

Did we know the lorque stress we were children?

We fight with the Department of Education to obtain enjoyments(approvals) to teach the yoga in schools. It is a still very difficult task...

We position at present in the prison environment, in the companies.

Doctors, kynésithérapeutes, osthéopathes, shrink in any kinds(genres) invite their clientele to practise the Yoga.

The conclusion is clear not?

( (( OM)))


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Many stage fright(nerves) but also many seriousness and the magic of the yoga

Which(Who) operates subtly in each of this children "miniyogi" of Tourtrol

Come show what they had learnt all year round.

It was on Saturday, June 25th in the evening official reception of the Dynamics Tourtrolaise the image above to discover the photos of this demonstration

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yogito 3


The Yoga brings the child to concentrate better, to be less shaken, to acquire a better consciousness of him even and its limits and to find a bigger confidence(trust) in him, to improve its condition, a whole pannel of bienfaîts for its everyday life(daily paper) and its evolution.

Our course(price) of yoga for child addresses 6 - 12 years and lasts 45 minutes. The sessions déclinént in a playful approach of the various postures, the exercises of breath and relaxation adapted to the child according to his(her) age and his(her) needs allowing then to integrate(join) this practice into its everyday life(daily paper), at the house or at the school.

Photos extracted from " Yogito: a yoga for the child "

Martine Giammarinaro and Dominique Lamure - Edts of The Man

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