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Rudrakshaw 800

Rudra = Shiva ¦ Aksha = eyes

In Sanskrit, the word Rudraksha Mean " the tears of Rudra " because it is said that the very first tree rudraksha grew of a tear of Rudra.


A legend Hindu says that taken Shiva so much condolence, having seen the sufferings of the humanity, could not stop any more crying, he(it) made the tear of the eye. This tear of the eye of Shiva grows in tree, the tree of rudraksha.

Rudraksha is a tree belonging to the kind(genre) of the family Elaeocarpus Elaeocarpacae which grows of Himalaya up to the plain of the Ganges.

The fruit is of green color and turns to the black once dried. The seed possesses from 1 to 21 faces. 5 faces are the most common.


These seeds are known to be beneficial in the health of those who carry(wear) them and to support the spiritual efforts.

It is with them that are made mâla (rosaries) serving as support of méditaton.

In India, the yogis who like Shiva carry(wear) seeds of rudraksha which are dedicated to him(her).


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" In the stomach of the mother, the life was of an infinite wealth.
Without speaking about sounds and about rumours(noises), everything was, for the child, constantly in movement.
That the mother comes to get up and to walk(work),
That she(it) turns(shoots) that she(it) bends,
Or what she(it) heightens on tiptoe, what she(it) peels vegetables or handles the broom,
So many waves,
So many sensations for the child.
And what, even, the mother comes to rest(base), that she takes a book and sits down,
His(Her,Its) breath continues not less(nevertheless)
Of whom(which) the peaceful swell,
The surf,
Continue to rock the baby.

And then,
Crossed(Spent) the storm of the birth,
Here is the child, the only one, in its cradle.
Or, regrettably, rather in one of these small beds which are cages(goals) for newborn children.
Nothing more of shanty!
The desert.
And the silence.
The world, in the entour suddenly froze,
In a total and terrifying immobility.
And then,
Whereas outside a total space was made
Of inside
Somewhere in the stomach
It takes(sets)
It bites...
" Mom! Mom: "
Ah, what terror! "


" After the heat of the womb,
After the crazy embrace that is the birth, the ice-cold solitude of the cradle.
And then a wildcat(fawn) appears,
The hunger,
Which(Who) bites the baby into entrails(depths).

What terrifies the unfortunate child, it is not the cruelty of the wound. It is its novelty.
And this death of the world in the entour
Which(Who) looks to the ogre
Immense proportions.
How to calm such a fear?

To feed the child?
But not only of milk.
It is necessary to take him(it) in arms.
It is necessary to caress(cherish) him(it), to rock him(it).
And mass(massage) him(it).

This young, it is necessary to speak to the skin
It is necessary to speak to the back
Which(Who) in thirst and hunger
As much as the stomach. "

Extracted from the book Shantala - a traditional art, the massage of the children


In the years 68, Frédérick Leboyer wrote a mythical book on the art to mass(massage) our babies, traditional art in India.

Over there, in Calcutta, he(it) met Shantala, mom of two children, collected by an association for the most deprived.
A morning, while attending a session of massage which amazed him(it) that Frédérick Leboyer decides to write its book to teach us this dialogue mother-child, that the women of these regions still know, and that they are divided of generation into generation.

" A deep, simple and very former(ancient) art which helps the child to accept the world and the fact to smile to the life ".

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A playful journey for the children

A beautiful ballad on the meeting of the Princes and the Gods

Here is of what have fun while becoming enlightened

( Click the image)

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The From the Ariège Committee organizes its 8th day in favour of the actions(shares) solidaité of Voluntary service India, on Saturday, November 13th in the Room Aragon to St Jean du Falga.

Sale of Indian small business sector(crafts) from 10 am till 7 pm

Presentation(Display) of the association Voluntary service India, Indian meal, show of Indian dances

Information and reservation in 05 61 69 44 97 / 05 61 67 50 79

VOLUNTARY SERVICE, based(established) in 1962 by Madeleine HERMAN, was registered(recorded) in Indian association, in humanitarian purpose, apolitical and not confessional in 1966. His(her,its) purpose aims at the improvement of the socioéconomiques conditions at the most discriminated persons. His(her,its) activity is mainly located(localized) in and around Pondichéry.

To cooperate in the social activities and of development of the Voluntary service in India, teams welded by volunteers established(constituted), in Belgium and France, in autonomous associations, of types(chaps) a.s.b.l. and Law 1901, respectively.

They are very active, in particular in the following domains:

- Children's sponsoring and, possibly, of discriminated old persons.
- Sale of fabrics(tissues) and articles of preparation(clothing business), realized to the Workshop Shanti, the center of rehabilitation of "cleared" lepers and persons physically handicapped persons and\or social.
- Sale of craft(home-made) objects made in the training schools of the Voluntary service.
- Information about the successes and the failures(chess) met by the team in India and on the situation socioéconomique prevailing in discriminated environment(middle): health, hygiene, alcoholism / violence, underemployment, weight of the traditions, etc.

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" I ran(drove) from Varanasi to Bodh Gaya early to the sunrise, it was foggy

And suddenly we saw this pond to the left of the road, somewhere, in the Indian state of Bihar.

These nuances of colors come from my camera, I changed nothing the image. "

Laurent Goldstein

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