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The Melodious Bowls go back up(raise) to the bronze age and are connected with the chamaniste culture Voucher Of Himalaya.
They are traditionally made with 7 precious metals which correspond to 7 planets of the solar system.
Fill(Perform) with harmonious, of several notes, they free(release) miliers of vibrations by striking them with a beetle or by rubbing them with a baton, we say that they sing...

Grace in their diverse grave tones or aigues, we can work on multiple sensations whether it is in sound massage or in meditation

Here are 3 videos on the learning(apprenticeship) of the meditation with bowls according to the nâtha school

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While waiting for to film our diverse activities in particular about the sound massages,

We present a short video showing some bowls of diverse origins

Do not forget to put out(switch off) the player at the bottom of the blog!

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