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The winter the metabolism slows down, the waste accumulates. In spring, our body needs a cure of in-depth cleaning to find its tonus and leave(restart) for an annual new cycle. He(it) is then interesting to drain profoundly the body to clean cells(units), ease congestion in the overstrung organs, put in the rest the small intestine, relieve the liver and the natural émonctoires (intestines, loins, lungs, skin).

HE(IT) exists a whole lot of receipts(recipes) to make this drainage. The aromatherapy proposes a very effective cure with the Essential Oil of Rosemary to Verbénone. His(her,its) taste is fresh(cool) and pleasant.

The rosemary is a strong perennial, in sheets(leaves) grey-green in the shape of needles and which carries(wears) flowers whitish in blue and estimates(appreciates) the marine climate. The geographical origin determines strongly its biochemical composition.

• anticatarrhal, mucolytique • healing and regenerative cutaneous • regulating nervous and cardiac • regenerative hépatocytaire and to draineur hépatobilieux • regulating endocrine important • lipolytique.

The rosemary in verbénone supplies a remarkable essential oil to cleanse the body.
To make in March and in September, a treatment of a cure of 3 weeks at the rate of 2 drops(gouts) on 1/4 of sugar cube of cane or a spoon of honey every morning.
She(It) is also of a good support in case of depression.
We can also use him(it) by cutaneous way: 3 drops(gouts) on the solar plexus or the face interns wrists or the arch of the foot (to renew at the need).


Particular precautions:

No custom(usage) prolonged without the opinion(notice) of an aromatherapist.

• to Hold out of reach young children • This product cannot substitute itself for a well-balanced diet • not to exceed the advised(recommended) dose • Except opinion(notice,opinions,notices) of the doctor or the pharmacist, not to use during the pregnancy and the feeding and at the child of less than 3 years • To keep(Preserve) shielded from any source of heat and some light.

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The essential oil of Lavender is sedative, vermifuge, hypotensive, painkiller, antiseptic, bactericide and décongestionnante.

Besides its numerous therapeutic qualities, the essential oil of lavender can also be used diluted as care product to look and regenerate the skin.

Associated with the sesame oil and the sweet almond oil, for example, she(it) feeds her(it) and eases her(it) by protecting her(its) hydro lipid protective movie.

In the form of oil of massage, the lavender incites us to the relaxation to cross(spend) serene moments.

A bath with some drops(gouts) of essential oil or a decoction of Lavender calms down very well the babies and the agitated children.

With these qualities, this plant in the pleasant scent is thus strongly recommended for your sessions of Yoga.

AHELA-10 1 the bain de lavande

Discover the essential oil and the bath salts in

Our catalog of aromatherapy

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The sandalwood is a tree native of India and you should not wonder to meet him(it) in Veda.

Delivered ritually to flames, his(her,its) smoke gets involved in that some incense and, as him, the sandalwood participates in the need of spiritual rise.


The wood of sandalwood was used during centuries by peoples and cultures.

In India, temples are built from wood of sandalwood, because he(it) seems to take away termites. He(it) is used within the framework of ceremonies meditative in India. The Hindus use the essential wooden oil of Sandalwood also in their ceremonies as a cleaning and purifying agent for the sins of the people.

The Egyptians used him(it) in their processes of embalming.

In the Chinese medicine he(it) is used to treat(handle) bellyache, vomits and problems of skin.

The culture of Ayurveda uses the essential wooden oil of sandalwood as a remedy against the infections urinary, respiratory and the diarrhea. In the Moslem countries, he(it) is used during the process of burying to allow a fast ascent of the soul towards the sky.

The essential wooden oil of Sandalwood is one of most looked for and more estimated by some essential oil in aromatherapy. Because of the complicated process of extraction and the wait(expectation) before the extraction of the oil, the wood of sandalwood is an extremely expensive product but which is worth it considering its virtues. He(it) works marvelously for the dry skins and the ageing. The oil feeds the skin and gives nutriments of which the skin in besion to bloom healthily. The essential oil is often prescribed for the big burnt persons.

For the immune system, she(it) helps to stimulate a new growth of white blood cells which help the body to fight(dispute) the infections.

Synergy: cedar, patchouly, néroli, lemon, pink

This article is in connection with the newsletter of October which the members of the association received accompanied with a baton of incense of sandalwood!


Incense natural 100 % which represents a facet of the highest Indian tradition,  the best materials(subjects) and the traditional methods were implemented(operated) according to the "Masala" method.

Incense of Sandalwood of Mysore for the relaxation

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