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¤ 5 Tibetans ¤ it is a sequence of dynamic movements directly stemming from Tibetan high plateaus. 5 rites provennant of the monasteries removed from Himalaya.

They have the effect of increasing our vital energy and of stimulating chakrâ (wheels of energy) of our body, well-being and health are there. We speak even about real rejuvenation treatment...

These rites are not a part of techniques of Hatha Yoga. They are a practice to part but if we analyze every position, we notice that they represent âsana (postures) of Yoga such as:

  • Urdhva Dhanurâsana - The posture of the bridge(deck) (or opposite bow(arc))
  • The posture of the camel Ustrâsana - (With hands on the top of thighs and not in feet)
  • The posture of the dog snout at the top Urdhvamukasvanâsana-
  • The posture of the dog snout below Adhomukasvanâsana-

The 1st position is a turning(shooting) pivot such practises her(it) whirling dervishes.

The proposition then is to practise every position with the techniques of Hatha Yoga (mudrâ, bandha, displays(visualizations), mantra, breaths) before attacking(affecting) the sequence of 5 rites which is very dynamic.

We so arrest(dread) every position, every movement to become used to it.

Then, we can practise 5 Tibetans, look...

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